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Have you cleaned the air conditioner, water purifier, air purifier, water heater in your home? If you haven't washed it yet, then Keep reading carefully!

The water heater at my relative’s house has been in use for more than 5 years and has never been cleaned. Yesterday afternoon, I invited the maintenance worker to help clean it. The maintenance man first turned off the power of the water heater. A stream of sewage gushed out from the sewage outlet, and many impurities were discharged along with the yellow-brown sewage. The whole bathroom still smelled of rust. When I think that the water in the bath every day is so dirty, I suddenly want to clean the whole house water filter .

Let’s see how to clean water filter in this blog. You can clean the water purifier if you know these tricks. So you don’t need to ask someone to repair it next time. Let's take a look~

How to Clean Water Filter: 3 Methods

cleaning water filter

1. Tablet and disinfectant cleaning method

This method can be done at home by buying decontamination effervescent tablets or special disinfectants, dissolving them in water to form a disinfectant, and then draining the remaining water from the water purifier, and scrubbing all parts of the water purifier with the disinfectant. Pour other disinfectant into the inner tank, and wait 15-20 minutes to turn on the water purifier's switch and drain pipe. After the disinfectant is drained, put 7-8 liters of clean water into the inner tank of the water purifier, Wait until the water is drained, but when this dissolving tablet forms a disinfectant, you must follow the instructions!

2. Ozone sterilization

First of all, you have to empty all the water in the water purifier, then connect the connector of the sterilizer to the water inlet of the water purifier, and input ozone. It will take about 20 minutes for fumigation. Then add water, and you need to release a small amount. Ozone will decompose into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water in a few hours. It is harmless to the human body. The water purifier can be treated with ozone to ensure internal hygiene. Generally, it takes 1-2 hours. 

3. Pressure filtration method

This must be done with a professional cleaning water purifier machine. The two ends of the cleaning machine are the water inlet and the drain port connected to the water purifier, so that a closed loop is formed, and then a special disinfectant cleaning agent is added. By using the circulating pressure of the cleaning machine, the cleaning can be fully achieved, and then the water quality or scale can be completely discharged by the mechanical pressure.

Details on Water Filter Maintenance

If you are cleaning at home, you can know the above methods. It is convenient and simple. After cleaning, you have to talk about maintenance. The water purifier also needs maintenance to be used for a long time~

Like this winter, the tap water pipe is easy to burst. If the tap water supply pipe freezes and cracks, try not to use the water purifier at home during the water cut.

① We need to close the water inlet valve of the water purifier at home first, and open the faucet at home after the water comes in to drain the sand and large particles from the water supply pipe, and then open the water inlet valve to let the water purifier start to work normally In this way, it is possible to prevent sand and rust from entering the water purifier, and it will not cause the water flow to drop or the filter element to be clogged!

② If the home water purifier is installed outdoors, it must have anti-freezing measures, otherwise it will cause the filter bottle, membrane shell, body, etc. to freeze and crack. If the indoor temperature is below zero, you must stop using the water purifier! The indoor temperature must be kept above zero. The volume could expand when the water starts to freeze. If it freezes, it will directly cause the pipes, filter bottles, membrane shells, and fuselages to burst and cause water leakage.

It is best to clean the water purifier once a month, and it is definitely necessary to use the water purifier for long-term maintenance! So How often do you clean your water filter purifier?

As a new type of drinking water treatment equipment on the market, the water purifier has improved the quality of water used in our daily life and has been well received by more and more consumers. Although the purification effect of the water filter is very good, its use is also very demanding, and more attention should be paid to daily maintenance. Especially cleaning is very annoying for many people, here are the specific steps for your reference:

Specific Steps on Cleaning Water Purifier Filter at Home

how to clean home water filter

  • Step 1. Cut off the power supply of the household water dispenser, open the box and take out the filter element, and put the filter element barrel back in place.

  • Step 2. Clean the surface and trays and other parts. Use neutral detergent to clean the surface, but do not use organic cleaning agents, otherwise it will corrode the surface of the water dispenser. Alcohol cotton balls can be used to clean the water inlet, inner wall, faucet, water tray, etc.

  • Step 3. Clean the exterior and smart seat of the household water dispenser.

  • Step 4. Replace the filter element. Soak the filter element used for the first time with cleaning fluid for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse it off.

  • Step 5. Before placing the filter element, turn on the faucet and power source, and rinse the machine with tap water.

  • Step 6. Install the filter element of the direct water dispenser back to the filter element barrel, and the cleaning work is completed.

You should notice:

1. When the water filter purifier is not used for more than three days, the water purifier should be flushed for 2-5 minutes first when it is used again, until the water in the water purifier is exhausted;

2. When the tap water is cut off, please turn on the sewage faucet first to drain off the sand, rust, etc. in the tap water pipe, then turn on the purified water faucet to use purified water;

3. When the water purifier fails, please close the tap water inlet valve immediately, cut off the water inlet of the water purifier, and do not disassemble it by yourself.

4. Products that only replace the filter element cannot guarantee that there is no secondary pollution on the inner wall of the shell and the water outlet pipe. The replacement cycle of the filter element of different water purification products is different. For example, a pure water machine is also called a reverse osmosis machine in the market. It is generally 4 or 5-stage filtration. The lower-cost PP cotton needs to be replaced every 1-3 months, while the activated carbon is 6-12 months.

reverse osmosis machine

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