does filtered water have minerals

In order to ensure the safety of drinking water, many people choose water purifiers to improve water quality. At present, the water purifier can remove more and more substances like residual chlorine and heavy metals, then some people begin to worry about whether the water purifier filters out all the minerals in the water. Does filtered water have minerals? The answer to this question depends on the filtration technology that your water filtration system uses. Some water filters remove harmful minerals, while others retain beneficial ones. There are two kinds of bestselling water purifiers on the market, reverse osmosis water filters and ultrafiltration water filters. Let's see if the water filtered by these two water purifiers still contains minerals or not.

1. Ultrafilter Filtered Water Have Minerals or Not?-Yes

does ro water contains minerals

The ultrafiltration membrane will retain the original minerals of tap water, but this combination needs to be equipped with PP cotton, and activated carbon. PP cotton can remove rust, silt, and other large particles of impurities. Activated carbon adsorbs the chlorine from tap water, but will not change the hardness of the water. Ultrafiltration membrane water purifier is one of the bestselling water purifiers on the market because it has the characteristics of large water yield, and after filtration, it removes rust, silt, macromolecular organic matter, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances in the water, and retain the minerals and trace elements. Ultrafiltration membrane water purifier only uses tap water pressure. It does not need electricity and produces less wastewater. The accuracy of the ultrafiltration water purifier is not as high as that of reverse osmosis, so mineral trace elements can pass through the ultrafiltration membrane without being filtered out.

2. About Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Filtered Water Has Minerals or Not?-No

Another popular water purifier is a reverse osmosis water purifier, so does reverse osmosis have minerals? The filtration accuracy of a reverse osmosis water purifier can reach about 0.0001 micron, which is a kind of ultra-high precision membrane separation technology. It can filter out almost all impurities in the water, only to let water molecules through. This technology is widely used in pure water, industrial ultrapure water, medicine, and ultrapure water. It can effectively remove the water calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions, radioactive substances, etc.

Apparenrly the answer to does ro water contains minerals is no. There are few minerals in reverse osmosis filtered water. The water filtered out of the reverse osmosis water purifier is pure, so basically, the minerals in the water are filtered out as well. That is to say, an RO water purifier not only eliminates all the harmful pollutants of the human body, but also part of some beneficial minerals are eliminated. Some people worry that RO reverse osmosis water purifier will filter out the minerals in the water, then our body can not get enough minerals, then worry about this issue. You shoule know the minerals contained in the water are very small.

Minerals in the Water Make Little Sense

In fact, water losing some healthy minerals during filtration isn't a problem for us. Let's see the following reasons.

1、We can't actually absorb minerals from water

In fact, only living plants can absorb and use inorganic minerals from the soil. The organic minerals transformed by plants can be absorbed and used by human beings and animals. Almost no one can absorb nutrients from inorganic minerals. So you don't have to think about does filtered water have minerals or not. For example, if the body is deficient in calcium, it should get it from milk or calcium tablets. Minerals that cannot be absorbed after drinking are expelled through organs such as the liver and kidneys. It will put an extra burden on the internal organs. This is also an important cause of some chronic diseases.

does purified water have minerals

2、Water has far fewer minerals than foods

A cup of milk has as much calcium as 1,200 cups of mineral water; a kilo of beef has as much iron as 8,200 cups of mineral water; a cup of orange juice has 500 times more healthy minerals than untreated drinking water.  This suggests that true nutrition depends on food, not water.  Don't just think you should get nutrients in the water.

What we talked above doesn't mean that filtered water like from water filter is bad for you. It tells that you don't need to increase your daily mineral intake by drinking filtered water. So does filtered water have minerals? This is not a good question to discuss. The beneficial minerals in tap water cannot be absorbed by the human body. If you want to get more beneficial minerals, just keep your diet healthy! 

If you still insist that minerals in water are crucial and you want to maintain beneficial minerals while obtaining purified water (filtered through a water purifier), SimPure has the solution for you. We offer two water purifiers specifically equipped with an Alkaline filter. The Alkaline Remineralization filter not only removes harmful pollutants but also reintroduces essential minerals, ensuring a balanced alkaline pH of 7.0 or higher. Click the links below for more detailed information!

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