what to do with old water filters

After being used for a period of time, problems such as the growth of bacteria, overdue use, difficult replacement, and lack of after-sales service could emerge in the used water purifier filter, and so a large number of them have entered the phase of elimination and replacement. Can the old water filters continue to be used? Do the old water filters need to be replaced with new ones? What to do with these old water filters?

Many household appliances have the phenomenon of overdue use, but everyone disagrees. Such overdue use is very dangerous. Like other home appliances, old water filters do not have any problems on the surface, but over time, their filtering function will decrease and safety problems occur. So even the old water filters are still working. It is also recommended that you replace it with a new one. Many people do not understand this and think that this is a waste of money and that the best use of resources is to maximize resources. The water purifier is a product of health. Every small part of the water filters will become a big part of our health. Let's find out the reasons and what we can do with the old water filters.

Why You Should Replace Old Water Purifier Filters?

what to do with old water filters

①Each components are easy to age and damage

Old water filters after being used for a long time, the internal circuit will be aging, especially sometimes the user’s home environment is not very good, such as high-temperature baking, sun exposure, and humid environment, which may cause the internal The shortening of the life of components and circuits, if things go on like this, will bury hidden dangers for problems, and the maintenance cost will be high.

②The accessories cannot be bought

Generally, regular water filter brands have a warranty period, but the use of old water filters is too long, not only after the warranty period, but even the product accessories are discontinued. As a result, repairs will not only take a long time, but the repair costs will also increase accordingly.

③The new one is safer with better technology

The upgrade of the water filter is mainly reflected in the technical update of the internal filter element. With the development of technology, the manufacturing process, design, and testing of water filters will be greatly improved. The new water filter not only has a stronger purification effect, but also The security configuration will also be more secure. For example, the current water filter not only has smart filter replacement reminders, but also water leakage safety alarms, real-time display of water filtration effects, and remote operation with mobile phones.

Solution 1: Replace the Filter Element and Ultrafiltration Membrane

The filter element of the old water filter generally loses its filtering function, causing the water filter to fail or the RO membrane to block, and the water is slow. If we want to continue to use it, we should first clean the filter element of the water filter. After cleaning, test whether there is any The water filtration effect, if the purification effect is not very good, you need to replace the old filter. In addition, the ultrafiltration membrane of the old water purifier will dry up and shrink the pore size. As a result, the effluent of the water filter will become smaller, and the ultrafiltration membrane cannot be restored, so the ultrafiltration membrane needs to be replaced in the old water filter.

Solution 2: Trade Old for New

In recent years, some water filter manufacturers have also explored the old-for-new scheme, using old water filters to buy new ones to encourage customers to replace them with new ones. You may be wondering, wouldn't the manufacturer lose money if you trade in the old for free? In fact, you don't know that manufacturers will always educate customers imperceptibly, changing the filter every week and changing the filter every three months after drinking good water. Because it costs money to replace the filter screen and filter element. In this way, the manufacturer can make up for the loss of the new machine through the profit of the filter screen and the filter element.

Solution 3: Disposal Like Domestic Waste

According to the normal maintenance frequency, tens of millions of filter elements are replaced every year, and the general filter elements of old water filters are recycled. Garbage classification is now implemented, but we don't know what kind of garbage these filter elements belong to and whether they can be thrown away directly. Different regions have different opinions on the garbage classification of water purifier filters. In some places, it is believed that the filter element should be disassembled. The outer plastic shell is recyclable garbage, and the internal filling is classified as dry garbage or hazardous garbage due to the different impurities in the water retained. If only large particles of impurities, colloidal PP cotton and adsorptive activated carbon can be retained, they should be classified as dry garbage, while RO membranes that can retain viruses and bacteria should be classified as hazardous garbage. In some places, the filter element is uniformly classified as dry garbage.

How to Do With Old Water Filters in a Better Way?

①Improve the recycling efficiency of filter element. At present, there are mainly three kinds of water purifier filters PP cotton filter ,activated carbon filter and RO reverse osmosis membrane,and they can all be recycled. Water filter manufacturers are often only responsible for the after-sales service of their own brand of water purifiers, but the users of the same brand of water filters are scattered, the filter element recovery and storage cycle is long, and the economic benefits of filter element recycling are not obvious.Therefore,industry benchmark companies with strong sense of social responsibility can be selected,and these companies can be encouraged to fully recycle all brands of water purifier filters for centralized recycling,so as to improve the economic benefits of corporate recycling and achieve the purpose of ecological and environmental protection.

②More propaganda and establish a professional recycling mechanism. After the implementation of garbage classification,more and more items like water filters are produced in the lives of residents.Relevant government departments need to further strengthen publicity according to the new situation and guide residents how to deal with these items scientifically and reasonably. At the same time, the water purifier after-sales service personnel are urged to improve the quality of after-sales service,and help users to professionally disassemble the filter element, so that users can handle it according to the materials of different structures. At present,it is often difficult to classify household wastes with complex structures like water purifier cartridges,which have shells and fillers. This requires a professional organization to disassemble and classify these items. You can refer to the recycling mechanism of new energy vehicle batteries to encourage water purifier manufacturers to recycle the replaced filter elements and conduct professional treatment in terms of policies and funds. Establish an old-for-new system, for example, users can exchange several replaced filter elements for a new filter element for free.

old water filters

In addition, when choosing a water filter, try to find a famous brand as much as possible. This involves reliability and safety testing. In long-term use, the plastic and activated carbon used in the water purifier are prone to produce trace amounts of precipitates. These precipitates will not be detected. However, it can cause potential damage to the human body. It takes more than a year for a water filter to go from design to mass production. This kind of investment is basically non-existent among small manufacturers. This is also one of the reasons why the quality of large brands is more guaranteed. And like the unknown water purifier presented at the event, it needs to be used after careful consideration.

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what to do with old water filters