how often to change water filters
As the standard of living improves, coupled with severe water pollution, many families will choose to install water filters to drink healthy and safe water.Filter element is the soul of water purifier, for its interception of impurities and harmful bacteria in water. But many families often forget to replace the filter element or do not know how often to replace water filters. The filter element is consumable and needs to be replaced at regular intervals. In different forms of the filter element, because of the different filtration principles, the use of time is not the same.

    Why should I replace water filters?

    “The filter element does not look dirty, but there are many hidden impurities!”

    In the replacement of the filter element, many people see the removed color of the filter element is not deep, and feel that this filter element does not need to be replaced.

    The color depth of the filter can only directly reflect the concentration level of particulate matter impurities in the water, such as the high concentration of impurities in the water, sediment, rust, and other content, the filter element will present earth yellow, dark brown and so on.

    But the unfiltered raw water has the visible sediment, rust, debris, eggs, etc., and there are also invisible all sorts of bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, heavy metals, and other substances, those who can't see very tiny bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc., They were to intercept, but they did not disappear, and they will adhere to the core wall. Over time, these accumulated impurities are a potential source of secondary pollution. So, the filter element used for a long time but still looks not dirty is not really "clean".

    How to know If I should change the water filters?

    1. PP cotton filter element has been black, or the water purifier panel shows that the life of the filter element has been used up.
    1. Under the same conditions (such as the water pressure and the water temperature are the same), the water flow of the water purifier is very small, much smaller than the normal water, which can not meet the normal needs, indicating that the service life of the filter element has reached, the filter element has been blocked, and it is necessary to check and replace the PP cotton or RO membrane filter element.
    1. The taste of the water is close to that of tap water, that is, the chlorine taste of tap water cannot be removed, indicating that the activated carbon filter element has been saturated and the activated carbon fails, and the activated carbon filter element needs to be replaced in time;
    replace the water filters
      1. Smelly water: In cases of high contamination, drinking water is likely to find an unpleasant odor. This indication will indicate that your filter is in urgent need of replacement. So trust your taste buds when you feel a problem. The water may taste worse because of harmful pollutants. Algal blooms make the water musky.
      1. Water becomes less transparent: A glass of clean water, if held over a light source, becomes transparent. If the water contains iron, it will cause red discoloration. The gray color indicates the presence of dust. If the water is cloudy and has swirls, don't drink it. It may seem harmless, but it contains high levels of contaminants.

      How often to change water filters for different types?

      The replacement cycle of different types of filter elements is different. All levels of filter function and role is also different. Here we take a look at the replacement cycle of these common filter elements. 

      • The 5-micron PP cotton filter element can effectively remove all kinds of particle impurities in the filtered liquid. Multi-layer deep structure, the large amount of pollution; Large filtration flow, small pressure difference; Does not contain any chemical adhesive, more sanitary and safe; Acid, alkali, organic solution, oil, good chemical stability; Set surface, deep, coarse and fine filter as one; It has the characteristics of large flow, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, and low cost. To block the water rust, silt, eggs, and other large particles. Replace it every 2-3 months.
      • The granular activated carbon filter (UDF) effectively removes pesticides, pesticide residues, organic solvents, and other industrial chemical pollution by combining adsorption, filtration, and catalysis. Also It can effectively remove organic matter in water, residual chlorine, and other radioactive substances, and have decolorization, to taste the effect. The general term of use is 3-6 months.
      • Solar energy Uses sintered activated carbon (CTO) as a filter element (some manufacturers use PP cotton as a filter element) to absorb heterochromia, odor, and residual chlorine in the water deeply, and filter out subtle impurities. It is used for the third stage in the water purifier, and also plays a role in protecting the main filter element of the water purifier. The service life is generally 6-12 months.
      replace the water filters
      • According to a RO membrane, the pore size RO membrane is only 0.0001 micron, so a bacterium has to be reduced 4,000 times, and infectious diseases have to be reduced more than 200 times to pass through. Therefore, all the fine impurities, soluble solids, bacteria, and viruses in the water cannot penetrate the high-precision RO membrane. The water is separated from other impurities and pollutants, and the harmful substances are discharged automatically from the concentrated water, and the pure water is put into the pressure barrel for reserve. Replace it every 1-2 years.
      • A rear activated carbon filter  further removes odor, residual chlorine, and bacteria inhibition, preventing secondary pollution of purified water, making drinking water healthier and safer, leaving water clear, pure, pleasant, and refreshing. After the activated carbon filter element (T33) as the last process of a pure water machine, can further absorb the heterochromatic odor of water, increase the oxygen content of purified water, and mainly improve the taste of water. Especially for the pure water machine using a pressure water storage bucket, the post activated carbon is recommended to use silver activated carbon filter material, which can effectively absorb the odor generated by the water storage bucket and can sterilize and inhibit bacteria to ensure the safety of drinking water. The recommended service life of one year.

      In short, the water purification technology is different, so the filtration process and filter element have different functional characteristics and service life, the actual service life of the filter element of the water purifier depends on the local water quality and the frequency and amount of use, and frequent washing is conducive to extending the service life of the filter element of the water purifier.

      In addition, different areas of different water quality will also have different times, in short, consumers need to combine the local actual environment under the guidance of businesses, and replace it on time, to ensure healthy drinking water. The water purifier is related to the health of yourself and your family. You would rather replace the filter element more frequently than overload and super time use, which will make the water pollution more serious. Of course, when buying a water purifier, or saying hello to the filter replacement time, it is best to choose the filter can be a general brand, to avoid the future can not find after-sales service personnel and can not replace the filter, at this time other types of filter can also be installed on the use.


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