SimPure T1 6-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System with Remineralization

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  • Meets NSF/ANSI 58 & EPA 537 Standards
  • Under Sink 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with Remineralization
  • All Filters are Pre-installed,  T1-6 Replacement Filter
  • Up to 99.99% Effective at Removing 1,000+ Harmful Contaminants
  • Alkaline Water Filter - Increases Antioxidants and Natural Minerals Your Body Needs.
  • Without Electricity, a Pump-free Design, Money-Saving
  • Easy Installation & 100 GPD High Flow Rate
  • SUS304 Stainless Steel and 100% Lead-free Brass Body Material
  • 3.2-Gallon Pressure Tank & 1.5:1 Pure to drain Ratio
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    SimPure T1 6-Stage Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System with Remineralization
    $149.99 USD

    Purification Range Up to 1500 Sq. Ft

    With a CADR of 112CFM, MSA3 HEPA bedroom Air Purifier can clean rooms up to 1500 ft² in as little as an hour or 420 ft² in just 30 minutes. You will notice the difference within 10 minutes of using the MSA3 Air Filter. Suitable for any room or enclosed spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, hotels, and labs. The ideal air cleaner for the home large room.

    simpure 6 stage alkaline ro system

    SimPure T1-6: Best Under Sink Alkaline Water Filter System for Home

    SimPure T1-6 alkaline water filtration system features a 6-stage reverse osmosis process, efficiently eliminating over 1,000+ harmful contaminants and filters down to 0.0001 microns from home water. The first stage involves a PP Sediment filter to remove particles, sediments, dirt, and rust. The second stage Granular Activated Carbon filter, effectively eliminates chlorine, cloudiness, and odors. Subsequently, the CTO filter tackles harmful chemicals and Chloramine in the third stage. In the fourth stage, the RO membrane adeptly rids the water of heavy metals, TDS, and various chemicals. The fifth stage includes a Post-carbon filter to eliminate any lingering taste or odor. Lastly, the pH+ alkaline remineralization calcium filter ensures balanced alkalinity, a pH above 7.5, and essential mineral restoration.

    pH+ Alkaline Water Filter: Discover SimPure T1-6 Alkaline Water Solution

    The SimPure T1-6 alkaline water filtration system is a 6-stage reverse osmosis system that incorporates an alkaline filter to elevate pH levels to 7.5-9. In contrast, traditional standard 5-stage reverse osmosis systems produce acidic water with a pH of 5-6.5. Traditional reverse osmosis systems remove harmful pollutants while also removing some essential minerals. Our SimPure 6-stage alkaline home water system utilizes Active Minerals technology to reintroduce vital minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium, resulting in a more natural and refreshing taste compared to regular 5-stage reverse osmosis water filters.

    alkaline water filtration system
    6 stage reverse osmosis

    12 Months+ Lifespan, Low Waste: SimPure Alkaline Water Filter's Innovative Design

    Discover the SimPure T1-6 6 stage reverse osmosis alkaline water filtration system, the best under sink alkaline water filter designed with advanced water-saving technology. Witness its exceptional 1.5:1 Low Drain Ratio, allowing you to save up to 450% more water compared to regular RO filter systems. This pumpless design operates without electricity, ensuring maximum efficiency and making it ideal for the whole house. Experience an economic and eco-friendly solution with the T1 6-Stage High-Capacity Under-Sink Alkaline Water Filter, delivering pure and alkaline water for over 12 months, while reducing your water bills. The RO filter (NSF 58 certification) has a lifespan of 12+ months and the remaining 5 filters have a lifespan of 6+ months.

    Also With Lead-Free Protection: SimPure Alkaline Water System for Safe Hydration

    This innovative alkaline water filter system for home conveniently fits under sinks and boasts a 3.2-gallon pressure tank, ensuring instant access to purified water whenever needed. Its robust construction, featuring SUS304 stainless steel and lead-free brass, ensures longevity and protection against rust, assuring you of clean and refreshing water every time.

    under sink alkaline water filter

    Installation Tutorial - SimPure 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter 

    Make installation a breeze with the SimPure T1-6 best under sink alkaline water filter system, designed for easy DIY setup. It comes equipped with all the necessary components, and a user-friendly manual, along with informative videos, ensures you're guided every step of the way. Benefit from a lifetime of technical support, should you ever need it. No need to worry about leaks – the system requires a simple push of the tubing ½ inch into the quick-fitting connectors and secure locking, eliminating the need for pipe threading. Revel in the convenience of pure drinking water within minutes using this alkaline water filter system for home, with the help of the user-friendly installation video.

    How Does This Alkaline Water Filtration System Works in Detail?

    PP, GAC, CTO 1-3th Stage Pre-Filter
    The 3 pre-filters remove large particles, dirt, sand, rust, taste, and odor, and protect the RO membrane from chemicals like chlorine and chloramines, lead, etc.

    RO Membrane 4th Stage Filter
    The reverse osmosis membrane is the heart of the RO filtration system. It removes heavy metals, dirt, fluorides, total dissolved solids, organic chemicals, bacteria, and viruses invisible to the naked eyes.

    Post Carbon 5th Stage Filter
    It removes the tastes &odors, further improving the smooth taste of the drinking water.

    PH+ Filter 6th Stage Filter
    It rebalances the water with active mineral technology adding calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other essential minerals back to the water.

    6 stage reverse osmosis
    Max Flow Rate75G: 0.2L/Mins
    100G: 0.3L/Mins
    Special Function:Increase water mineral and alkalinity
    Power RequirementsNot applicable, only requires water pressure to operate
    Filtration Precision:0.0001 Micron
    Pure to Drain Ratio1.5: 1
    Filtration Stages6-Stages
    Size of tank14.1‘’L x 8.8‘’W x 8.8"H
    Size of system14.9"L x 6.6"W x 16.5"H
    Feed Water Pressure40-80 PSI
    Feed Water Temperature41-100℉ (5-38°C)
    simpure t1-6 best under sink alkaline water system

    Frequently Asked About SimPure T1-6 Stage Under Sink Alkaline Water Filter System

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