MSA3S Air Purifier Filter Replacement | True 3-in-1 HEPA Purification

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1. Compatible with MSA3S Air Purifier

Keep your MSA3S air purifier functioning at its best with Genuine SimPure replacement filters. Choose quality MSA3S air purifier filter replacements to maintain optimal performance.

2. MSA3/MSA3S Air Purifier Filter Replacement Storage & Use

Preserve the shelf life of your MSA3S air purifier filter replacement with its secure packaging. Before inserting the filter into the air purifier, ensure that you remove the plastic bag.

3. Types of Filtration of MSA3/MSA3S Air Purifier

Designed with a 3-stage filtration mechanism, the MSA3S Air Purifier captures various pollutants like hair, pet dander, smoke, dust, odor, and VOC. The Pre-Filter, TRUE HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter are combined for efficient air purification.

4. Filtration Performance of MSA3S Air Purifier Filter Replacement

Enjoy optimal filtration performance with the MSA3S air purifier filter, featuring a PP electrostatic electret melt-blown filter that captures particles and PM 2.5 air pollution.

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