whole home air filtration system

In the past, air purification was for a room or a small home, but now the emergence of whole home air filtration systems allows us to enjoy the purified air throughout the house, which is more guarantee for our health.Then what is a whole home air filtration system? Why you need whole home air filtration system? Let me introduce to you.

The whole home air filtration system generally includes the air supply system and the exhaust system. It is composed of a new purifier, a static pressure box, a pipe system, a control system, a vent/vent hood, an air purifier, and a humidifier. The air is sent to every room in the room.

Various control modes of the whole home air filtration system

①Fresh air mode: suitable for better air and suitable temperature

②Mixed air mode: It is a mode that combines fresh air and internal circulation, which guarantees the minimum fresh air volume while increasing the purification efficiency. It is suitable for use when the outdoor air is poor and the weather is cold.

③Automatic mode: when TVOC and carbon dioxide exceed the standard, the fresh air purification system will automatically start

④Timed mode: When the family is out, you can turn it on for a period of time to maintain the indoor air environment and avoid the bad smell of air when you go home on business trips.

what is whole home air filtration system

Features of the whole home air filtration system

1. The outdoor air is purified and introduced into the room, which not only provides fresh air but also solves the purification; the whole home air filtration, no dead ends, clean and thorough; especially the scientific airflow organization of the indoor space, comprehensive consideration of fresh air, air velocity, and air cleanliness and other issues create the best indoor living environment.

2. The operating cost is low, the core components only need to be cleaned and need not be replaced, and the installation is one-time, which will benefit for life; the heat exchange core of the fresh air system has an energy-saving efficiency of more than 70%, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

3. Choose full heat exchanger and air purifier, with relatively high purification efficiency and stable effect. General air purifiers can only purify about 30 square meters, but the use area for air purification in the whole house is much larger, such as a quick-clean air purifier, which can purify a family within 150 square meters;

4. The ozone control technology is even more commendable. The fresh air system is the most effective means to solve the generation and accumulation of ozone, formaldehyde and TVOC. The ozone produced is far below national standards. Because the fresh air has a certain dilution effect on ozone, there is no possibility that the ozone will exceed the standard. Decompose the free formaldehyde, benzene, alcohol, ammonia, garbage odor, cigarette smell, pet body odor and other harmful substances in the air, and continuously release negative oxygen ions into the air (negative oxygen ions are the main substance to purify the air). The whole home air filtration system can maintain Pm2.5 below 35ug/m06 at any time and in any corner of the room.

5. Perfect for decoration, the home environment can be greatly improved, the indoor formaldehyde content within ten days of decoration can be reduced to less than 0.05mg/m06, and the whole home can be sterilized, dusted and odor removed.

6. Since the host is installed in the suspended ceiling, the noise of the whole home air filtration system is extremely low. To create a deep sleep environment, the whole house air filtration system allows you to breathe in clean and constant oxygen air quietly when you close the doors and windows. 

Why choose whole home air filtration system?

whole home air filtration

High-quality air quality needs to achieve the following indicators: suitable temperature, suitable humidity, moderate oxygen content, can control the content of particulate matter in the air, can control the content of bacteria in the air, and eliminate odors in the air Therefore, whole-home air filtration systems are gradually appearing on the market to meet the needs of consumers.

As the haze weather continues to increase and the living environment continues to deteriorate, whether it is outdoors or indoors, natural fresh and clean air has become an extremely scarce resource. In the past, because we didn’t know, we could only choose a single-type air purifier to purify the air in key indoor areas. The single-type air purifier did have the advantages of wide selection and choice at any time in the airport. However, the single-type air purifier has its own insurmountable shortcomings:

1. The air purifier can only purify the air in a local space, not the whole house;

2. Only indoor circulation can be carried out, and fresh air that is essential to human health cannot be introduced. Once the fresh air is introduced, the purification efficiency will be greatly reduced;

3. The most used HEPA technology air purifier as the core technology has different initial installation costs, but the subsequent investment costs are high. Although there is no secondary cost for using high-voltage electrostatic dust as the core technology, it has always been an internal cycle. Ozone may accumulate, which may cause harm to the human body.

4. Even for a single room, the air purifier cannot perform effective airflow organization. Even if the one-time purification efficiency is high and the CADR value is large, it is difficult to achieve a high whole-home filtration effect without good airflow organization. And thus it cannot provide us with a comfortable, fresh and natural indoor living environment.

In summary, we can see that the whole home airfiltration system uses a variety of methods when purifying the air, which can not only effectively remove dust and metal particles in the air, but also make our breathing more unobstructed. It is definitely a good product.