do air purifiers help with smell

At present, many people are very concerned about indoor air quality and want to know do air purifiers help with smell. In our daily life, we are often troubled by the faint smell emitted indoors. Especially now that it is summer, pet odor, smoke smell, and damp musty smell will affect the quality of our life. In this case, let's take a look at whether the air purifier can help with the odor smell.

Do Air Purifiers Help with Smell? | 5 Types of the Bad Indoor Smells

When it comes to whether air purifiers can help with the odor or smell in the home, we have to admit that there are too many types of bad smells in the home. So here we divide into five different types of bad smells to see if the air purifier can help with them or not!

1. Do Air Purifiers Help with Pet Animal Smell Odor?

do air purifiers help with pet odor

The terrible odor in our room is mostly brought by the pet, that is, the smell brought by the hundreds of millions of bacteria and viruses carried by the pet in the air. These bacteria and viruses are invisible to the naked eye. When we do not deal with it in time, the probability of germic infection disease will greatly increase. In fact, it is also very simple to remove the odor, just using an air purifier with a deodorization function.

  • Will an Air Purifier Help with Cat Litter Box Smell?

Many friends who own cats say that cat urine is smelly. And there is a bad smell at home with cats, which is related to whether the cat litter box is cleaned up in time, the cat's stomach is not good. It's summer, and there will be all kinds of strong cat smells, and the sour smell of cat feces will come very strongly! However, these indoor odors can be purified with an air purifier. It should be noted that an air purifier with HEPA filter and activated carbon filter element can effectively help with the cat litter box smell.

  • Do Air Purifiers Help with Dog Smell?

Will air purifier help with dog smell? Yes, air purifiers can remove dog odor. The main reason for the smell of dogs in the home is that the smell comes from the dog itself. The reason why the air purifier can remove odors is that the air purifier uses an activated carbon filter. The delicate internal structure of this filter can effectively absorb gaseous pollutants in the air and eliminate odors. Now, most air purifiers can eliminate odors, because of the basic use of activated carbon filters, some also have negative ion purification functions, and can actively sterilize the air.

2. Will an Air Purifier Help with Smoke Smell?

do air purifiers help with smoke smell

Of course, an air purifier can help with smoke smell. The general air purifier has several stages of filtration technology, like the pre-filter used to filter the larger particles in the air; Then there are basically HEPA particle filters, which can effectively filter dust and bacteria with a diameter of 0.3 microns; and perhaps an activated carbon filter with a high iodine value can effectively clean air odors such as second-hand smoke. Even if there is smoke in the indoor environment such as the car and the living room, the air purifier can easily dissolve it. For more info, you can click our blog will an air purifier help with cigarette smoke smell.

3. Do Air Purifiers Help with Cooking Odors Smell?

do air purifiers help with cooking odors

Do air purifiers help with cooking odors? Air purifiers can not completely remove the smell of oil smoke, if you like, you can also place an air purifier in the kitchen door, which can make the indoor air quality better. Of course, there are also some series of deodorizing filters on the market, which can reduce the problem of oil smoke smell in other rooms except the kitchen. If it is to solve the problem of oil smoke in the home, it is recommended to purchase a special oil fume purifier. It is a kitchen fume waste gas treatment device, that is, a fume purifier, using high-pressure static electricity to ionize and adsorb the fume gas to achieve an efficient fume purification effect.

4. Will an Air Purifier Help with Musty Basement Smell?

will an air purifier help with musty smell

When there is a musty smell in the basement, it means that there is moisture in the room, and the air purifier can effectively reduce the musty smell. When the room is too damp, it can lead to mold on the furniture. Inhaling too much of this air is not good for the body. Will an air purifier help with basement smell? Yes, the air purifier has a lot of filter layers, adsorbing bacteria, mold, and air suspension in the room, etc., It can also absorb formaldehyde and benzene. Keeping the air clean is good for our health. But the problem is that the source of the mold cannot be removed, or the problem cannot be completely solved. Therefore, you should still disinfect the room thoroughly. At the same time, some small green plants can be placed in the room, which can purify the air and increase the indoor oxygen content. Placing some activated carbon ornaments can effectively adsorb pollutants in the indoor air, remove the musty smell indoors, and eliminate the appearance of musty smell in the room.

5. Do Air Purifiers Make Your House Smell Better?

will an air purifier help with smells

The air purifier can remove odors that volatilize into the air and make the air smell more comfortable. However, it is not possible to remove the odors of volatile sources such as furniture floors. Air purifiers can adsorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants (generally including decoration pollution such as PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.), and effectively improve air cleanliness. Air purifiers can remove odors. These odors may come from smoke, pet dander, or products of VOCs and environmental reactions. In short, these odors are transmitted in the air by PM2.5 or UFPs. Therefore, an air purifier with strong purification ability and equipped with HEPA filters above the H12 level can definitely remove the odor like the HP8 air purifier for pet odor.

What Else Methods to Make Your House Smell Better?

do air purifiers help with smell

1. Open the Windows for Ventilation After 9:00 a.m to Make the Home Smell Better.

As we all know, after nine o'clock every morning, as the sun slowly rises, the pollutants in the air slowly fade under the illumination of the sun. So it is not right for everyone to open the window every morning when they get up together because between six and seven o'clock in the morning, there are many suspended particles in the air. If you open the window in the morning, it will definitely affect the indoor air, so you must open the window after nine o'clock to ventilate.

2. Plant Flowers in the Living Room or Balcony to Help with the Smell in the House

The purpose of planting flowers is simple, that is, to purify our air. Flowers photosynthesize during the day, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and then releasing oxygen. This allows us to absorb enough oxygen indoors. In addition, planting flowers can purify the air and absorb particles in the air, just like the trees on the side of the road, so it is necessary to raise flowers in the living room and balcony of the home to provide ample oxygen and fresh air for everyone.

In conclusion, the answer to the question of do air purifier help with smell is yes. When an air purifier is equipped with the HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, it can effectively help with the bad smells in your home. So when purchasing the air purifier, you should pick up this kind of air purifier.