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Water filters have become a very common home appliance product. The quality of water filters directly affects our health. When buying water filters, most people value the quality, because the quality of water purifiers not only affects the purification effect of water purifiers. , but also affects our user experience, so generally when we want to buy a water filter, we usually choose between many brands. But many people don't actually know what is a good water filter, what makes a good water filter. they have no idea about characteristics of good water filter, and there is no further ability to distinguish products with similar appearance and style.So in this article SimPure will tell you what is a good water filter filtration system in detail.

what is a good water filter

A good water filter filtration system generally meets the following standards

①Good water filters use Refined filtration technology

At present, the main filtration technologies on the market include microfiltration filtration, ultrafiltration filtration, and reverse osmosis high-precision filtration. The filtration precision of reverse osmosis high-precision filtration is about 0.001-0.0001μm, which can filter antibiotics and water in water. Alkali and heavy metals and other harmful substances. Therefore, the filtration effect of reverse osmosis is better. If you choose a direct drinking water filter, it is safer to drink directly from the reverse osmosis water filter.

② A good water filter has Multi-stage filter combination

The purification effect of the water filter depends on the filter element. Different filters have different purification effects. The combination of multi-stage filter elements can exert their own purification advantages, and the maximum effect can purify harmful substances in water, such as PP cotton + activated carbon + RO reverse osmosis + post-position activated carbon, different levels of purification Not the same, the normal use is the 4-5 stage filtration system priority.

③Good water filter is safe and use High quality material

The material of the water filter is very important. For example, the material of the activated carbon water filter can be charcoal, fruit shell, coconut shell, etc. But the best material currently used in the industry is coconut shell carbon. The accessories of the water filter should be made of food-grade materials, and the layers of inspection are strictly checked to ensure that the product itself is pollution-free and safe to use, so that users can use it with more confidence, and it must be firm and durable.

④Good water filters have Large water output, saving water and electricity

Water shortage is a common problem facing the world. If the water filter can save water and electricity it will definitely be recognized and welcomed by more users. A good water purifier has a large water output, and can filter the water source multiple times according to the water purification effect and different water purification methods. The filtered water can be directly consumed, and the amount of waste water is relatively low.what makes a good water filter


⑤A good water filter is with Simple maintenance and easy replacement of filter elements

Buying a water filter is not a once-and-for-all product. It also requires regular replacement of the filter element and maintenance. If there is a fault inside the water filter, if the maintenance process is complicated and troublesome, it will take a lot of time and energy, and it will definitely not be liked by users. Consumers prefer products that are easy to maintain. A good water purifier is very easy to replace, just rotate it, the elderly and children can learn it like the straw water filter.

⑥Good water filters are usually with Low cost of use and long service life of the filter element

The longer the water purifier is used, the greater the confidence it gives to the user. Good water filters generally have a long service life, and some can even be replaced every 2 to 3 years, and the cost of use is very low.

⑦Smart Design

If the filter element of the water filter is not replaced, secondary pollution may occur. but sometimes it's difficult for the users to remember the replacement time. Therefore, the smart design of a good water filter is very necessary. It can intelligently prompt the replacement of the filter element and keep abreast of the latest circumstances of the water filter. A good water filter can even realize intelligent functions such as remote control and one-click reservation.good water filter

In addition, a good water filter must have good after-sales service and a certain brand influence.

SimPure good water filters

①Y7 Countertop Water Filter

Y7 countertop water filter dispenser is equiped with Reverse Osmosis and UV Purification System which can effectively remove 99%+ pollutants & harmful substances in your water.Zero Installation design can Get rid of the troubles caused by complicated installation and filter replacement.The smart system automatically purify and send clean water to the internal storage tank to meet different water volume requirements.

②DC3P Whole House Spin Down Sediment Filter

This spin down sediment filter is made of 100% Safe food-grade Material stainless steel mesh perfect for removing sediment, rust, sand and other impurities from the tap or well water.Besides it's easy to use and install and it's reusable.

good water filters

③Gravity Water Filter

Using Advanced 4-Stage Gravity Filtration Technology,this gravity water filter is durable with 3L extra-large capacity.Very Easy to Use and Lightweight weighs just 2.8 ounces.

good water purifier