do air purifiers help with smoke

Smoke is a very serious indoor pollutant. Smoke particles are difficult to remove. To keep themselves and their families healthy, many people choose to use air purifiers to get rid of the smoke out of the house. Then, a lot of people ask: do air purifiers work for smoke? Can air purifiers help with cigarette smoke? the answer is yes, most air purifiers using HEPA filters can completely filter the smoke, not only that, the smell emitted by second-hand smoke can also be absorbed and filtered by the activated carbon in the purifier timely. If you smoke beside the air purifier, the cigarette smoke will not diffuse into the room and linger. Therefore, the air purifier can effectively remove and get rid of the smoke smell. Let us explore the details.

How Do Air Purifiers Work for or Help With Smoke?

Experiments have shown that more than 3,000 toxic substances can be separated from cigarette smoke, the main ones being nicotine (nicotine), cigarette tar, hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, acrolein and nitric oxide. 90% of the smoke is gas, the rest are soot particles.

do air purifiers work for smoke

Many customers do not know that, in fact, air purifiers generally have multi-layer filter devices. The pre-filter is used to filter larger particles in the air. Odor filter, etc.,and then a HEPA particulate filter. Pre-filters will help reduce most of the toxic compounds in the smoke, and these filters are usually washable.

Among them, the HEPA filter are the most effective at removing smoke. The HEPA filter can capture 99.97% of the dust with a diameter of 0.3 microns and other pollutant particles such as PM2.5 and other particulate matter, which can decompose toxic gases and sterilize. Avoid second Pollution. But the requirement is a high-efficiency HEPA filter with energy efficiency above H12 level.

Coupled with the activated carbon filter device with high iodine value, it can effectively purify air odors such as second-hand smoke smell. An activated carbon filter is a unique filter that consists of a special type of activated carbon (charcoal). With these ultra-fine pores, this filter can absorb the gaseous smoke of cigarettes. This absorption is the adhesion of molecules that transform the gaseous state into a solid surface. Once absorbed, the smoke smell dissipates as it is not released back into the air. Therefore, the air purifier is not a "consolation machine", it can really help with smoke and its role in removing smoke smell is unquestionable.

How to Choose an Air Purifier Works for Smoke?

In addition to understanding the reliability of inspection reports, purification methods and principles, a relatively high-quality air purifier that remove smoke smell should have relatively prominent parameters. When picking an air purifier that can get rid of cigarette smoke, you need to focus on three parameters of the air purifier: CCM gas value, CARD gas value, and the type of activated carbon used.

does air purifier work for smoke

1. Air Purifier With High CCM Gaseous Value Work for Smoke

The air purifier relies on the activated carbon filter to absorb smoke. The amount of activated carbon adsorption is certain, and it will be saturated in the end, so there is a parameter of CCM gaseous value, which indicates the life of the activated carbon filter. In addition to the smell of smoke, activated carbon is very easy to saturate, so the value should be at least 3000 or more, and the best value is more than 10,000, you need to buy and replace the filter frequently.

2. Air Purifiers With High CARD Gas Value Help With Smoke

The amount of air that can be purified per hour can be changed to the maximum usable area, the CARD gas value is about = area * 10, if your room is 20 square meters, the CARD gas value of the air purifier you need cannot be less than 200.

3. Activated Carbon Type That Air Purifer Used

Activated carbon is mainly divided into two types: columnar and carbon cloth. The carbon cloth is very easy to become sour. Try not to buy air purifier with the carbon cloth to remove smoke.

Based on the parameters above,we recommend Membrane Solutions MS18 smoke eater air purifier, it is equipped with a number of intelligent detectors, which can sense PM2.5, CO2, smoke smell etc. of the air conditioner. The use of multi-stage filters can effectively purify fine particles as small as 0.02 microns, and can effectively filter formaldehyde, Toluene, second-hand smoke and other harmful substances. Create a comfortable and healthy space for your home.Click the picture below to buy MS18 air purifier for smoke smell.

do air purifiers remove smoke

From what we discuss above, the answer to the question does air purifier work for smoke is clear: it is necessary to buy an air purifier to get rid of the smoke. Air purifiers can effectively remove cigarette smoke and deal with second-hand smoke. Although the air purifier is very helpful for removing smoke, the smoke smell will not be completely removed, and there will be a small amount of residue, because the HEPA removal rate used by the air purifier is generally 97% to 99%, and it is impossible to reach 100%. Therefore, it is generally recommended to open your windows for ventilation at the same time or put some green plants, such as green radishes, aloe vera, spider plants, etc. are better choices. Of course, by asking smokers not to smoke indoors, the problem can be solved fundamentally.