types of water filters

If you are going to buy a water filter,first of all,you should know different types of water filters and what types of water filters are suitable for you.So in the next few minutes we will give you a detailed introduction about the types of water filtration systems and different types of water filters.

Everyone should know that different type of water filter have different water purification method,there are often different impurities in the tap water (especially in areas with poor water quality),such as sodium and magnesium ions that cannot be treated,chlorine,organic matter,and silt,rust,heavy metal ions,and bacteria mixed in the pipeline transportation process.So we need different types of water filters according to the impurities in the water.

different types of water filters

what are the types of water filters

Water filters are roughly divided into three types :household water filters, commercial industrial water filters and experimental water filters according to their uses and usage scenarios. Household water filters include kitchen water filters, home water filters, All-in-one machine, direct drinking machine, water softener, whole-house water filter, etc. to meet different needs. Commercial water filters have a larger water output than household water filters, and can provide customized water purification safety for enterprises, schools, hospitals, hotels, clubs, etc. according to the needs of different users. The experimental water filter is specially designed according to the difference between the raw water and the target water in the experiment. For example, the fluorine in the raw water exceeds the standard, while the fluorine in the industrial water cannot exceed a certain value, and a defluorination device must be specially customized.If the raw water is complex and the target water requirements It is more stringent to use RO membrane filtration, and the experimental water is generally more stringent, so RO membranes are mostly used.

Different types of water purification methods

The essence of water filter working principle is purification method.In order to achieve filtering objective, water filters use various purification methods that use different filter elements,such as PP cotton, activated carbon,high-precision PP cotton,carbon fiber,RO reverse osmosis membrane and so on.

The purification capacity of the water filter mainly depends on itsfilter element.If the filter diameter is getting smaller and smaller,then more and more impurities can be filtered.Therefore,the purification capacity of these filter elements is getting higher and higher,and the types of water purification methods are divided into coarse filtration,Microfiltration,ultrafiltration,nanofiltration,and reverse osmosis.

Types of water filters filtration systems according to different purification methods

Based on the purification methods water filters can be divided into pp water filter,activated carbon water filter,and reverse osmosis water filter,etc according to the purification method.PP water filter mainly used to filter large particles of impurities,such as silt,rust,etc.High-precision PP cotton filtration used to filter small particles of impurities.Carbon fiber absorbs chlorine,organic matter,and heavy metals,and further filters impurities,Activated carbon filtration improve taste and remove odor.RO reverse osmosis system is the highest level of filtration, except for hydrogen and oxygen molecules, the rest of the fine impurities can not pass.If possible, it is better to choose reverse osmosis water filter.The pore size of reverse osmosis system is only one millionth of the hair,which can completely filter bacteria and viruses.Real "pure water".

Types of water filter according to different parameters

what are the types of water filters

When purchasing a water filter,in addition to the purification method (type of filter element) mentioned above,the most important thing is to pay attention to these parameters:

①Types of water filters according to filtration volume

water filters will have a parameter,such as 400G, 600G,where G is gallons,representing the volume of purified water. 1 gallon is approximately equal to 3-4L of water.The larger the value,the greater the value of the water filter.At this point,the types of water filters are divided into 100GPD water filter,400 GPD water filter,etc.

Types of water filters according to Filter stages

Many people will regard the filter stages (number of filter elements) as the purchase standard for water filters,but there is a misunderstanding here.The number of filter stages and the number of filter elements have little relationship with the filtering capacity.The fact is this,the more the filter stage the better is the water filter.And water filters are divided into 3-stage water filter,5-stage water filter,6-stage water filter,etc.

In conclusion,different types of water filters have different purification effects.we should to choose different water filters according to our own needs.A multi-stage or reverse osmosis water filter is always a better choice for you.