how to make tap water taste better

Does the tap water in your home smell bad? Are you looking for ways of how to make tap water taste better? In the next article, you will learn very useful ways to make tap water taste good! City tap water that meets the standard should be colorless and odorless. If you feel that your tap water has a strange or abnormal smell, it generally means that the tap water in your home is likely to be polluted. To eliminate pollution during transportation, tap water retains a little chlorine gas. When chlorine gas dissolves in water, it will generate hypochlorous acid and other substances, which is the main reason for the bad taste of tap water. In short, tap water has a peculiar smell, which is generally the result of being polluted. Long-term drinking that tap water is not good for human health. Let's take a look at how to make city tap water taste better.

7 ways of how to make tap water taste better

how to make tap water taste better

1. How to make tap water taste good?---Release the tap water and let it sit for a day

Leaving the tap water to sit for a day is a very effective and simple method. Some families like to use a large pitcher or glass to collect water, and then pour it out to drink when guests come. The tap water that has been left standing for a day, in this way will volatilize the chlorine. It is best to open the lid of the cup during the standing process, so as to facilitate the volatilization of chlorine. Standing tap water is an easy and energy-efficient way to remove chlorine odors from water. However, you need to be patient for placing the tap water.

2. Boiling the tap water before drinking to make tap water taste better

How to make tap water taste better without any cost? By boiling! Store the water that has just come out of the water pipe in a container for a few hours, and then boil it for drinking water. When using water, turn on the faucet to drain the water in the pipe overnight before using it. After the water boils, open the lid and cook for another two or three minutes, the taste may be gone. Because the chloride ions that were originally used for sterilization remaining in the water at this time have been volatilized. In such a case, the chlorine smell in the tap water will be partially removed, but not all the chlorine. It generally takes 15 minutes to boil to remove all the chlorine, but it also depends on the concentration of chlorine in the tap water.

3. How to make tap water taste good? By using the activated carbon

Activated carbon is black powder or block, granular, honeycomb-shaped amorphous carbon, as well as regular crystalline carbon. Activated carbon can remove odor due to its unique molecular structure. There are many pores inside the activated carbon, and the internal pores of each gram of activated carbon can reach 500-1700 square meters if spread out. This unique internal structure enables activated carbon to have excellent adsorption capacity, which can effectively absorb different colors and odors. So using activated charcoal will make city tap water taste better.

4. Installing a household water purifier to make tap water taste better

How to make tap water taste better in the most efficiently way? That is to install a water purifier. There are many kinds of water purifiers on the market, and the configurations are not the same, but the principle of water purification is the same. They all filter out harmful substances through multiple filter elements, so that the water achieves the water drinking standard. Due to the problem of secondary pollution in the tap water treated by the waterworks, a countertop reverse osmosis system water purifier is suggested to be installed at home as the guardian of household drinking water safety. The countertop reverse osmosis system water purifier, can completely remove chlorine in tap water, and can also remove some other trace pollutants, completely ensuring that tap water does not contain harmful substances. The filtration accuracy of the countertop reverse osmosis system membrane is 0.1 nanometers. The diameter of a bacterium or virus is 5000 times the pore size of the countertop reverse osmosis system membrane, which means that the water filtered by that membrane can effectively remove impurities such as rust, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, viruses, calcium and magnesium ions, and heavy metals in the water.

5. How to make tap water taste better?---Using a water filter pitcher.

If you don't want to spend too much money on water purification, the water filter pitcher is your best choice! There are also many people who use water filter pitcher now. Pouring the tap water into the water filter pitcher, and under gravity, the tap water automatically passes through the filter layer in the filter pitcher to remove impurities in the water. Commonly used water filter pitchers use activated carbon as a filter material, which has a perfect removal effect on chlorine in tap water. However, we also need to replace the filter regularly. The filter element will not breed bacteria when it filters tap water normally, because the tap water already has chlorine that can sterilize. A water filter pitcher is a good way to make city water taste better

6. Adding vitamin C tablets to make tap water taste better

Is there another way of how to make city water taste better? Of course. If you have vitamin C at home, you can use it by adding it to water. Because vitamin C can react with chlorine to produce non-toxic and harmless chloride ions, which can remove the chlorine smell in tap water. In addition, sodium thiosulfate can also react with chlorine to remove the chlorine odor, but it reacts with chlorine to produce soluble solids in water, so it is not recommended.

7. How to make tap water taste better?---Regularly clean the pipes of tap water

Water pipes are often the most overlooked place for us. The water pipes are invisible and intangible. It seems that the clean water flows out, but we don't know how much dirt, algae, sand, red nematodes, and other bacteria are in the pipeline. These bacteria can also cause unpleasant odors in tap water. So if the above methods of how to make city water taste better still don't work, then you need to ask the cleaner to clean the pipes. If your water pipe is an iron pipe, it is recommended to replace it with a PPR pipe, which can effectively prevent the growth of moss and microorganisms.

To be concluded, the above are 7 effective ways of how to make tap water taste better. Among all these methods, the countertop reverse osmosis system water dispenser is mostly recommended.


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