how to install whole house water filter

As an important equipment that can ensure the safety, health, non-toxicity and harmlessness of drinking water in family life, whole house water filters have been trusted and recognized by people since their introduction, and whole house water filter have also become essential equipment in the home.But whole-house water filter installation is different from the installation of ordinary water filters. Its installation is often more complicated and has more procedures.In addition to techniques, you also need to be patient and install it step by step.So how to install whole house home water filter? What should be paid attention to during the whole house water filter installation? Let’s take a look.

Main Steps of Whole House Water Filter Installation

whole house water filter installation

Step 1: Before installation-preparations.

Preparatory work means that before installing the whole house water filter, the tools that can be applied during the installation process need to be prepared,.When installing the whole house water filtration system, you should first contact the professionals of the water filter store to conduct on-site survey to determine the water inlet bus of the water pipe. The whole house water filtration system needs a certain installation space and installation height. Before installation, draw the installation diagram of each functional water filter, indicate the direction of sewage discharge, the location of the power socket, etc., plan the installation space, and determine the installation height.

Step 2: Determine the location of the whole-house water filtration system.

The pre-filter is generally placed not far behind the water meter and the main valve, and the floor drain, sewage pipeline and power supply are reserved. The corresponding facilities should be kept away from heat sources and avoid direct sunlight. In addition, if the purifier is too close to the water heater, a check valve should be installed. Before installing the whole house central water purifier, a site survey should be carried out in advance to determine the installation location of the product, and a place with a water source and drainage pipeline should be selected. It is installed at the main pipe of tap water, which is convenient for the comprehensive purification of the water in the whole house, and then flows to each water site separately.

Step 3: Install the Pre-filter.

In the whole house water purification system, the pre-filter is the most important process. It can filter out the large particles in the tap water, as well as the sediment and rust. The pre-filter is generally installed in the place of the main inlet valve or in the water meter of the inlet pipe. When installing water and electricity, it is necessary to lay out the wiring so that the water outlet and power cord can be reserved. If wiring is done after the decoration, it will be more difficult.

Step 4: Install the central water filter of the whole house water filter.

The central water purifier is generally installed under the sink or sink in the kitchen to facilitate the overall wiring. The function of the central water filter is to purify the water in the whole house, filter the water out of the pre-filter, and then carry out the second Secondary filtration can remove residual heavy metals, residual chlorine, bacteria and other organic and chemical substances in the water.To install a central water filter in the whole house, the water pressure range needs to be between 0.3-0.35 MPa. For high water pressure, it is recommended to install a pressure regulator valve, and for low water pressure, it is recommended to install a booster pump.

Step 5: Installation of water softener for whole house water filter.

The installation parts of the central water softener and the water filter are the same, but the water softener is divided into two types: the upper and the lower type. When the pump is turned on, it needs to be connected to the power supply. Before installing the water filter, it is necessary to install the power connection board under the cabinet. It is best to make it a concealed function, so that even if the water softener is not installed, the overall effect of the cabinet will not be damaged, and it will not be affected by the decoration. Here we also recommend you read our blog: Water Filter Placement: Should It Go Before or After a Softener?

Step 6: Leakage checking and flushing.

whole house water filter installation

After the installation is completed, open the main household water valve to check whether the pipeline is leaking, and at the same time perform manual forward and reverse flushing of the water filter. Set the control valve to the flushing state. After the flushing is completed, set the control valve to the running state. For different control valves, estimate the flushing time and set it on the control valve.

Finally, you need to open the main tap water valve, turn on the water filter, check whether the connections of each pipeline are intact, and ensure that the whole house water filter can be used normally.

Precautions for Whole House Water Filter Installation

whole house water filter installation

① Make sure that the inlet water quality, inlet water flow rate, inlet water pressure, water temperature, etc. of the water filter meet the requirements specified in the operating parameter table. Install a pre-filter in front of the water filter depending on the quality of the water. If the pressure of the whole house water filter is less than 1 kg, install a booster pump in front of the water filter, if the pressure of the water filter is more than 3 kg, install a pressure reducing valve in front of the water filter.. When the water filter should be installed in front of the water tank and other heating devices. Then make sure that the position of the water filter is lower than the position of the water heater so that steam does not enter the water filter and damage the filter element.

② All swamp accessories such as gaskets, pipes, faucets, etc. of the whole house water filter must comply with national hygiene standards.

③ Please do not install it outdoors in places where the weather is cold, to avoid freezing and cracking of the ultrafiltration element, and avoid direct sunlight.

④ Do not use excessive force when tightening the threaded joint during installation, so that the joint does not slip.

The above is all the installation knowledge of the whole house water filter that SimPure shared with you this time. If you still have something unclear, or if you want to find more other types of water filter installation methods, you can Leave a message!