air purifier not working

Air purifier is a powerful tool for purifying indoor air,but As a consumable product, if the air purifier is used for a long time, it is difficult to ensure that there will be no problems in the process of use. For example, air purifier suddenly stopped working during use. Then, why is my air purifier not working?  What should I do if the air purifiers don't work? 

4 Reasons for Air Purifier Not Turning On

If the air purifier is not working, it may be that the motor is broken, the control panel is broken, the power supply has a problem, or the exhaust net in the air purifier cannot reach the humidity index of the filter screen, resulting in the accumulation of water in the internal pipes, which makes the exhaust net not smooth. Lastly, it causes the air purifier not working. Here are the specific reasons and analysis of air purifier not turning on, read the following carefully:

1. Broken Motor Hinders Power Activation.

When the air purifier's motor malfunctions, it inhibits the crucial mechanism responsible for air circulation. The motor is a core component, driving the fan that pulls air through the filters. If this fails, the purifier won't turn on, affecting its primary function. A broken motor requires professional attention or replacement to restore normal operation.

2. Faulty Control Panel Disrupts Startup.

The control panel serves as the interface between users and the air purifier's settings. If it's damaged or experiencing electronic issues, the communication necessary for starting and adjusting the device breaks down. Diagnosing and repairing a faulty control panel may involve technical expertise, or it might necessitate panel replacement to restore proper functionality.

3. Power Supply Issues Impede Operation.

A malfunction in the power supply disrupts the energy flow needed for the air purifier to operate. This could result from electrical issues, a damaged power cord, or a faulty connection. If the air purifier does not work because of a power failure, the working power of the air purifier is from the ordinary 220v AC voltage, and the output voltage is positive and negative. After the air purifier is plugged into the power supply but cannot start to work. It is necessary to reset the power supply to make the plug board return to normal. Then turn on the power to restore the settings and let the air purifier work normally. Addressing power supply problems involves inspecting the wiring, checking for electrical faults, and ensuring a secure connection to restore power and functionality.

4. Clogged Exhaust Net Prevents Smooth Function.

If the exhaust net becomes obstructed, hindering the smooth flow of air, the air purifier's performance is compromised. In the described scenario, water accumulation due to the exhaust net not reaching the required humidity index can create blockages. Regular maintenance, including cleaning or replacing filters, is essential to prevent clogs and ensure the unobstructed passage of air, enabling the air purifier to function optimally and preventing the accumulation of water in internal pipes that can disrupt operation.

Other Problems Come Along With Air Purifier Not Working

If the air purifiers doesn't work, cannot be turned on, and is accompanied by a prompt sound, you can first check whether the top air outlet grille and the filter compartment door are installed in place. In order to ensure the safety of users, the air purifier adopts a double Safety protection mechanism, one is designed on the air outlet grille at the top of the fuselage, and the other is in the filter compartment door. During the operation of the air purifier, if the air outlet grille or the filter element compartment door is accidentally opened, the safety mechanism will be triggered to stop the air purifier from working quickly to ensure the safety of the user. If you need to turn it on again, you need to reset the top air outlet grille and the filter compartment door, and then press the power button.

  • If the power indicator light is off, and the air purifier fan not working:

If the indicator light is not on, it is usually because the power fuse is blown or the high-voltage generating circuit is faulty. Check whether the fuse is blown. If it is broken, you should find out the cause and replace it. Check if the booster transformer is burned out. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance. value, if the coil is short-circuited, the transformer of the same type should be addition,you need to Check whether the rectifier tube and capacitor of the voltage doubler rectifier circuit are damaged, and whether the oscillator stops vibrating.

  • If the power indicator is on, but the air purifier fan not working:

The power indicator light is on, indicating that the high-voltage circuit is energized normally, and the air purifier fan may be faulty. Check whether the fan blades are stuck by other objects and whether the bearings are seriously worn. If there is nothing wrong, then check whether the motor leads are broken and whether the windings are damaged. It can be measured with a multimeter. If the winding is open or disconnected, the fan motor of the same specification should be replaced.

Anyway, when the air purifier is not working, the user can first operate according to the corresponding prompts, check the reasons one by one, and then repair it according to its method. In the process of daily use, to avoid the air purifier not working, the filter element should be replaced regularly, the dust in the chassis should be cleaned regularly, and the air purifier should not be placed against the wall or furniture as much as possible. What's more, buying a high quality air purifier like SimPure air purifier is the best methods to avoid the above issue. 

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