refrigerator water filter

If you are wondering how does refrigerator water filter work,you will read the most important information in the next few minutes.As a cleaner in the fridge refrigeration system, the refrigerator water filter is connected between the condenser and the capillary tube. Its main function is to absorb the moisture and dust in the system and make that the refrigeration system is clean and dry. The outer shell of the refrigerator filter is formed with a red copper tube. The inlet and outlet ports at both ends have the same diameter and the different diameter. The inlet end is a thick metal mesh, and the outlet end is a fine metal mesh, which can effectively filter impurities.

The fridge filter is equipped with molecular sieve with excellent moisture absorption ability as a desiccant to absorb the moisture in the refrigerant to ensure the smooth flow and work of the capillary tube and the refrigeration system. The desiccant should be replaced regularly, because when the desiccant absorbs too much water, it will reach saturation and become invalid. Refrigerator water filters have different specifications, which are generally determined according to the refrigeration system and internal components of the refrigerator, such as diameter, inner diameter, outer diameter, filter bowl, mesh cloth, and molecular sieve.

How does refrigerator water filter work-working principle?

As for how does refrigerator water filter work,it seems not very complicated.It is inevitable that there will be trace amounts of moisture and tiny impurities in the refrigeration system,even though the whole system works in a dry vacuum environment. This is mainly because in the assembly process, due to the influence of the assembly environment, irregular assembly operations or incomplete cleaning of the parts themselves, air or some dust enters the refrigeration pipeline. The air contains a certain amount of moisture and impurities.

According to the refrigeration recycle principle, the overheated vapor with high temperature and pressure is discharged from the compressor discharge port, and after being cooled by the condenser, it enters the capillary tube for throttling and pressure reduction. Because the inner diameter of the capillary tube is very small, if moisture and impurities exist in the system, it is easy to cause blockage and make the refrigerant unable to circulate.And they may accelerate the wear of pistons, cylinders, bearings and other components if they enter the compressor, affecting the performance and service life of the compressor.

Therefore, it is necessary to install a filter drier between the condenser and the capillary tube. When the refrigerant flows through the filter, the contained moisture is adsorbed by the molecular sieve, and the dirt is blocked by the filter. Therefore, when we are replacing the filter drier during maintenance, we should be careful to avoid breaking the filter at both ends of the filter.The opened fridge filter should be used in time and can not be exposed to the air for a long time,otherwise the molecular sieve inside may reach saturation and lose its role in adsorbing moisture.

How does a fridge filter work-structure of fridge filter?

Fridge water filters are divided into single inlet filter driers and double inlet filters. Single inlet filter drier Seen from the surface,the filter drier is a section of thick copper tube, and its shell is a copper tube with a diameter of 16-18mm and a length of 100-180mm. It has a port at both ends, of which the thicker end is the inlet end, which is used to connect to the condenser; the thinner end is the outlet end, which is used to connect to the capillary tube.
From the appearance of the double inlet filter drier, there are two connectors at the inlet end of the filter drier, one of which is used to connect to the condenser, and the other is the process nozzle for vacuuming during maintenance. The outlet end also has only one connector to connect the capillary which is the same as the single inlet fridge filter.

Things you need to know when you are using refrigerator water filter

①Avoid cooling or heating of the fridge filter

If the refrigerator system is blocked, such as ice blockage and dirty blockage, frost can be seen at the capillary tube if it is blocked by ice. If it is dirty blockage, a large amount of refrigerant will be discharged after cutting. The filter drier is composed of a dryer and a filter installed in the liquid pipeline between the condenser outlet and the capillary inlet. When the filter is dirty, the filter drier will act as a capillary tube, and the refrigerant will evaporate at the filter in advance, resulting in a cooler surface or even a frost layer. In a refrigerator in normal use, under normal cooling conditions, the outer wall of the refrigerator cannot be seriously covered by curtains, bedding, newspapers, etc., if there is, please remove it as soon as possible; it should not be too close to the wall which may cause poor ventilation. In short, the refrigerator filter cannot be overheated when the refrigerator has not been repaired. Overheating will cause abnormal or poor cooling.

②Avoid blockage of the refrigerator water filter

If the ambient air is too poor and the quality of the air entering the air compressor is too poor, the compressed air of poor quality will cause great harm to the relevant parts of the air compressor, especially all kinds of filters, and if it is passed through degreasing If there are still many impurities in the compressed air of the steam filter, it is likely to cause clogging. In addition, if the air and oil filters fail and the work load of the degreasing vapor is greatly increased, the refrigerator filter is more likely to be clogged.