SimPure V7 5 Stage Under Kitchen Sink Water Filter System Direct Connect to Kitchen Faucet 20K Gallons Stainless Steel

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  • 12 Months or 20K Gallons Ultra-Long Filter Service Life
  • Innovative 5-Stage Filtration Design, No Drilling Required
  • 1.6 Gallons Per Minute Fast Flow Rate
  • BPA-free SU304 Stainless Steel Material
  • 3 Mins Installation with All Necessary Hardware Provided
  • Click on SimPure V7 User Manual for more details

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simpure v7 under sink water filter

SimPure V7 Kitchen Sink Water Filter with Innovative 5-stage Filtration Design

SimPure V7 5-stage (Double-Sediment Membranes + KDF-55 + Double-Activated Carbon Filter) under kitchen sink water filter can purify municipal water without reducing the health beneficial mineral content, which uses Double-Sediment Membranes & KDF-55 & Double-Coconut Shell Carbon Filter, effectively reduces 99% heavy metals (lead), chlorine, bad tastes & odor and other impurities. Meanwhile, it can remain beneficial minerals elements, such as potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium. This kitchen sink filter provides you with healthy and great-tasting drinking water. NOTE: SimPure V7 Under Sink Water Filter system DOES NOT lower TDS value. If you prefer low TDS value, you can choose SimPure T1-400 UV tankless RO system.

12 Months or 20K Gallons Ultra-Long Filter Service Life & Fast Flow Rate Water Filtration System for Kitchen Sink

When this water filtration system for kitchen sink is connected to government standard tap water, you can get up to 12 months service life or 20,000 gallons of filtered water. This kitchen sink water filter saves you money with its extremely low filter replacement cost (less than $0.05 per day). By using SimPure Exlcusive Filtration Technology, SimPure V7 Under Sink Water Filter system has a water flow rate of up to 1.6 gallons per minute.

kitchen sink filter system
kitchen sink water purifier

Quality-Assured Kitchen Sink Filter: SU304 Food-grade Stainless Steel Material

SimPure V7 water filtration for kitchen sink is made of SU304 food-grade stainless steel with a smooth brushed finish, no fingerprints, and BPA-free. SimPure V7 safe material ensures you have clean and healthy drinking water. Compared with plastic bodies, stainless steel has better high-pressure resistance, thus you have no need to worry about leakage with super long service life of more than 10 years by using this under kitchen sink water filter.

Kitchen Sink Filter Installation Just Needs 3 Mins

SimPure V7 5 stage kitchen sink filter will no need to drill holes or invite a plumber to fix, direct connect to the main kitchen sink cold water line. Fits for 3/8'' and 1/2'' U.S. standard/non stardard kitchen/bathroom sinks cold water line.(Package including the 3/8" to 1/2" converter fittings). Prefect for renters and for people who can't install a separate filter-faucet.

Just Follow These Easy Steps to Install SimPure V7:

  • Disconnect existing cold water line & connect the outlet hose to the faucet hose & the outlet of the kitchen sink filter.
  • Connect the inlet hose to the cold water valve & the inlet of kitchen sink water filter and you're done.
  • Click on SimPure V7 User Manual or watch 3D Video Installation Tutorial for more details.

in line water filter for kitchen sink

Multiple Application Scenarios for SimPure V7 Kitchen Sink Filter System

The user-friendly design of this water filter for under sink faucet makes installation and use seamless. Developed for household and commercial use, SimPure V7 under kitchen sink water filter can be installed in your kitchen, bathroom, RV, or office to meet your daily water needs. With its exquisite design and small size, this inline water filter kitchen sink is the best choice for a rented apartment. Also it is also ideal for drinking, cooking, skin care and cleaning.

See the Features of SimPure V7 Under Kitchen Sink Water Filter at a Glance!

  • 5-stage (PP+GAC+KDF+GAC+PP) kitchen sink filter  system
  • Fast water low can reach up to 1.6 gallons per minute
  • Simple to install this kitchen sink filter system
  • 12 Months Long service life or 20,000 gallons of filtered water
  • Suitable for your kitchen, bathroom, RV, or office use
  • SU304 Stainless Steel (BPA-free, Lead-free)
kitchen sink purifier
Dimensions3.6"L x 3.6"W x 12"H
Weight4.8 lb
Feed Water Temperature41-100℉ (5-38℃)
Warranty1 Year
Contaminant RemovalHeavy Metals, Bad Taste & Odor, 99% of Chlorine (DO NOT LOWER TDS)
Filter Capacity20,000 Gallons (12 months service life)
ModelSimPure V7
Filter Numbers5 Stage (PP+GAC+KDF+GAC+PP)
Filtration MethodCarbon/Charcoal
Maximum Flow Rate1.6 Gallons per minute (6L/Min)
Feed Water TypeMunicipal Potable/Tap water or Well water meeting government drinking water standards
Feed Water Pressure10 - 125 PSI. Note: Install a pressure regulator if exceeding this feed water pressure

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SimPure V7 Kitchen Sink Water Filter System

Frequently Asked About SimPure V7 5 Stage Kitchen Sink Water Filter System

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