why is my water filter leaking

Have you ever encountered such a situation, the water filter like reverse osmosis ro system bought at a very expensive price is leaking during use, which not only wastes water, but also damages the floor of your home. What should I do in such a situation? Why is my water filter leaking? Don't panic if you find that the water filter ro system leaks. First, you should cut off the power and close the water inlet valve to see what caused the water filter leaking. After finding the cause, there is a solution.

7 Reasons for Why Is Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Leaking and How to Deal With It 

reverse osmosis water filter leaking

1. Improper Installation of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

If the RO water filter leaks, the first thing we need to check is the installation problem. The filter element is screwed too tightly or too loosely. If the rubber ring is too tight, it will deform and cause water leakage. If it is too loose, water will leak out directly. When the raw material belt is not wound, there is a gap between the water filter and the water pipe connection, etc., which will cause the water filter to leak. If it is these reasons, you just need to correct it by hand.

2. Water Filter Leaking May Be Related to the Failure to Connect the Joint of the Nozzle

If your water filter or RO system is leaking at the joint of the nozzle, it may be caused by a loose cap nut. When this happens, you only need to re-tighten the cap nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.

3. The Shaft Gasket in the Faucet Is Worn and the Water Outlet Leaks

When the water outlet of the water filter leaks, it is due to the wear of the shaft gasket in the faucet. It is only necessary to use pliers to loosen the gland bolt and remove it. Use the clip to take out the shaft gasket and replace it with a new one. Axle gasket is sufficient.

4. The Water Pressure Is Unstable, and the Membrane Shell Ruptures and Leaks Carbon

When installing a water filter like reverse osmosis ro system for a customer, first measure the water pressure before installation to ensure that the water pressure is within the range of use of the water filter. If the water pressure is too high, communicate with the user and install a pressure reducing valve. If the water pressure is too low, it is recommended that the user install a booster pump. Avoid water leakage from the reverse osmosis water system for home due to the rupture of the membrane casing and carbon leakage due to inappropriate water pressure. When buying a water filter, pay attention to whether the merchant has measured the water pressure when installing it. If not, remind him that this is the responsibility of the consumer. Generally speaking, this is not the case with regular manufacturers.

5. Water Purifier Leaking May Be Related to the Water Quality of the Home

In some places, the water quality is really poor, with a lot of rust and sediment. Even if it may have nothing to do with the quality of the tap water, it must be related to the rust and corrosion of the water pipes in your home. There is too much rust and sediment stuck in the gap of the water purifier, which will cause the water filter to fail to flow and cause the water purifier leaking. Therefore, the best water quality inspection should be carried out before installation. It is recommended not to install the water purifier directly. First, use coarse filtration to remove sediment, rust, etc. in the source water like installing a pre-filter in front of the water filter.

6. The Quality of the Water Filter Is Too Poor, Causing the Water Filter Leaking

If the quality of the water filter shell is too poor and the material is not good enough to withstand the influence of climate and environment, resulting in cracks on the surface, water filter leakage will occur. For example, the material used for the PE pipe is poor, the permeability is not enough, the thickness of the pipe wall is uneven, and it ruptures in the process of resisting water pressure. In addition, the joints of the water filter are not durable and pressure-resistant, and are prone to water leakage after being impacted by water hammer. To prevent the leakage of water filters due to this reason, the best way is to choose a well-known brand with guaranteed product quality. To avoid this reason, you can choose our newly upgraded High-Quality SimPure Y7P countertop RO water filter system.

7. The Wear of the Triangular Gasket in the Gland Leads to Leakage of Water in the Gap at the Lower Part of the Faucet Bolt

If the triangular gasket inside the gland is worn, you can loosen the screw to remove the bolt head, then loosen the gland and remove it, then take out the triangular gasket inside the gland and replace it with a new one.

Water Filter Leaking Advice:

A small detail can avoid big losses, that is, if the water filter is installed indoors, it is best to install a floor drain nearby, so that in case the water filter leaks from the pipeline, it will not cause more damage to the whole house.

Now that you understand why your reverse osmosis water filter might be leaking, you're equipped to tackle the issue head-on. Whether it's a simple adjustment or a replacement, addressing the problem promptly can save water and prevent damage to your home. Keep these solutions in mind for a hassle-free RO system or try more reliable water filter brand like SimPure!