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Emergency water purification system can purify and filter the unsafe, or contaminated water into clean, drinkable water in the wild whether you go hiking or camping or in emergency preparedness. If you don't know much about emergency water purification system and which emergency water purification products to choose, just keep reading! 

Why Do You Need Emergency Water Purification Filtration System?

best emergency water purification system

Are you worrying about drinking unclean water will cause diarrhea and vomiting? Sometimes, it's not easy to get safe drinking water when you are hiking,although water looks clean, it can still be full of bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants that can cause vomiting or diarrhea. but emergency water purification filtration system can turns outdoor water into safe drinking water.

Are you still worried about not having anything to hold water when you are hiking? Emergency Hiking water purifcation filtration system can not only remove microorganisms and other impurities but also hold some water after filtration with large capacity.

Do you hate the disgusting smell of outdoor water? In addition to removing harmful contaminants, emergency water filtration systems also remove the bad smell of wate and improve the taste.

So What to Consider When Buying Survival Emergency Water Purification System?

1. The material of the emergency water filtration system must be safe for your body.

Material safety is the most basic requirement for an outdoor water purifier. Outdoor water purifiers need to soak for 24 hours to test, then detect whether there are any harmful substances dissolved from the material in the soaked water. Be sure to ensure the safety of the filter material. It is not convincing to say that the material is food-grade in general.

2. Ensure that the filter of the emergency water purification system works properly.

The role of filter is the key to the external emergency water purifier. Only to achieve a better filtration effect, to ensure the safety and health of water quality. In order to achieve good results, professional inspection must be carried out by the authoritative professional inspection institutions, and through the authoritative third party inspection. Outdoor water filters or purifiers must have a strong ability to filter out microorganisms to ensure effluent safety. Generally, outdoor water purifiers need to be tested separately for common bacteria (Escherichia coli, Legionella, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, cholera, etc.).

3. The manufacturer's quality management system needs to be perfected.

The common point is to check and control the quality of products from raw materials to delivery. Regular enterprises must pass ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Among them, the German TUV is the toughest and relatively authoritative. 

4. The emergency water filtration system should be effective and practical.

When choosing an outdoor emergency water filtration system, we need to know how it filters out harmful substances in the water. In addition, since you will use this filter system in the field, it is required that the filter system is easy to use and easy to carry, otherwise, it will only add a lot of trouble to your journey.

Top 5 Recommended Emergency Water Purification System Products 

Most camping water purification systems mainly use filters to remove particles and microorganisms in the water, but there may be some differences in the way you use them to filter water. You can choose these camping water purifiers according to your preferences and find the one that suits you best.(Click each picture, and you can get the links to top products.

1. Gravity Bag Water Filter | Survival Water Purification 

Gravity Bag Water Filter Purification System

The gravity fed water filter relies on the action of gravity to let the water pass through the filter to remove the particles of impurities and heavy metals in the water. The gravity permeable water bag has a massive quantity and available to filter water for multiple people to drink, it is perfect for you and your friends to use when camping. On top of that, the gravity hydration pack is light enough and it is easy to pack that you can fold it up in your backpack. When you want to use it , hang it on the tree near the tent, so that you can easily access the water to drink. 

2. Water Filter Straw---Best for Emergency Water Purification

Water Filter Purifier Straw

Life filtration straw purifiers are the most common outdoor filtration equipment. They are very portable and can be easily combined with containers to become new filtration systems. It ensures that you can get pure drinking water anytime and anywhere outdoors, and is a good partner for camping, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, traveling, and even emergency preparedness. The use of ultrafiltration membrane, remove heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances, and the use of activated carbon to remove odor, improve taste, from the source to solve the problem of outdoor drinking water safety, for the majority of outdoor sports lovers to provide a complete, healthy outdoor water source.

3. Water Bottle With Filter Combined for Outdoors Purification

Water Bottle With Filter

This water purification system usually consists of a sports water bottle with filter. When you remove the filter from the bottle and turn it into a straw, it becomes a sports water bottle. This bottle with filter straw does not contain any compounds, can be drunk directly from the mouth and has no odor. When you suck the water in the bottle, the unfiltered water is filtered by the filter element and sucked by you. At this time, harmful substances such as bacteria and suspended pollutants in the water have been removed by the filter element, and the water you drink is very safe. With this special water bottle, you only need to fill the bottle with water and then you can enjoy clean water immediately. 

4. UV Light Water Purification Sterilizer Pen for Better Health

UV Light Water Purification Sterilizer Pen

The water purification pen purifier is very small, just like a pen, and can fit in your pocket or bag, making it easy to use. It can kill all kinds of harmful microorganisms and other germs through ultraviolet light in a very short time, so as to achieve purification of water quality. If you want to use it to filter the water, just put it into the unfiltered water and stir it until the lights are off.

5. Pump Water Purifier

Pump Water Purifier

When using it, you need to immerse the water inlet of the pump-type outdoor water purifier into the water to be purified, push the piston repeatedly with your hands, and then the unfiltered water will be pumped into the water purifier. Under the pressure of pressure, the water will pass through the filter element of the water purifier, and the harmful substances such as bacteria and suspended pollutants in the water will be removed, and the pure water that can be directly drunk will flow out of the water outlet continuously.

These top 5 water filters are the best products of survival emergency water purification, which can ensure your water quality in the wild. If you want to get more water filtration solutions, subscribe to Simpure and always keep an eye on our updates!