reverse osmosis water bubbles

From time to time, customers inquire about the reverse osmosis system, which is commonly known as the pure water machine. After the installation and commissioning, it is found that the reverse osmosis water occasionally has bubbles, and then disappears after a while.They want to know why reverse osmosis water has bubbles. Problem similar to reverse osmosis bubbles is very common. Judging from the phenomena reported by the customers, it can basically be judged that there are two reasons for reverse osmosis bubbles.

reverse osmosis water has bubbles

1. The water pressure is too large and the instantaneous pressure change generates reverse osmosis water bubbles.

When the tap water pipe is pressurized to transport tap water to remote tap water network,due to the pressurization and pressure, the solubility of the gas existing in the tap water pipe itself and the gas in the atmosphere in water is increased, and then a large amount is dissolved in tap water. If the RO reverse osmosis system is installed at the back end of the tap water, the water flow needs to be driven by the booster pump that comes with the reverse osmosis machine, which means that another pressure is added to the dissolved gas in the water body, making the gas molecules change. smaller, the solubility further increases.

Since there is always pressure in the process of water flow, the gas molecules cannot be released. When this part of the water flows out of the reverse osmosis system, the pressure in the water will suddenly disappears, and it could expand into the bubbles we see, sometimes even There are a lot of tiny bubbles gushing out, but they disappear quickly and gradually. Therefore, this phenomenon of reverse osmosis water has bubbles is normal and will not affect the safety of reverse osmosis's operation and the safety of filtered water. Just drink it with confidence.

2. The protective liquid of RO membrane will cause bubbles in RO water.

In order to ensure the permeation ability of tap water to the RO membrane, the surface of the filter membrane must have strong hydrophilic properties. The general reverse osmosis membrane matrix is ​​hydrophobic, so a hydrophilic modifier is needed to modify the membrane. The general hydrophilic agent, that is, RO membrane protective liquid, has certain amphiphilic properties, resulting in bubbles and stability.

Generally speaking, bubbles in ro water must reflect the following fact: your filtrate retains a trace or even measured amount of hydrophilic agent, and the medical grade and food grade membrane protection liquid is harmless to the human body. The film protective liquid is mainly contained in the wet film of vacuum packaging with a higher content, and the dry film also has a solvent but the content is small.

reverse osmosis water has bubbles

In conclusion, it's better for us to install a high-quality reverse osmosis water machine and after the installation is completed, please drain 2 buckets of water. After the filter element is rinsed for about ten minutes, the filtered water can be drunk directly. At this time, the membrane protection solution is basically After rinsing, there is no need to worry about the safety of water quality after water filtration.

If the reverse osmosis system is not used for the first time and have bubbles, please observe whether the reverse osmosis bubbles disappear within 3 minutes. If they disappear, it is the bubbles caused by the pressure, which is not harmful to the human body. The filtration process is also purely physical filtration. Although you can drink it with confidence, you can measure the TDS if you are really worried about the water quality.

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