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As more and more people are realizing the importance of safe drinking water,In order to improve the quality of drinking water for families, water purifiers have now become an indispensable part of many family life. However, in the face of hundreds of water purification equipment and thousands of product models on the market,how to select the water filter suitable for you and how to choose which water filter should I buy? consumers are often unable to start. So, how to choose a water purifier? And what kind of water purifier is really suitable for home?We, together with health nutrition experts and Simpure water purification technical engineers, analyzed the mainstream water purification equipment on the market, sorted out the some purchase methods, and taught you to easily decide which water filter to buy that will make the whole home feel at ease.

How to choose which water filter purifier to buy?

1. Choose a water purifier according to the water purification effect

①Look at the combination of filter membrane technology and filter level

When choosing a water purifier, we first choose a filtration membrane. According to the filtration accuracy, it is generally divided into two categories: RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane) and ultrafiltration membrane. The type of core filtration membrane technology determines what kind of water you can drink. Water purifiers usually have concepts such as three-stage filtration, five-stage filtration, and seven-stage filtration. In general, the more filtration levels, the better the filtered water quality. Generally, water purifiers are based on core filtration membranes such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and selective filtration, and then cooperate with multiple filtration processes such as pre-treatment and post-treatment to form a filtration system.

②Look at the filter element: Generally speaking, if you pursue simple operation, try to choose a modular filter element, which can be operated by yourself at home, saving the trouble of after-sales service; if you have certain hands-on ability and pursue cost-effectiveness, it is recommended to choose a general-purpose filter element, buy and replace it yourself Lower cost; in pursuit of product performance, you can choose brand RO membrane.
③ See the amount of water and the ratio of net waste
④ Look at the water production speed: the flux determines the water production speed. The products on the market range from 50-600G. It is recommended to choose products with a flux of 400G or more. The water production speed can reach more than 1L/min, which can basically meet the daily use. The rate of water production is also related to the ratio of wastewater. Appropriate wastewater discharge can better flush the RO membrane and prolong the service life, but too high a proportion of wastewater will lead to serious waste. It is recommended to choose equipment with a pure wastewater ratio higher than 1.5:1.

④See if there is ultraviolet sterilization
In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the ultraviolet device, which is a necessary device for sterilization! In the process of using the water purifier after installation, a large number of bacteria will grow inside the machine. Generally, the water quality standard of the water purifier requires that the total number of colonies is less than or equal to 100 colonies per liter, but the bacteria can multiply in the water for about 20 minutes. At this rate, the total number of colonies per liter of water can reach an astonishing 26 million in just 6 hours. Therefore, only a water purifier that meets the factory inspection qualification will still have a large number of bacteria in the actual use process. And UV ultraviolet rays can achieve a sterilization rate of more than 99.999%. Only with terminal UV sterilization can it be safely consumed directly.

2. Choose a water filter according to the local water quality

A water purifier is the guarantee of every drop of healthy water. When purchasing a water purifier, we should also be able to choose a water purifier with different filtering functions according to different water quality.
① In areas with good water quality, if you are just for the health of drinking water, you can choose an all-in-one drinking water machine. If you want to change the water quality of daily water in your home, such as kitchen water, it is recommended to install one under the kitchen counter. Pre-sediment water filter. Its filtration accuracy reaches 0.01μm. Under the action of pressure, water molecules in tap water and other substances with a diameter of less than 0.01μm will be squeezed out of the hollow fiber through these through holes, and the squeezed water contains minerals. of water.

② In areas with poor water quality, such as serious industrial pollution of water sources, heavy color and odor, and more chlorine, you can choose household water purifier products with a larger amount of activated carbon in the filter element. If the heavy metal content in the water is high, it is recommended that you choose an RO water purifier, which has a better purification effect and is more assured to use. In some places, the hardness of the water is high, and the calcium and magnesium ions content in the water are high, and such hard water is very easy to scale. To deal with hard water, it is better to install a water softener in front of the household water purifier, which can soften the water quality and protect the water purifier to a certain extent.

3. Select a water purifier according to the cost of use

In the market where terminal prices are converging, the cost of use is a key factor affecting the cost performance of water purifiers. When purchasing, be sure to inquire about the replacement frequency of the filter element, the price of the filter element, and make an evaluation of the annual use price. The service life of the filter element is directly related to the water quality, and you can't just listen to the approximate estimate of the salesperson. When making comparisons, the cost of replacing the entire set of filter elements can be calculated according to the shortest service life of each filter element, and then averaged on an annual basis, so that the calculated prices are comparable.

4. Buy the water filter according to the appearance

①Look at the size: To buy a water filter, you must first determine the installation location and space size of the home, and comprehensively measure the length * width * height to ensure that the purchased products can be placed. If space isn't affluent, the options are narrow. Secondly, it depends on whether there are reserved sockets. If not, don't choose a style that needs to be plugged in.

②Look at the design: In addition to aesthetics, we should pay more attention to the internal design of the product. Try to choose an integrated waterway design to reduce the number of connecting pipe fittings and minimize the occurrence of water leakage and failure. No water storage tank design to reduce old water residue, prevent secondary pollution, and save installation space.

which water filter to buy

5.Buy water purifier according to the brand

①A water purifier company that recognizes a regular brand and a regular and good brand attaches great importance to the popularity and influence of its own product brand, and will spend a lot of money on brand promotion. Consumers can check the introduction information and corporate culture of related brands on the Internet. Through the integrity of the company, they can inquire about the relevant information of the company, so that they can understand the formality of the brand and avoid choosing some miscellaneous brands without quality assurance.

②Look at whether the after-sales service is perfect. After-sales service is related to the experience of using the product. The brand of water purifier is different from that of daily consumer goods. Because the core component of the product, the filter element, will be blocked due to filtering some debris in the later use, so The filter element needs to be replaced periodically. Then the maintenance of the replacement service equipment in the later period requires manufacturers and brand merchants to provide a long-term safe and worry-free guarantee.

③ Understand whether the company has independent research and development capabilities. A good water purifier will have its own research and development team. The R&D team will have its own core technology, which cannot be replaced by other companies. Judging the scientific research ability of the company from the details and understanding the development of the company's product culture are also very helpful for choosing the water purifier that you like.

2.Choose the bucket or no bucket properly

how to choose water filter

In fact, RO reverse osmosis water purifiers are divided into buckets and non-buckets. A bucket is suitable for friends who are often at home. You can use it whenever you want. Friends who are not often at home suggest to choose bucketless, because those with buckets often don’t use them. The water will go bad, and the bucketless water purifier is more convenient and practical!

3.choose an energized RO reverse osmosis water purifier

In fact, not all water purifiers need to be energized. For example, ultrafiltration and microfiltration do not need to be energized, but the filtration accuracy is not enough. Some small particles cannot be completely removed. It is best if you want cleaner water. Choose the energized RO reverse osmosis water purifier, you can drink it directly!

The above are some of the core points for us to choose a water purifier. In addition, when we buy and choose a water purifier, we also need to look at the hygiene license, whether it is intelligent, environmentally friendly, whether it has water leakage protection, etc. Through the above indicators, we can basically choose a Desirable water purifier.