how to choose a lightweight water filter

In recent decades, more and more people tend to take part in outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking. Drinking water is quit important for anyone who likes outdoor activities. The lightweight water purifier can ensure clean and pure outdoor drink water, it can purify water anytime and anywhere outdoors. In this article, you will know the different types of lightweight water purifier and how to choose one for your needs.

What is a Lightweight Water Purifier?

A lightweight water system is a portable water purification product that can directly filter fresh water containing harmful bacteria and odors such as outdoor river water, stream water, and spring water into direct drinking water.

The "lightweight"  means the small size, light, portable water filter. You can bring it in your pocket or backpack. It helps you in any outdoor activities situations.

lightweight water purifier

How does a Lightweight Water Purifier Work while Camping or Hiking?

There are servals types of the lightweight water filtration system:

  • Bottle(squeeze) water filter
  • Pump water filter
  • Direct suction (water straw)
  • Gravity water filter

All of these water filtration systems directly filter water source through the installation and combination of different filter elements.

Differing from ordinary water filtration, the lightweight water filtration system can filter out viruses and bacteria except for impurities. On the market, the lightweight water filter has at least 3 stage filtration, which can remove most bacteria, dust, polluant in water.

Most lightweight water purifier contain PP cotton (polypropylene spray-melt filter element), granular activated carbon, compressed activated carbon rods, tourmaline power stones, nano-ceramics, etc. The filtering effect and principle are basically the same as those of household water purification system. We offten call the lightweight water filter system as a mini version of the household water purifier. It is perfect for camping, hiking adventure, rural tourism, fishing, etc.

How to a Choose Lightweight Water Purifier for Outdoor Adventure?


Similar to a filter 
but you have
to squeeze the water bag to get the water through the filter. Equipped with a water straw to suck at the water source

Need to Hang water
Bag(3-6L). Take 
advantage of the gravity to push 
the water through
 the filter.

Equipped with a UF 
filter that allows 
water to be sucked 
from the source.

Easy to use

Yes Yes Yes


3.2 ounces

3.2-3.8 ounces Depend on

2 ounces






-best lightweight 
water purifier
-immediate filter
-filter tiny 
-large capacity
 of water bag
(3-6L Option)
-no need to stress
the water bag
lightful, and easy to
bring on
-immediate filter
-filter tiny 
Need to squeeze 
the water bag 
before drinking

Sometimes difficult 
to find a place to 
hang it

Obligation to drink
 at the source, 
not practical

Example Squeeze water filter system lightweight water filter

There are other types of lightweight water filter, such as Pump water filter, bottle water filter 

Pump Water Filter

You use it to pump the water source through the filter,place a water bottle or squeeze water bag at the other outlet to stock the water. You can take advantage of the bottle to stock water, but with hand control, it will be tied and less effective than other lightweight water purifiers.

lightweight water filtration system

Water Bottle with Filter Straw

Combine with a water bottle and filter straw, the 4~5 stage filter with the gravity and squeeze water filter system. It takes someplace in our backpack, and when we drink the water, we need to aspire.

According to the above information, the key to choose a lightweight water filter depends on your needs.

Depend on: Quality of Outdoor Water Source

If you only filter the tap water outdoors, which is generally clear, you don't need a filter system for particles.

If you plan to filter the water from the river,lakes or well which is sometimes not clear, you will probably need a water filter system to remove the particles.

Choosing at least 3 stages lightweight water filter, and if you want to drink pure and clean water, use 0.1 micron filter, because this filter has the capacity to remove bacteris, virus, chemical pollutants, and other particles.

Depend on: How Many People Take Part in the Traveling

If just yourself or 2 people are camping, choose the squeeze water filter, lightweight and portal to bring on your pocket or backpack, and stock normally 300-600ML water with squeeze bag.

If a group of people takespart inhiking, the gravity water filter system could meet the water needs, because it can filter 3-6L water at one time.

Finally, when you decide to buy a lightweight water filtration system, the above information will help you figure out the best one.