MSA3S Neo Smart Dust Air Purifier Machine Designed for Dust Removal | WiFi Alexa App Controlled Auto Mode

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    • 1 Year Warranty Hassle-free warranty


    • "MSPure" App Controlled, Also Compatible with Amazon Alexa 

    • Air Quality & Filter Life Display; 1-8 hour timer & 3 Fan Speeds

    • Auto Mode: Automatically match Fan Speed according to Air Quality

    • 3-in-1 HEPA Smart Home WiFi Air Purifier, Purification Area Up to 1590 Sq. Ft

    • The Air Filter is Pre-installed, MSA3S Replacement Filter ( Replace every 6-8 months)

    • Neo Smart  Dust Air Purifier with Ozone Free, Certified to ETL, FCC, CE, and RoHS.

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    MSA3S Neo Smart Dust Air Purifier Machine Designed for Dust Removal | WiFi Alexa App Controlled Auto Mode
    $179.99 USD
    air purifier for dusty room

    High Level CADR Dust Air Purifier Effectively Improve Air Quality for Large Dusty Room 

    With a CADR of 112CFM, MSA3S HEPA neo smart air purifier for dusty room can clean rooms up to 1590 ft² in as little as one hour or 420 ft² in just 30 minutes. You will notice the difference within 10 minutes of using the neo smart dust air purifier for large space 600, 800, 1590 sq ft. It is suitable for any room or enclosed spaces such as home large room, large dusty room bedroom, living rooms, kitchens, offices, restaurants, hotels, and labs. With its high-level CADR, this MSA3S dust air purifier could get rid of the dust mites mold in a short time. 

    Newly Upgraded True H13 HEPA 3-in-1 Air Purifier Designed for Dust Removal

    MSA3S 3-in-1 True HEPA air purifier adopts an upgraded filter, adding Exclusive "Odaller Pure" Technology makes the activated carbon more effective in contact with the air, and produces smaller wind resistance, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of air purification. What's more, our chemical adsorption deodorant uses inorganic oxide as the main component, which can make activated carbon form long-term deodorization and greatly improve the deodorization effect. MSA3S is not an air purifier to get rid of dust only  but a multifunctional air purifier that can capture the following matters:

    • Pre Filter: Captures Hair, Pet Dander and Fiber.
    • H13 True HEPA PP Electrostatic Electret Melt-blown Filter: Captures Smoke, Allergens, Dust, Pollen. Filters out 99.97% of particles as small as 0.01 microns and air pollution PM 2.5 (particulate matter). Helps to relieve common allergies like sneezing, coughing, and irritated eyes.
    • Activated Carbon Filter: Captures and neutralizes Bad Smells, Pet Odors, Cooking Odors, Chemicals, Mold, viruses and VOCs.

      Click on the MSA3S HEPA Air Purifier SGS Test Report for more detailsz
    dust air purifier
    air purifier dust removal

    Visual Smart Dust Air Purifier With Auto Mode, Air Quality & Filter Life Display

    One touch Auto Mode of MSA3S dust air purifier uses a smart sensor that calculates the air quality by detecting pollutants in the air and automatically adjusts the fan speed in real-time according to the air quality: LED indicator displays air quality status as Great (Green) - Low Speed, General (Orange) - Medium Speed, or Poor (Red) - High Speed. In addition, MSA3S air purifier to get rid of dust also has the Filter Life Display, which lets you always know the service life of the filter and get ready for changing the filter without any delay. Filter Life Display: 4 lights on (Filter life 100% remaining), 3 lights on (Filter life 75% remaining), 2 lights on (Filter life 50% remaining), 1 light on (Filter life 25% remaining, order a new filter; When light flash, replace the filter).

    Unique Dust Air Purifier - Neo Smart App Control, Compatible with Amazon Alexa

    MSA3S neo smart dust air purifier can connect to the "MSPure" APP to adjust the purification settings, timers, fan speeds, sleep mode, and display lock. You can turn on the dust air purifier with Alexa APP before going home so that you could breathe the fresh air from the first step you enter the home. MSA3S is a truly smart WiFi air purifier, which supports WiFi-enabled air monitoring and filtration devices that do a good job of removing harmful airborne particulate matter which caused healthy problems such as allergy and asthma. This smart home wifi air purifier for dust is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can control it with your voice.

    smart air purifier alexa
    neo smart air purifier alexa

    Quickly Know the Functions of MSA3S Smart Home Air Purifier for Dust  

    • "MSPure App" Smart Control, Compatible with Alexa
    • Smart Sensor Technology, Auto Mode
    • Filter Life & Air Quality Smart Auto-display
    • Sleep Mode & 1-8 Hours Sleep Timer
    • Child Lock & 3 Fan Speeds
    • Ultra-quiet Operation 25 - 47 dB

    MSA3S Dust Air Purifier App Quick Starter Guide and How to Connect to Alexa

    1. Search for "MSPure" in the Apple Store or Google Play to install the "MSPure" app.

    2. Register an account and pair it with the MSA3S dust air purifier via WiFi.

    Connect to Alexa: first, connect to the "MSPure" APP to get the 8-digit verification code, then paste it to connect to Alexa. For detailed operation steps, please watch our Youtube Video for more details.

    Does an Air Purifier Help with Dust?

    Of course! A HEPA air purifier will greatly help with dust in your house. Dust component is more complex than you think, it may includes airborne particles in the soil, plants, animal, dust from the indoor air, pet dust and dander, pollen, and dust mites allergens. The dust indoors could trigger some serious allergy symptoms, such as asthma, and sneezing. It is difficult to enjoy time with family and friends in such an environment. So how could you get rid of all these dust troubles? Will an air purifier help with dust? Sure! Using a dust air purifier is the best ways to remove indoor dust in your house. The dust air purifier is an effective machine that collects dust from air and combat healthy problems: dust allergies and other similar symptoms. WHO recommends a HEPA at least level H13 filter air purifier to remove dust. Because H13 filter air purifier can remove 99.97% percent of particles as 0.1 microns like dust in the air. As our MSA3S neo smart air purifier perfectly corresponds to the standards, it possesses a high-quality 3-in-1 HEPA filter that can remove dust of more than 0.1 microns. Just buy one to solve your home air pollution buy our MSA3S air purifier to get rid of dust!

    air purifier alexa
    HEPA LevelMedical Grade
    Noise Level22-47dB
    CoverageUp to 1590 Sq. Ft
    Warranty2 year
    Power SupplyAC 120V/60Hz
    Number of Cleaning Stages3
    Dimension23.62 (L) * 14.88(W) * 9.64(H) inch
    Fan Speed3
    Filter Replacement Cycle6-8 months (depending on usage)
    Alexa App ControlSupport
    Weight13.7 lb (6.2 kg)
    air purifier for dusty room

    Frequently Questions Asked About MSA3S Smart Dust Air Purifier

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