water purifier problems

Although the water purifier filter is good, it will inevitably encounter various problems during use. At this time, many people will get confused and don’t know how to deal with it. Don’t worry. SimPure compiled an article about water purifier filter problems and solutions, and hope to help you in need!

Frequently see problems in water purifier

①water leaking from water purifier

The reason for the water purifier leaking may be excessive water pressure, or improper operation during installation, such as whether the joints that require raw material tape, pipe plugs, and rubber gaskets are intact. The probability of occurrence of pure water machine is more.

water purifier problem

②Broken water purifier membrane shell

Too low water inlet pressure of the water purifier will affect the water output, and too low water pressure will result in small water output. Excessive water pressure will cause membrane damage and so on. Our common low-pressure switch leaks water and activated carbon, activated carbon shell and ultrafiltration membrane shell rupture, etc., are all related to excessive water pressure.

Solution: Before installing the water purifier, first measure the water pressure to ensure that the water pressure is within the use range of the water purifier. If the water pressure is too high, it is necessary to install a pressure reducing valve. If the water pressure is too low, it is recommended that the user install an increased pressure pump.

water filter problem

③The new water filter has a peculiar smell

After the home water purifier is installed, the water fit而 must be flushed first. The correct flushing method ensures the normal use in the later period. If the washing sequence is wrong, more problems will occur. If the washing sequence of the water filter with ultrafiltration membrane is wrong, the protection liquid in the ultrafiltration membrane will enter the rear activated carbon filter element, and the protection liquid will affect the activated carbon filter element. As a result, the taste of the water from the water filter is not good.

The outlet of the water purifier requires the installation of a food-grade hose. If the hose material installed at the water purifier outlet of the water purifier is unqualified, the rubber smell of the hose itself will change the taste of the water, and it will also lead to filtered water taste bad

 Solution: After the installation is complete, flush the water filter correctly, guide the user to the correct use method, and choose food-grade high-quality hoses when installing the water purifier to avoid unnecessary troubles.

④The effect of purified water is not very obvious

The water source required by the water purifier is municipal tap water. If the water source treated by the water purifier does not meet the requirements of the influent water quality, it will cause a phenomenon that the water purification effect is not good. The water source used in many places is groundwater, and in some places in relatively old communities, the tap water pipes are galvanized pipes. Due to the long time, the galvanized pipes are seriously aged and rusted, and the water source is turbid. In the case of this kind of water quality, the editor of Simpure recommends not to install the water purifier directly. The sand and rust in the raw water can easily contaminate and block the filter element in the water purifier, causing no water or poor water purification effect.

Solution: Before installation, the water pressure should be tested and the water quality of the incoming water should be tested. If the water quality does not meet the requirements of the incoming water, communicate with the user. It is recommended to install a pre-filter in front of the water purifier. If the water source used by the user's home is groundwater or reservoir water, a pre-filter must be installed in front of the water filter. After reading the above introduction, I believe that when facing these failures, you probably know the number in your heart. If you want to learn more about water purifiers, please continue to pay attention to Simpure.

How to avoid problems with water filtration system

Water purifier problems occur frequently,especially when the temperature rises, so we need to pay attention to some problems when using the water filter during summer. The following simplelife will explain to you what problems should be paid attention to.

①The water filter must be cleaned regularly

Hot weather will cause a large number of bacteria to grow and multiply. it is very important for the daily cleaning of the water filter Even if the water purifiers are installed in cold places, . After being used for a long period of time, the water purifier we use should be simply cleaned. When the water purifier has not been used for a long period of time, it should be cleaned for a long time before we use, until the original water purifier The remaining moisture and dirt are completely flushed out.

②The water filtration system needs to be placed away from sunlight

water filter problems

The water purifier is not suitable for more sun exposure because the water purifier will be filled with the water you need every day and a large number of bacteria will grow in hot conditions, which could affect water quality and our health. If conditions and other factors require it to be placed in a part with direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a baffle near the location of the water purifier to block some of the sunlight or to place it in a corner of shadow during the Installation to reduce some of the solar radiation.

③the maintenance and repair of water purifiers

The key to the purification of water quality of the water purifier lies in its filter element, and the water filter element has a certain lifespan, because the filter element is a consumable, the filter element also bears the overload damage of the pollutants while blocking the pollutants. After a period of use, the filtration efficiency and quality of the movement will be greatly reduced. Therefore, everyone needs to know when to change water filter and remember that the filter element should be replaced with a new filter element in time after a period of use to increase The quality and safety of our water.

In addition, if the water purifier is not used for a long time, the power should be turned off to avoid damage to it and waste of unnecessary resources due to long-term consumption; after the water purifier is installed, it cannot be moved or disassembled at will , If it is a wall-mounted water purifier, pay attention to shade to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight to affect the taste and service life.

Water plays a pivotal role in our lives, and the quality of water determines our health. Therefore, the correct use of high-quality water purifiers is related to our drinking water health and cannot be ignored. The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to when using the water purifier in summer. I hope everyone will pay attention to water health and use the water purifier correctly!

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