RedyPure LG LT700P ADQ36006101 Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement ADQ36006102 46-9690

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    Key Features
    • Triple Action Filtration Technology: Filtration efficiency up to 3 microns, effectively removes sediment, chlorine, organic chemicals and odor, etc.
    • High-quality natural coconut shell-activated carbon.
    • 100% Compatibility - Pay much less to get more clean and pure water.

    Compatible Filter Models

    LG: LG LT700P, ADQ36006101, LG 469690, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S, ADQ36006102S, 048231783705, LFX30766S, NS-LT700P, RWF1200A, WF-LT700P
    Samsung Kenmore: 9690, 46-9690, 469690, 4609690000, 79572032110, RFC0700A
    Other replacements models:
    SWIFT GREEN-SGF-LA07, WATER SENTINEL-WSL-3, Waterdrop-WD-LT700P, SpiroPure-SP-LE700, Neo Pure-NP-LT700P, AQUACREST-AQF-LT700P, WF700, HDX-FML-3 , Refresh R-9690, PUREH2O PH21410, RWF1052, CWMF041, PG700P, WF-117,
    WLF-01, WFC2401, APF1400, NVW-145, CF15, WS632C, MB-LT700P, FL-RF32, KJ700, EFF-6032A, RFC1200A, MPF16245, GS-L3, PG-700P, AWF-LT700P.

    Compatible Refrigerator Models:

    LFC28768SB LFX25978ST01 LFX28978SW LFX31915ST LFX33975ST01 LFXS29766S LMX25988ST00
    LFC28768ST LFX25978SW LFX28978SW00 LFX31915SW LFX33975ST02 LFXS29766S00 LMX25988SW
    LFC28768SW LFX25978SW00 LFX28978SW01 LFX31925SB LFX33975ST03 LFXS29766S01 LMX25988SW00
    LFCS31626S LFX25978SW01 LFX28978SW02 LFX31925SB00 LFX33975ST05 LFXS30726B LMX28988SB
    LFD20786SB LFX25991ST LFX28979SB LFX31925SB01 LFXC24726D LFXS30726M LMX28988ST
    LFD20786ST LFX25991ST00 LFX28979SB00 LFX31925SB02 LFXC24726D00 LFXS30726S LMX28988ST00
    LFD20786SW LFX25991ST01 LFX28979SB01 LFX31925ST LFXC24726M LFXS30726S00 LMX28988SW
    LFD22786SB LFX25991ST02 LFX28979SB02 LFX31925ST00 LFXC24726S LFXS30726S02 LMX28994ST
    LFD22786ST LFX25991ST05 LFX28979SB05 LFX31925ST01 LFXC24726S00 LFXS30726W LMX30995ST
    LFD22786SW LFX25991ST06 LFX28979ST LFX31925ST02 LFXC24726S01 LFXS30766D LMX30995ST00
    LFX21976ST LFX25992ST LFX28979ST01 LFX31925ST03 LFXC24726S02 LFXS30766D00 LMX31985ST
    LFX21976ST00 LFX28968D LFX28979ST02 LFX31925ST04 LFXC24766 LFXS30766S LMXS27626D
    LFX21976ST01 LFX28968SB LFX28979ST05 LFX31925ST05 LFXC24766S LFXS30766S00 LMXS27626D00
    LFX21976ST02 LFX28968SB00 LFX28979SW LFX31925ST06 LFXS24623B LFXS30766S01 LMXS27626D01
    LFX21976ST03 LFX28968SB01 LFX28979SW00 LFX31925ST08 LFXS24623B00 LFXS30766S02 LMXS27626S
    LFX21976ST04 LFX28968ST LFX28979SW01 LFX31925SW LFXS24623D LFXS30766S03 LMXS27626S00
    LFX21976ST05 LFX28968ST00 LFX28979SW02 LFX31925SW00 LFXS24623D00 LFXS30786S LMXS27676D
    LFX21976ST06 LFX28968ST01 LFX28979SW05 LFX31925SW01 LFXS24623S LFXS32726S LMXS27766S
    LFX25976SB LFX28968ST02 LFX28991ST LFX31925SW02 LFXS24623S00 LFXS32726S00 LPCS34886C
    LFX25976SB00 LFX28968ST03 LFX28991ST00 LFX31935ST LFXS24623S01 LFXS32726S01 LSFD2491ST
    LFX25976SB01 LFX28968ST04 LFX28992ST LFX31935ST01 LFXS24623W LFXS32736D LSFD2491ST00
    LFX25976ST LFX28968SW LFX28995ST LFX31935ST02 LFXS24623W00 LFXS32766S LSFD2591ST
    LFX25976ST00 LFX28968SW00 LFX28995ST00 LFX31945ST LFXS24663S LFXS32766S00 LSFS213ST
    LFX25976ST01 LFX28968SW01 LFX29927SB LFX31945ST00 LFXS24663S00 LMX21986ST LSFXC2476D
    LFX25976ST03 LFX28978SB LFX29927SB00 LFX31945ST01 LFXS25973D00 LMX25986SB LSFXC2476S
    LFX25976SW LFX28978SB00 LFX29927ST LFX31945ST02 LFXS27566S LMX25986SB00 LSMX211ST
    LFX25976SW00 LFX28978SB01 LFX29927ST00 LFX31945ST05 LFXS29626B LMX25986ST LSMX213ST
    LFX25976SW01 LFX28978SB02 LFX29927SW LFX31945ST06 LFXS29626S LMX25986ST00 LSSB2691ST
    LFX25978SB LFX28978SB03 LFX29927SW00 LFX31945ST07 LFXS29626S00 LMX25986SW LSSB2692ST
    LFX25978SB00 LFX28978ST LFX29927WB LFX31995ST LFXS29626S01 LMX25986SW00 LSSB2696BD
    LFX25978SB01 LFX28978ST00 LFX29937ST LFX32945ST LFXS29626W LMX25988SB 795.72032.110
    LFX25978ST LFX28978ST01 LFX29945ST LFX33974ST LFXS29626W00 LMX25988SB00 795.72043.112
    LFX25978ST00 LFX28978ST02 LFX31915SB LFX33975ST LFXS29626W01 LMX25988ST 795.72053.114


    Installation Steps:

    • 1. Press the button of the filter over and open it slowly.
    • 2. Pull down the cartridge and remove the old filter.
    • 3. Take off the protective cover cap.
    • 4. Insert the filter into the manifold hole until it stops.
    • 5. Rotte the filter up into position and close the filter cover.
    • 6. Run water through the dispenser for 2.5 gallons (about 5 minutes)to clean the system.
    • 7. Reset the water filter system.

    Operating Parameters

    • 1. Working Pressure: 200-700kPa (30-100psi)
    • 2. Operating Temperature: 0.6-38℃(33-100℉)
    • 3. Rated Service Flow: 0.5gpm(1.9L/min)
    • 4. Rated Capacity:300 gallons (1100 liters)

    Warm Tips:
    Before Use: Run water from the dispenser for 6-8 minutes (about 3-4 gallons) to clear the system and prevent sputtering.
    Filtration Life: 6 months/300 gallons (depends on water quality and level of contaminants), please change your filter at least every 6 months to keep the water fresh.

    LG is a registered trademark of LG Electronics Inc. of Korea.
    LT700P is a registered trademark of LG Electronics Inc. of Korea.
    Kenmore is a registered trademark of KCD IP, LLC of Delaware.

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