why does my water taste like metal

Have you ever tasted metallic in your water? Logically, water should be colorless and tasteless, but we can often tell the taste and texture of water, such as sweet, bitter, soft, and hard. So why does my water taste like metal? The water we drink daily is not pure water, but mixed with various minerals and impurities. Too many iron ions can cause bitterness and metallic. At the same time, when the pH value of water is less than 6.5, a metallic taste may also appear. Today we will explore why water tastes metallic, from what causes water taste like metal, what are the hazards of metallic taste water to how to deal with it.

Two Main Causes of Why Does My Water Taste Like Metal

why does my water taste like metal

There are many reasons for a metallic taste in water, and today we're going to focus on two of the main reasons that cause the question of why does my water taste like metal.

1. Why does my water taste like metal? -Discharge of industrial pollution sources dives into our daily-use water.

Heavy metal wastewater (containing heavy metal ions such as chromium, cadmium, copper, mercury, nickel, and zinc) generated in industrial production processes such as mining and metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics, and instrumentation is one of the most serious industrial wastewater that causes the most serious pollution to water and the greatest harm to human beings. Heavy metals in wastewater can not be decomposed and destroyed by various common water treatment methods, but can only transfer their location and change their physical and chemical states. Therefore, heavy metal wastewater should be treated at the site of production and not mixed with other wastewater. If sludge and wastewater containing heavy metal ions are used as fertilizer and irrigation for farmland, the soil will be polluted, resulting in the enrichment of heavy metal ions in aquatic organisms after crops enter the water, and causing serious harm to the human body through the food chain and daily use water, thus you may feel metal taste in your water. 

2. Pollution of old water faucets and waste pipes cause the problem of why does my water taste like metal.

Now water pollution is becoming more and more serious, even if the water plant can basically remove the harmful substances in the polluted water. In the process of the transportation of tap water, with the aging of the water pipeline, it will also produce "secondary pollution" to the tap water. In cities, some of the water pipes are decades old, and the inner walls of the pipes have corroded. The originally clean tap water was once again contaminated by these rusts and bacteria during transportation. Therefore, the water that comes out of the faucet is not clean and is even sometimes yellow. Aging pipes or faucet corrosion will cause the tap water to have a rust smell, and the rust in the water will exceed the standard, which will cause a metallic taste in the water. This is the biggest reason why does my tap water taste metallic.

Harmful Effects of Heavy Metal in Drinking Water

why does my water taste like metal

After knowing why my water tastes like metal, we have to talk about the harmful effect of heavy metal taste in water. Heavy metal water pollution, invisible to the naked eye, is one of the biggest water pollution problems caused by the development of industrial society. Now, there are still incidents of heavy metal pollution that affect water safety. Among them, rust is the most abundant in water pollution in the detection of tap water. Rust pollution has become the biggest harm to people in tap water pollution, and we know from the above that rust is one of the biggest reasons why does my water taste like metal.

In general, heavy metals refer to metals with a specific ratio greater than 5 (generally refers to metals with a density greater than 4.5 grams per cubic centimeter). At present, about 45 kinds of tap water have been found, basically belonging to transitional elements, such as copper, mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel, chromium, manganese, silver, and so on. In the field of environmental pollution, the definition of heavy metals is not very strict, mainly referring to heavy metal elements that are obviously toxic to organisms, such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and "metalloids" - arsenic. Any one of these heavy metals can cause headache, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, mental confusion, joint pain, stone, cancer (such as liver cancer, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and Blackfoot disease and teratoma), etc. Especially the digestive system, urinary system cells, organs, skin, bone, and nerve damage is extremely serious.

Among them, the most toxic to the human body are lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. These heavy metals cannot be decomposed in water, and the toxicity is amplified after drinking, and it combines with other toxins in the water to form more toxic organic matter. In addition, heavy metals in the human body can interact strongly with proteins and various enzymes, making them inactive, and may also accumulate in some organs of the human body for a long time. When it is beyond the limits that the human body can tolerate, it will cause acute poisoning, subacute poisoning, chronic poisoning, and other hazards.

What to Do with My Water Tastes Metallic?

why does my water taste like metal

If the water in your home is found in the above situation of metal taste in daily life, please do not be careless! In this condition, a quality guaranteed water purifier is a good choice. Here I first suggest you read our previous article: Water Filter that Removes Heavy Metals. From this article, you will get several water filters that effectively remove the metallic taste from water. In addition to these water filters, today we recommend our newly upgraded SimPure Y7P countertop water filters to you to solve your problem of water taste like metal.

If you've been paying attention to water purification, you've probably heard of the SimPure Y7 countertop reverse osmosis water filter dispenser. Now the SimPure Y7 is no longer available for sale, as we have introduced upgraded SimPure Y7P countertop water filters.

why does my water taste like metal

why does my water taste like metal

SimPure Y7P countertop water filters have been SGS-Certified. With a PP+CTO+RO+UV filter element, it can effectively improve your water taste by removing 99.99% of the 1,000+ pollutants & harmful substances including chemicals (PFOA/PFOS, Pharmaceuticals), heavy metals (Lead, Arsenic, metal taste) and etc, chlorine, TDS (fluoride, nitrates/nitrites) and etc. More detailed effective elimination data can be checked in SimPure Y7P countertop water filters SGS Test Report

With SimPureY7P countertop water filters, you will get away with the problem of why does my water taste like metal. What's more, SimPure has a variety of water filters for different housing types and household water needs, which can protect the water of more households. Just explore our different water filters and choose the one that fits your need!


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