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According to our customers a lot of them wondering what is a medical-grade air purifier. Is this kind of air purifier just the same as a medical air purifier? What is the difference between this medical-grade air purifier and our ordinary household purifier? First, we should know that medical-grade air purifiers are different from medical air purifiers. Generally speaking, medical air purifiers are air purifiers that can be used in hospitals and clinics. The medical grade air purifier you often hear now comes from the quality of its hepa filter element.We generally believe that medical grade air purifier has a hepa filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particles larger than 0.3 microns in diameter, and its filtration effect is close to that of medical air purifiers.

what's medical air purifier

What is a medical purifier?

Medical air purifier refers to a medical anti-epidemic air purifier that can be used in the medical system.The medical air purifier achieve the effect of keeping the air in the space clean by using air filtration system to continuously purify the air in the external space through the air inlet, air filter, and then blow the clear air back into the room.Clean screen air outlet cleanliness can reach class 100. It is an anti-epidemic medical air purifier which can be used in the medical system.
The medical-grade HEPA filter material is made into a filter element and installed in the purifier. During the operation of the purifier, due to its own sealing, the matching of the wind system and the filter system, and the quality of the filters in front of the HEPA filter, etc. The actual purification efficiency of the purifier will definitely be lower than the 99.97% purification efficiency of the HEPA filter material itself. The same HEPA filter is installed in different purifiers and its effect is completely different. .This is the essential difference between high-end purifiers and low-end purifiers. The actual purification efficiency of the purifier is true and reliable solely based on the test results of the Commodity Quality Control Agency. In addition, when using the purifier, the purification efficiency of its filter material will gradually decrease as the use time increases.

The detection of medical-grade air purifiers indicators

Regardless of the purification mechanism, measuring the purification effect is inseparable from the following indicators:
Sterilization and disinfection effect: In addition to filtering particulate impurities like ordinary air purifiers, it should also be able to remove influenza viruses, allergens, etc.
Cleanliness level: The cleanliness level of suspended particles in the air should be as high as that of medical air purifiers.
Purification effect: The CADR (clean air output rate) purification effect is very superior, even for allergy patients or patients with respiratory diseases.
Service life: CCM (cumulative air purification capacity)
Whether there are side effects: To meet the medical-grade standard, the safety of the product must be guaranteed, we need to determine whether the product will produce chemically harmful substances, ozone, secondary pollution, etc.
For these indicators, the country has independent third-party testing institutes, some for single item testing, some for comprehensive testing, but all professional manufacturers will take the initiative to send products to these institutions for testing, and clearly display relevant reports and results. For example, the AIRMID influenza virus test is a great reference agency testing standard. As a biomedical research organization, AIRMID focuses on aerobiology and mainly studies how to prevent the harm caused by indoor air pollutants exposure. Continued focus on the relationship between airborne air pollutants and surface biological pollutants (viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens) and the transmission of health conditions in indoor environments. In addition, there is a certificate of compliance from the Asthma and Anti-Allergen Association of America, which is only awarded to air purification products that have been scientifically tested to reduce allergens. The association uses strict criteria to identify excellent air purification products for asthma and allergy sufferers.

what is a medical grade air purifier

Difference between medical-grade air purifiers and normal air purifiers

Normal air purifiers are just fans and filters, which will impact PM 2.5. And medical grade air purifiers can be used to remove infectious and natural bacteria.

The medical grade air purifier adopts semiconductor disinfection and purification technology, built-in double-layer filter, double-layer semiconductor ionizationdevice. It designed with high intensity photocatalytic generator and high power fan. It also has intelligent microcomputer control , Automatically detect air quality, realize automatic switch, energy saving and environmental protection.

Medical grade air purifier can not only remove 100 kinds of formaldehyde and TVOC in PM 2.5, but also remove 90% of other harmful substances. In addition, in terms of bactericidal performance, the killing rate of natural bacteria is 99.99%, which is It can almost kill the bacteria and viruses used, and directly kill the bacterial spores without causing secondary pollution.

Through the above introduction, we can understand that the medical-grade air purifier is actually a professional air purifier with high disinfection and purification effect, which can achieve complete air purification. As a medical-grade air purifier, it needs to solve PM2.5 and all pollutants in the air that are very harmful to our body.These mainly includes ultrafine particles, bacteria and viruses.Air purifier that can remove these harmful pollutants is the one that truly guarantee our breathing safety.

What medical grade air purifiers bring?

Only air purifiers with HEPA filter grades that reach H13 can be called medical grades like our MSA3S dust air purifier. At present, there are relatively few purifiers that reach medical grades on the market. Medical-grade air purifiers remove particles that are much smaller than ordinary purifiers. Ordinary air purifiers may remove PM2.5, while medical-grade air purifiers target 0.3 particles that are much smaller than 2.5. The purification effect is much better than that of ordinary air purifiers.Medical grade air purifiers, the negative air ions made by it generated have a strong inhibiting effect on microorganisms in the air, which makes the virus loses its ability to attack cells, thus playing the role of killing bacteria and purifying the air. If you're air-sensitive, get a medical-grade air purifier can do a lot for your health.

medical grade air purifier