why is filtered water cloudy
A few days ago, a customer complained that the filtered water was not as clean as the original water, and the effluent was too cloudy to be used. SimPure will take this opportunity to tell the majority of water filter users why is filtered water cloudy. The water from the water filter or even the reverse osmosis water is cloudy. This should be a problem that many users will encounter. There are many reasons for the problem, which may be caused by the machine or water quality. Different situations have different reasons. The most important is to find the source of the problem. Do not disassemble the water filter indiscriminately to avoid unnecessary losses. First of all, if you encounter this kind of problem, you can first check the composition of the cloudy material. Is it sediment and rust? Or scale, algae? Or is it something inside the filter element? Different reasons will cause different cloudy. It is best to observe it for a period of time, and it will be easy to solve the problem when we figure out the real reason.

The following are the reasons why is filtered water cloudy in recent years

1. The KDF filter element of the new machine releases a small amount of zinc ions to form a milky white suspension, causing filtered water cloudy

This kind of cloudy appears as white sediment in the effluent. I believe that many users will encounter this situation. After being filtered, there will be white bubbles in the effluent, and some white substances may form sediment. Don't worry too much about this situation, many water filters will have this phenomenon. The core of the water filter is not only the filter element for filtering impurities and different colors and odors, but also the food-grade KDF filter element (copper-zinc alloy). When heavy metals are filtered, a small amount of zinc ions will be released to form a milky white suspension, and the increase is the same as the amount of pollutants, so the water will be milky white, which looks cloudy but is not harmful. This phenomenon mostly occurs on new machines, and it will slowly disappear after a period of use.

2. The first time use of the new water filter causes filtered water cloudy

When using the new water filter for the first time, many users say that the water has black particles, which is also a common phenomenon in some machines. There is an activated carbon filter element in the water filter (used to absorb different colors and odors in water), which is divided into two types: sintered carbon and granular carbon. In the model container, there is a layer of micro pinholes on the surface of the container, which may cause the powder to flow out and form black particles during use. Activated carbon is food-grade material, safe and pollution-free, and does not affect use. Usually it is a new water filter, or a newly changed filter element has such a situation, so it will gradually improve after 5-10 minutes of automatic cleaning after starting the machine.

3. The water is too hard causing filtered water cloudy

This cloudy is manifested as transparent scale in the effluent. In some areas, the water filter cannot be used indiscriminately. This is not to say that its filtering effect is not good, but it is related to the water quality in these areas. For example, in some places, the water quality is generally hard (too many minerals in the water), and in some places, the water quality is generally cloudy (too much turbidity), and the effluent has transparent scale, which is caused by the hard water quality. In this case, it is best to use a water softener to soften it first, and then filter it with a water filter, otherwise the scale will be difficult to remove.

filtered water cloudy

4. The filter element is overloaded or not cleaned and replaced in time, resulting in cloudy

This situation is generally manifested as different colors and sediment in the effluent. The filtration effect of the water filter is all determined by the efficacy of the PP cotton filter element, activated carbon, compressed carbon, ultrafiltration membrane and other filter elements. Just use this link to see solutions to this. If these filter elements are overloaded, the ultrafiltration membrane is ruptured or the sealing ring above the filter element is worn, or if the use limit is reached without cleaning and replacement, the filtration efficiency of the filter element will be greatly reduced, and the effluent will become turbid. The most direct reaction effect is the appearance of abnormal color and odor or sediment. The premise is that the water itself contains these impurities.

why is my reverse osmosis water cloudy

If it is a reverse osmosis water filter, there may be a problem with the RO membrane of the water filter, causing minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions in the water to not be filtered out, resulting in reverse osmosis water cloudy, or there is air in the newly installed reverse osmosis water filter , after squeezing the air, the air flows out with the water, there are small white bubbles in ro water or the outflow toner is black, so it looks cloudy
reverse osmosis water cloudy
In addition to the various reasons described above, filtered or reverse osmosis water cloudy may also be affected by installation, use, maintenance and other aspects. In addition, the filtered water will also be cloudy if the water filter is not used for a long time. We only need to take out the filter element and clean it. Drain the water in the water filter and backwash it several times. Novice users are best to install and maintain it with the help of a special person, and operate it according to the instructions. Because the water filter is not a one-time home appliance product, it needs more maintenance and maintenance, so understanding all aspects of the water filter is one of the limited ways to extend the service life of the water filter like our new best selling Simpure Y7P countertop RO water filterThe newly upgraded 100GPD RO Membrane technology ensures a longer service life of RO Filter than normal RO membrane. 

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