what is a shower filter

Since a lot of people don't know what is a shower filter,this blog will tell you all about it. A shower head filter is assembled in the shower water inlet pipeline. The shower filter generally includes a filter body and a filter medium for the water inlet and the water outlet.The filter medium is placed in the filter body. The filter mesh flowing out of the filter medium. When the water passes through the filter, the filter medium will undergo an oxidation-reduction reaction with some substances in the water, removing more than 90% of free chlorine,iron,water-soluble heavy metals,oxygen sulfide and other impurities in the water,making the water more pure,ensuring the health of the human skin and hair; it can control the formation of hard scale and biofilm in the water; it can protect the downstream shower nozzles from clogging, so as to extend the service life of the shower that is what is a shower filter.

shower filter

Why Use a Shower Filter?

Toxic or contaminated water poses a serious health risk to communities, even in cities in developed countries. Shower water may contain as many harmful contaminants as the water you drink, including heavy metals, asbestos, chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals and impurities.

But just when you think we are going to pour cold water on your home spa day, there is some good news: you can get a high-quality shower filter, which can provide water filtration to protect you and your family from all chemicals And the price of metal in water is relatively low. Using a filter to filter shower water is like using a water filter to remove sediment and contaminants from drinking water.

Even if you are sure that your water is safe to drink, many people report that using a shower head filter can help eliminate the negative effects of hard and soft water, make their skin softer, hair healthier, and help repair various problems like red eyes after shower and hard water causing acneThis is why we need to use shower filter!

So What Is the Best Shower Filter?

①In-line Shower Filter, best for Removing Pollutants

Activated carbon filter is the best choice for your shower head. Since this is an in-line type, you do not need to buy a separate shower head. Granular activated carbon removes bacteria, chlorine, chloramines (sometimes another disinfectant is used), heavy metals, rust and any other by-products, so you can take a shower with confidence. In addition, it can soften the filtered shower water, making your hair softer than ever.

②KDF-55 Best Shower Filter for Hard Water

KDF filters are made of copper and zinc, these two elements will generate a small electrochemical charge between them. Although it may seem counterintuitive to put more metal in the shower,KDF filters are very suitable for dissolving mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and even chlorine. You won't notice the charge in the shower, but heavy metals will definitely. This can also be installed on any shower head, partly used as a water filter softener to remove the hardness of the water.

③Vitamin C Best Shower Filter to Remove Chlorine

The Vitamin C filter removes chlorine and chloramine fluoride by neutralization, but does not affect many other pollutants and impurities. If you are confident in the safety of water, but chlorinated water can dry out your skin, then a vitamin C filter is a good choice. Just like SimPure best shower filter for hard water, which includes a vitamin C filter in the 20 stage filtration system, is your best choice for hard water and also removing chlorine. 

best shower filter for hard water

④GE Universal Shower Filtration System

If your budget is limited, this GE shower filter is a good choice for only about $20. It mainly removes chlorine, but it can also filter sediment. The filter can last up to six months, and it fits any standard shower head or shower pipe you currently use.

what is a shower filter

How to Choose the Best Shower Filter for Your Home?

Different types of shower filters can better remove different types of pollutants and sediments, so when you are looking for the best shower filter, you need to check the ingredients in the water and decide what is most important to you, whether it is a water softener, flow rate, water pressure, shower filtration or gallons used.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although the original water filter purchased may not be that expensive, you usually need to replace the filter or filter element every six months. Therefore, when looking at the shower filter budget, you should also include the replacement filter and replacement filter element in the cost. 

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