kitchen water filter
Kitchen water filter is very common in many families,it's usually a kitchen water filtration system.Kitchen is the most important place in a house as the food safety center of a family. In addition to washing dishes, washing vegetables, cooking and boiling water, the daily water must go directly into our stomachs. Cooking a healthy and delicious meal requires not only good ingredients, superb cooking skills, but also the use of water in the kitchen. Therefore, many health-conscious families try to install kitchen water filter to ensure the cleanness and health of kitchen water. So what types of kitchen water filters are there? How to choose a kitchen water purifier purification system?

What is kitchen water filter?

A simple understanding of the literal meaning of kitchen water filter is that it is a water filter suitable for kitchen use. It needs to have two basic functions. One is to ensure kitchen water quality purification, which can be satisfied with ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis purification; the other is to drink directly, ultrafiltration After purification, it needs to be boiled, reverse osmosis filtration can be directly consumed. In addition, kitchen water generally does not require much flow, and 75L of daily flow for a family of five is basically enough.

kitchen water filter

Different types of kitchen water filter

Kitchen water filters do not refer to products of a certain type of structure, but kitchen water filtration system include a variety of water filter products designed for kitchens. Currently, there are three main types of kitchen water purifiers commonly used:

1. Kitchen faucet water filter

The kitchen faucet water filter is also a pre-filter, which is a small water purification device that can be directly hung on the faucet. It is simple and convenient to install, and its structure is relatively simple. The effect of improving water quality is relatively obvious, and it has the most basic filtering function.

2. kitchen ultrafiltration machine

Ultrafiltration water filter is relatively complex in structure. It can effectively remove sediment, suspended solids, rust, colloids and some macromolecular organic matter in water, and can effectively retain some beneficial minerals and trace elements. The filter element of the kitchen ultrafiltration machine has a long service life, a large water output, no need to be powered and pressurized, and compared with other purification equipment, the cost is low, and it is very suitable for kitchen water purification.

3. kitchen reverse osmosis ro system

The kitchen ro water purifier can completely remove the harmful substances in the water, and also remove the minerals in the water. The purified water is pure water, which is the water purifier with the highest filtration accuracy. However, kitchen reverse osmosis produces a lot of wastewater, the purification cost is relatively high, and the water production is relatively small, which can only be used to solve the drinking water problem.

There are various types of water purifiers in the kitchen. Generally, ultrafiltration water purifiers and reverse osmosis water purifiers are used by more families in the kitchen, because these two water purification effects are relatively good, especially the reverse osmosis system, which can be filtered into pure drinking water. 

kitchen faucet water filter

How to choose kitchen water filter?

The above sounds simple, right? Next, we will discuss in detail how to choose kitchen water filter that suits your family..

1. Choose according to water quality

Since the water quality conditions in different places are also very different, when choosing a kitchen water purifier product, it should be selected according to the local water quality. If the water quality is hard and there are many impurities, then a reverse osmosis system is recommended as a kitchen water filter system; where the water quality is relatively good, an ultrafiltration water purifier can basically meet the needs of kitchen water. You can check online or consult your local water quality bureau.

2. Select according to the filtering method

When choosing a kitchen water filter system, you can choose according to its filtration method. You can use the ultrafiltration mode for washing vegetables and dishes. This kind of water has a large amount of water without waste water. The reverse osmosis water purification effect is the best, and you can cook rice, soup and drink water. The reverse osmosis mode can be used at any time, which is clean and convenient. It can be said that the advantages of the two water purification modes are exerted, and the generation of wastewater can be reduced to a certain extent.

3. Choose according to your own needs

There are many different types of kitchen water purifiers on the market, and you can choose according to your needs when purchasing. The most convenient installation is the pre-water filter. If the requirements for water purification are relatively high, it is recommended to choose a reverse osmosis pure water machine. Considering the cost-effectiveness, choose an ultrafiltration water purifier.

4. Choose kitchen water filter according to the brand

When choosing a kitchen water filter, in addition to paying attention to the water purification effect, whether the product production certificate is complete, and the after-sales service are also "key points" to consider. Therefore, you must choose a better brand, so that you will be more assured in the future use process.

kitchen water filtration system

Where to install kitchen water filter

Generally, ultrafiltration water filters and reverse osmosis water filters can be installed both under the kitchen and on the counter. Relatively speaking, the under-sink type can be hidden in the cabinet, which is more beautiful and convenient. The countertop water filter can be installed on the wall to save space. In addition, the table type can also be used in the living room and other places. Kitchen water filter is generally installed under the sink to filter the kitchen water supply. Generally, it is installed under the kitchen sink, and the space is limited. It is better to install a small-volume water purifier.