why does filtered water taste bitter

Have you ever encountered the problem that your filtered water taste funny or bad? With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the investment and consumption of healthy drinking water. It is more and more common to install water purification equipment at the end of household tap water. In addition to alleviating our worries about drinking water safety, water purifiers can indeed protect our daily drinking water health! But recently, a customer of ours discovered that the filtered water taste bad weird with the water purifier that he bought for a lot of money, which is a bit crazy! Let us explore in the following content to figure out the specific reasons!

why does filtered water taste bitter

First of all, we need to confirm the source of the peculiar smell, is the water pipe material used has bad smell, or the raw water has weird smell? Or is there a bad smell in the filter element of the water purifier? Only by finding the source of the bad taste can the problem be solved "symptomatically".

Next, we will conduct odor investigations from simple to difficult.

1. There Is a Bad Smell Coming from the Water Pipe Material.

If the water purifier just installed in your home happens to be used in a newly renovated house, you must smell it first to ensure that the newly installed purified water outlet pipe material is odor-free. If there is an odor, replace it immediately. This is the case with my friend Luis. He did not pay attention to the specific selection of materials for the water pipes at home, which eventually led to the smell of the water he drank.

2. The Raw Water Has a Weird Odor.

If there is a peculiar smell, we can know through analysis that the peculiar smell in the water is mainly caused by three major sources. One is produced by bacterial organisms, such as the fishy odor in the water, which can generally be removed by the physical filtration of the water purifier membrane; the other is Types are produced by chemical substances, such as the smell of bleaching powder in the water, which requires the addition of activated carbon to adsorb; and the last type may be caused by the unclean filter of the water purifier.

Among them, the first two types of problems are well solved. Ensure that the water purifier installed and used is produced by a regular manufacturer and has no quality abnormalities. Basically, the filter element with filtering function and more than three levels can be solved. And the last one we want to talk about below is "water purifier filter element pollutes water quality" together.

That is to say, if the water quality before entering the water purifier has no peculiar smell, but it has peculiar smell after filtration, it means the problem of the water purifier itself!

why does filtered water taste weird

3. The Water Purifier's Filter Element Emits a Bad Smell.

In the case where the first two types of odor sources were unsuccessful, we came to the last and most complicated situation. You can first understand the specific service life of the water filter purifier. Generally speaking, if it is a newly purchased water purifier, there may be a "strange smell" but it will not be a bad smell. The source of the strange smell is mainly that the remaining protective liquid in the filter element is not rinsed. Continue to rinse for 15-30 minutes. Can be solved. Otherwise, the water purifiers that have been used for more than one year need to be analyzed one by one according to the following steps!

1. The consumables of the filter element of the water purifier are dirty or have reached the limit of their lifespan.

If the water filter purifier product has not been bought for a long time, it may be caused by dirt. You should try to clean it first. If you can't, you can contact the after-sales service of the water purifier;

If it is dirty after using it for a long time, then check to see if the filter element is damaged, or the filter element has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced in time.

2. If the water purifier is not used for a long time, it may cause dirt.

If the home water purifier is not used for a long time due to work trips, travel, family relocation and other factors, it may cause bacteria and fungi to grow in the machine. When we turn on the water purifier again, the organic matter will ferment and produce a bad smell.

3. The reverse osmosis membrane gasket is not installed in place.

Check whether the rubber ring cushioned by the reverse osmosis membrane is twisted or damaged. If it is not damaged, please reinstall it carefully. If it is damaged, please replace it.

why does filtered water taste bad

How to Avoid the Problem of Filtered Water Taste Bad?

Despite investing in water filtration systems, the water sometimes retains a less-than-desirable flavor, leaving consumers frustrated and dissatisfied. Fortunately, there are several strategies and tips that can help mitigate this problem and ensure that your filtered water tastes fresh and delicious every time.

(1) The positive flushing method of the water purifier

Before using the water purifier again, you need to open the drain outlet to rinse the water purifier. If it has not been used for 3 days, rinse it for about 3-5 minutes. If it is more than 10 days or longer, it needs to be rinsed for more than 15 minutes until all the remaining sand, rust, etc. are rinsed out, so as to avoid blockage of the water purifier, no water or peculiar smell in the water.

If necessary, the filter element must be replaced in time. If the water purifier is not used for a long time (such as 6 months or more), the filter element will lose its filtering function. At this time, the filter element of the water purifier should be cleaned first. After cleaning, test whether there is a water purification effect, and determine whether the filter element needs to be replaced according to the purification effect.

(2) Backwashing method of water purifier

If the water purifier is not used for more than one month, bacteria and mold will grow inside. To avoid secondary pollution, it is recommended to turn on the backwash function when using it again, and automatically backwash the metal filter to remove dirt.

(3) Warm reminder: If you are sure that the water purifier is not suitable for a long time, please remember to close the tap water inlet valve to avoid water leakage caused by the faucet falling off due to too much water pressure, causing unnecessary losses.

The above three-step tips on how to eliminate the peculiar smell of the water purifier, have you all gotten it? Only reasonable operation and use of the water purifier can ensure the clean and healthy water quality!


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