can i use my air purifier with the windows open

Air purifiers have become a must-have household appliance for many families, but few people know how to use air purifiers scientifically and efficiently, such as if we can use an air purifier with the window open. As for this, different people have different opinions:

Opinions on Opening the Window While Using the Air Purifier Vary

Some people think that the air purifier is best used when the window is closed, and the effect is not good after the window is open. Because when the windows are open, pollutants in the air enter the room along with oxygen.

Specifically reflected in: The general principle of the air purifier is to use a motor to draw in the indoor air, then filter the air through several filters and then release the clean air, purifying the indoor air through such an air filtering cycle. Therefore, in the window-opening environment, the air purifier always sucks in dirty air, and the filtered air discharged will also be mixed with unfiltered air, which will affect the use effect. Furthermore, another drawback of using an air purifier with the window open is the limited purification capacity and space of each air purifier. The prolonged overload operation necessitates frequent filter element replacements, ultimately diminishing the lifespan of the air purifier components.

Some individuals believe it is necessary to open the windows while using an air purifier, arguing that it is necessary to acclimate our respiratory system to the external environment.

Specifically reflected in: Certain air purifiers employ electrostatic dust collection and purification technology, which generates negative ion clusters under high pressure conditions and also produces ozone. Prolonged usage of such air purifiers with closed doors and windows can result in an indoor ozone concentration surpassing the standard levels and potentially impacting health. Therefore, it is advisable to open the windows, but not excessively. If the outdoor air quality is favorable, more windows can be opened. If the windows remain closed, the oxygen content in the room will be significantly reduced. It is recommended to open the windows in the morning and evening when outdoor pollutant levels are low to ensure an ample oxygen concentration. Afterward, the windows can be closed, and the air purifier can be activated.

So, Can you use air purifier with windows open? Will opening the window to use the air purifier reduce the air purification effect?

can i use air purifier with window open

Air Purifier Usage with Open Windows Depends on Circumstances

In fact, it is not completely correct to open the window or not to open the window. when we are using air purifier we need to decide whether to open the window or not according to the different types of indoor pollutants and the air purifier filter in the air purifiers.

1. It Is Best Not to Open the Window When Purifying the Haze

The main component of smog is PM2.5, which once caused panic. During the period of high smog outbreaks, some scientists did experiments. The experimental data proved that even without air purifiers, the indoor PM2.5 content was only 50%~60% of the outdoor content. Therefore, even without air purifiers In case of smog, the windows should also be closed. Air purifiers mainly rely on HEPA filters to purify smog. Laboratory data show that high-efficiency HEPA filters can filter out more than 99% of PM2.5(above H13 level ). Therefore, in haze weather, the correct way is to close the doors and windows when the air purifier is turned on, and open the windows every 2-3 hours to purify PM2.5 and reduce the concentration of indoor carbon dioxide through ventilation.

2. Windows Must Be Opened to Purify Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is one of the most common decoration pollutants in the home. It can be slowly released for more than ten years and has been internationally certified as a first-class carcinogen. It is necessary to open the window when using the air purifier, because most air purifiers are not very effective in purifying formaldehyde. Activated carbon and negative ion air purifiers have extremely low adsorption capacity for formaldehyde due to their physical properties. 13KG activated carbon only It can absorb 1.3 grams of formaldehyde. Many consumers also report that activated carbon is basically ineffective for formaldehyde when using it. Therefore, if the window is not opened at this time, it is equivalent to directly soaking people in the formaldehyde pool, which will cause symptoms such as fever and allergies. However, if the air purifier at home is equipped with NCCO oxygen polymerization air purification technology, the formaldehyde can be completely purified without opening the window. When using the purifier, open the window for ventilation, NCCO technology + window opening and ventilation Opening the window and ventilation can speed up the air flow rate and decompose and purify the high concentration of formaldehyde in the home faster. If the living environment is close to the road, and it is inconvenient to open the window, you can also turn on the air supply mode of the electric fan or air conditioner, and use it with NCCO.

can you use air purifier with windows open

3. Air Purifier Filter Element - Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, negative ions, and NCCO are the three major air purifier technologies today. Activated carbon has been invented for nearly a hundred years. Because of its strong adsorption capacity, it has been used to absorb odors. The more common ones are the refrigerators at home to deodorize and purify smog. However, even though the producers often change the name of the activated carbon like coconut shell carbon, high iodine value activated carbon, it cannot hide the fact that activated carbon has a very weak adsorption of gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. The carcinogenic gas - radon basically has no effect. Because the hexagonal pore structure of activated carbon is extremely unstable, in a high temperature and humid environment, the adsorbed formaldehyde will be released in reverse, causing secondary pollution. Therefore, when using an activated carbon air purifier to purify smog, it is not necessary to open the window, but when purifying the decoration air pollution, the window must be opened, because the activated carbon can only absorb a small amount of decoration pollutants.

4. Air Purifier Filter Element - Negative Ion

Negative ions decompose atoms into positive and negative ions through electric shock, and negative ions are mostly OH-. Due to the instability of negative ions, it is easy to combine with macromolecular pollutants in the air, so as to settle on walls, floors, electrical appliances, etc. On the furniture, in order to achieve the effect of purification. However, these deposited pollutants are difficult to clean, which will make the house dirty. When the wind blows, the pollutants deposited on the ground will float in the air again, causing secondary pollution. Therefore, when using the negative ion air purifier to purify the haze, you cannot open the window, because opening the window will blow the settled pollutants into the air, causing secondary pollution; but when purifying the decoration pollution, you must open the window, because the live negative ions Only a small amount of pollutants such as formaldehyde can be adsorbed.

5. Air Purifier Filter - NCCO

NCCO is an invention patent in the air field developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2003. It is specially used to purify TVOC gaseous pollutants, which is what we often call decoration air pollution. NCCO is widely used in the purification of air in the pathology department of the hospital.At present, more than 150 hospitals around the world have used NCCO technology to purify complex chemical gases in pathology departments. It's very effective After repeated successful cases.The reason why NCCO technology is powerful is that it can directly catalyze the decomposition of decoration pollutants into water and carbon dioxide instead of traditional adsorption, which is the essential difference between it and traditional purification technology. Therefore, when using the RHT air purifier to purify the haze, you can open the window every 2-3 hours for ventilation; and when purifying the decoration pollution, you can not open the window. Of course, opening the window can speed up the air flow and purify formaldehyde faster. 

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