how to use air purifier
Air purifiers are widely used in many families, which have brought great help to all of us in indoor air purification, so that we can all have a fresh air home living environment. But after purchasing an air purifier, in addition to the quality of the product, use air purifier correctly is also very important. Only in this way can we all have a good user experience and a good purification effect. So how to use air purifier correctly? Next, let's learn how to use air purifier. I will tell you how to use it correctly in this article.

How to use air purifier?-6 steps

The newly bought air purifier is very convenient and simple to use.

how to use air purifiers
Step1.Open the box and insert the power cord into the socket at the bottom of the machine, and seal the plug with the assembled Velcro.

Step2.Disassemble Packaging and tearing off the filter film
In order to protect the filter, manufacturers basically add a layer of film packaging to the filter, so the outer packaging of the filter must be disassembled before starting a new product. In addition, we must read the manual carefully to learn the functions and right ways of using the air purifier.

Step3.Put the air purifier in the rihgt place

Placing the air purifier in the corner is not good for the air circulation,reducing the air switching rate. The best location is of course in the middle of the house, at least 1m away from the wall. Since some purifiers will also produce trace amounts of harmful gases, do not place them too close to the human body, especially products that use electrostatic adsorption to avoid direct contact with children.

Step4.Turn on the power

Turn on the power switch of the air purifier. When the power switch indicator light is on, it means it has been turned on. when you use air purifiers for the first time you should put them at room temperature for half an hour before turning it on. When we buy an air purifier, we must operate it according to its instructions. Then follow the introduction of the key switch on it and start it for a period of time.

Step5.Set the mode you want

Quick purifying mode, when you start to turn on the air purifier, you can use this mode to quickly purify air in the room. AUTO intelligent mode, when the intelligent mode is activated, it will automatically adjust the wind speed according to the quality of the indoor air. This mode is very convenient and fast to use, and does not require any operation. Sleep mode is used for sleeping at night. When we are going to sleep, press the switch of sleep mode to make the machine enter sleep mode, and it will run with less power.

Step6.Adjust the wind speed

If we want to adjust the wind speed of the air purifier, we only need to press the wind speed button to change the wind speed. By repeatedly pressing the wind speed button, we can adjust the wind speed. The general air purifier has three gears, namely low speed, medium speed and extreme speed.

air purifier how to use

How to use an air purifier correctly

1. Use air purifiers according to air pollution

For example, timely use of air purifiers in the case of serious outdoor or indoor environmental pollution can ensure a good purification effect. If the air quality is good, there is no need to turn on the air purifier for a long time. And to ensure the best purifying effect we can use air purifier with a humidifier in summer and winter.

2. Replace the filter regularly

If you find that the purification effect of your air purifier has declined, or you still feel an odor when using the air purifier, you should replace the purifier filter at this time. The air purifier with high-efficiency filtration function can often check the filter replacement indicator. When the signal indicator of the purifier is on, it means that there is a lot of dust inside, and the dust collector needs to be replaced in time. If there is no indicator light, you can turn on the machine to check the pollution of the filter element. If the filter element turns black, replace the filter immediately. When the cleaning signal light of the purifier is on, wipe the dust on the filter net with a dry cloth in time or absorb it with a vacuum cleaner. If it is a bamboo charcoal air purifier, put it in the sun for 3 hours.

3.Use the air purifier safely

After the air purifier is powered on, do not touch the filter directly with your hands to avoid excessive voltage and electric shock injury. When using the electrostatic adsorption air purifier, for the high voltage we should Keep children away from it to avoid electric shock. when using air purifiers with Activated carbon filters and high-efficiency filters we should Keep the air purifier away from fire sources during use like inadvertent inhalation of smokers' cigarette butts to avoid fires.
​​use air purifier
4. If you choose a air purifier with humidification function, or an air purifier with wet purification technology, you should pay attention to not use it in the summer rainy season, sauna days or places with high humidity, otherwise it will greatly reduce the purification effect of the air purifier.

The above is the information about how to use the air purifier, which can help you to use air purifier in a better way after you buy an air purifier now or in the future.So that we can have a better air purification effect and user experience. In order to provide a comfortable, healthy and safe air environment for yourself and your family, it is best for everyone to use air purifier at home. Sometimes It is unavoidable for us to use air purifiers. So How to use the air purifier correctly is more and more important. I hope the above information about how to use air purifiers can help you.

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