what water filters remove fluoride

Nowadays Excessive fluoride in drinking water is a problem that most people are very concerned about. As water pollution continues to intensify, we often see news about groundwater fluoride exceeding the standard. A small amount of fluoride do not pose a threat to human health, but long-term excessive intake of fluoride can cause chronic poisoning in the body. Dental fluorosis can easily occur when fluoride accumulates in teeth and bones. As household water filters have become a necessity of daily life. We can remove fluoride by using fluoride water filters, but not all types of water filters can remove fluoride from water. In daily drinking water, we need to figure out which water filters remove fluoride.

Do water filters remove flouride?

Yes,water filters can definitely remove Flouride,but General water filter equipment is difficult to remove fluoride, only RO reverse osmosis membrane technology can do this, So water filters like RO reverse osmosis water filter can remove fluoride, because the diameter of fluoride ion is 0.26nm.The diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is 0.1nm, which can filter out the fluoride.

Fluoride Water Filter-What water filters remove fluoride?

Water filters are generally divided into five types, including pre-filters, water softeners, ultrafiltration water filters, nanofiltration water filters and reverse osmosis water filters. Let us analyze in detail whether these water filters can remove fluoride and what is a fluoride water filter.
which water filters remove fluoride
1. Pre-filter. The pre-filter is the nemesis of the secondary pollution of the water supply network, which restores the water quality to the factory standard of tap water. It is a reliable sediment filter which is the first water filtration process in the whole house. This kind of filter is generally used in areas with poor water quality. Since the tap water will be mixed with impurities such as rust, sediment and algae during the pipeline transportation, installing the pre-filter near the water meter can effectively filter out these large particles in the water. substance. The pre-filter has a limited function of purifying water. It can only remove large particles of impurities in the water, but cannot remove fluorine and microorganisms such as bacteria in water.

2. Water softener. Water softeners are usually used to remove calcium and magnesium ions in tap water and reduce the generation of scale with ion exchange technology. The water softener can remove the water and alkali in the water and reduce the hardness of the water to achieve the purpose of softening the water. However, the water softener can only play a role in reducing the hardness of tap water, and cannot remove harmful substances in the water. Therefore, the water softener can only improve the hardness of water, but cannot remove fluorine.

3. Ultrafiltration water filter. The purification accuracy of the ultrafiltration water filter is 0.01 microns. This water purification equipment can remove colloidal particles, sediment, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter, etc. in the water, but cannot remove heavy metal ions and fluorine. Ultrafiltration water purifiers cannot filter fluorine, and only ultrafiltration water purifiers with a functional filter element for removing fluoride can remove fluoride ions from water.

4. Let's talk about the nanofiltration water filter. The purification accuracy of this water filter is 0.001 microns, which is between the ultrafiltration water filter and the reverse osmosis water filter. Nanofiltration water filters can remove toxic heavy metals from water to soften the water, and remove toxic and other organic compounds from water as well. More importantly,Nanofiltration membrane can remove fluoride in water, so nanofiltration water filter is a kind of  fluoride water filter which has the effect of removing fluoride.

5. The reverse osmosis water filter has the highest precision among all water purification equipment. It is also called a pure water machine, and the purification accuracy reaches 0.0001 microns. The reverse osmosis water filter can filter out almost all inorganic salts, organic matter, bacteria and viruses in the water. Therefore, the ability of the reverse osmosis water filter to remove fluoride is beyond doubt and is the fluoride water filter as well, and the water treated by the reverse osmosis water purifier can be directly consumed.

water filters remove fluoride
At present, there are relatively few types of fluoride water filters that can remove fluoride, mainly including nanofiltration water filters and reverse osmosis water filters. If you want to achieve the best defluorination effect, it is recommended to buy an RO water purifier. Its filtration accuracy is enough to filter most harmful substances, and the taste of the water is better. The simpure water filter uses RO reverse osmosis technology to effectively remove excess fluoride and fluoride from water. Buying a household water filter can solve the problem of fluorine in drinking water.

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