why does my water taste salty

Some citizens claimed that my tap water taste slightly salty and had more scale. Some people also say that their well water taste salty or water taste salty with a water softener. As we know, water is the source of life, and the quality of water is related to everyone's life and health. So why does my water taste salty? Will drinking this salty water have any health effects? What to do with my water taste salty? Let's figure out all these in the following content.

Why Does My Water Taste Salty: 5 Common Causes

why does my water taste salty

To well illustrate the question of why does my water taste salty, we'll break it down into 5 different scenarios in our life. Each of these five scenarios included my tap water taste salty, my well water taste salty, my bottled water taste salty, my filtered water taste salty, and my softened water taste salty. For each scenario, we will offer you some recommended methods.

1. Why Does My Tap Water Taste Salty?

If the water flowing out of the tap is salty, it should be the effect of the salty tide! Salty tide (also known as salty tide uptrace) is a natural hydrological phenomenon. It is caused by the attraction of the Sun and the Moon (primarily the Moon) to surface seawater. When the flow of freshwater rivers is insufficient, seawater irrigation is caused by the influence of tides, and the mixing of brackish water causes the upstream river body to become salty, that is, salty tides are formed. When salty tides occur, chloride concentrations in river water rise from a few milligrams per liter to more than 250 mg/l. Because the existing conventional water purification process cannot remove chloride in the water, when the chloride content of raw water increases, the taste of tap water will be a little salty.

The chloride concentration of seawater is generally higher than 5000 mg/l. When salty tides occur, chloride concentrations in river water rise from a few milligrams per liter to more than 250 milligrams. Because the existing conventional water purification process cannot remove chloride in the water, when the chloride content of raw water increases, the taste of tap water will be a little salty.

However, as long as the tap water leaving the factory meets the Drinking Water Hygiene Standard, slightly salty water has no impact on human health, so there is no need to worry too much. However, it is recommended that the elderly and those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease minimize their drinking. You can also buy a home water purifier to protect the water health of the whole family.

2. Why Does My Well Water Taste Salty?

why does my well water taste salty

To the question why does my water taste salty, here we come to the cause of well water tasting salty. If the water in the well is salty, it is mostly caused by salts seeping into the well water. You can use alum to remove saltiness and purify well water. The principle is that Alum is ionized to produce Al3+ after dissolving in water, Al3+ combines with OH generated by water ionization to form the aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide colloidal particles have a positive charge, and the same negatively charged sediment gel particles meet, and each other's charges are neutralized. The particles that have lost their combined charge will soon coalesce together, and the particles will become thicker and thicker, and finally sink to the bottom. In this way, the water becomes clear and clean, without saltiness. It should be reminded that the aluminum contained in alum is harmful to the human body. Long-term consumption of alum-purified water may cause senile dementia. Therefore, use less. It is best to install a water purifier for well water. A whole house reverse osmosis water filter is much recommended, which can effectively remove salt taste and improve the taste of water.

3. Why Does My Bottled Water Taste Salty?

why does my bottled water taste salty

Why does my water taste salty: Bottle Water? The higher the TDS value, the heavier the taste of the water. So the water may taste a little salty, and the easier it is to make people feel dry after drinking; The lower the value, the lighter and softer the water, but also more faint and close to distilled water. If the content of sodium ions and chloride ions in bottled water is high, and the total dissolved solids are also high, the taste will be slightly salty. However, it does not affect the quality of mineral water and is suitable for high-temperature work and the needs of people with large exercise.

At the same time, the general strontium-containing mineral water tastes salty. Strontium is an essential substance for human bone growth, it can promote bone development and osteoid formation, the lack of strontium in the human body, will hinder metabolism, and produce teeth and bone abnormal development and other symptoms. Strontium mineral water can reduce the body's absorption of sodium and increase sodium excretion.

4. Why Does My Filtered Water Taste Salty

If the water from the tap is salty, and the water purified by the water purifier is still salty, it may be that you have purchased an inferior water purifier, which has no filtering and purification function at all. At this time, you need to compare more when buying water purifiers, buy regular manufacturers, and have after-sales water purifiers, such as our T1-400 tankless ro water filter system. It is equipped with SimPure special reverse osmosis membrane, so the TDS Removal Rate can reach up to 95%+. It doesn't leave you wondering why does my water taste salty.

why does my water taste salty

If the water purifier does not have a salty taste at the beginning, and there is a salty taste after a period of use, it may be that the filtration function of the filter element is gradually weakened due to the use of the water purifier for too long, or the filter element has reached its service life. In this case, everyone should replace the filter element on time.

5. Why Does My Softened Water Taste Salty?

why does my water taste salty with a water softener

After the water softener is filtered, the taste becomes salty, and there are many reasons for this situation. There is a problem with the time setting of regeneration; Maybe there is a problem with the timer; the presence of foreign matter in the salt suction valve; the presence of foreign bodies in the salt absorption restriction; Low water pressure and other situations. We can respond to the problem in the following ways, increase the time of positive flushing, and manually flush this behavior; Change to a new timer; Change one or clean the salt suction valve; Clean up for salt absorption and flow limiting; Pressurization and other methods.

Other Reasons Why Does My Water Taste Salty

The question of why does my water taste salty may also be caused by your own pathology. If you are suffering from the following diseases, there will be water taste salty phenomenon, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for treatment.

1. However, it may be caused by chronic pharyngitis. If mouth sores occur, it may also cause the water to taste salty, and it is also considered to have a certain relationship with gastroesophageal reflux disease. I recommend reading this blog: Does drinking hot water help acid reflux.

2. If you suffer from periodontitis or pulpitis, or dental caries, it will also cause inflammatory secretions in the mouth, and will also cause taste buds to change, the occurrence of water tasting salty, and some patients will also have bad breath.

3. Nasal diseases such as sinusitis and hypertrophic rhinitis can cause discomfort symptoms such as nasal congestion in the human body. The nasal cavity communicates with the throat through the nasopharynx. When nasal secretions flow back to the throat, then it will cause a salty taste in the mouth.

Will Drinking Slight Salty Water Have Any Health Effects?

Chloride is the most abundant and versatile compound in the human body. An adult weighing 70 kg has about 81.7 grams of chloride in his body. The intake of chloride from drinking water accounts for only a small part of the total intake of the human body, and when the chloride content of the water supply meets the sanitary standards of drinking water, it does not affect human health. But if the water is too salty and really affects the taste, we still have to take some action in the next section.

The Best Way to Solve My Water Taste Salty in Conclusion

To be concluded, installing a water purifier, reporting to the relevant government authorities, or switching to bottled water is the best-recommended solution to the question of why does my water taste salty. Drinking water tastes salty indicates that the salt ions in the water exceed the standard, and the specific salt ions exceeding the standard need to be tested to detect. The fundamental solution is to install reverse osmosis water filters we talked above. If you do not follow the plan of the water purifier, then drink bottled water instead. Or report to the local health and epidemic prevention department for a better solution.


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