run air purifier 24 hours

Can you run air purifier 24 hours?

Autumn is coming,dry air and insufficient humidity,dust particles in the air are not easy to condense.Prone to bacterial growth,so in autumn indoor air pollution is getting worse.Conventional ventilation has been difficult to achieve the effect of purifying the air.

So many families have bought air purifiers,the air quality is guaranteed.But the problem also followed,some people say that air purifiers need turn on for 24 hours to have the intended effect,although this will increase power consumption.How to use it effectively and save energy?Let's take a look.

can you run air purifier 24 hours

Working principle of air purifier

At present, there are two main sources of air pollution: formaldehyde from home improvement and outdoor smog.Smog is a solid pollutant, while formaldehyde is a gaseous pollutant.

The air purifier continuously inhales air, filters solid pollutants through a filter, adsorbs gaseous pollutants, and then releases clean air, which continuously repeats the cycle. In general air purifier for home large room, there are standard filters and activated carbon, which are effective in absorbing smog and formaldehyde.

Working hours of air purifiers

To achieve the effect of purifying the air,at the same time, it can save energy and increase efficiency.Then the opening time of the air purifier.Need to be adjusted according to different scenarios.

Turn on all day

Severe haze weather, newly renovated house

If it is a heavy haze or newly renovated house, it is recommended to open it all day. At this time, the indoor air quality is relatively poor. On the one hand, PM2.5 will be relatively high, and newly renovated houses will continue to volatilize formaldehyde. Turning on can ensure a relatively good indoor environment.

Turn on when you get home

Regular weather

 If the weather is not so bad, you can turn on the automatic gear after returning home and let the air purifier run adaptively according to the indoor situation to ensure that the indoor air quickly reaches a level suitable for living.

Sleep mode on

Before going to bed

Before going to bed, if it's an air purifier for bedroom, you can turn on the sleep mode. On the one hand, the low noise will not affect the rest, and the indoor air circulation and cleanliness are improved.

Air purifier power saving tricks

 Tip 1: placement

Generally, there are more harmful substances and dust in the lower part of the home, so the air purifier can be better when placed in a lower position, but if there are people who smoke in the home, it can be raised appropriately.

 Meanwhile the air purifier is designed to filter the air and absorb the harmful substances in the air, so it is suitable to be placed in a room where people gather, such as the living room. For the relatively large-scale purifier, it is not suitable to be placed in the aisle, which not only hinders people. , It also seems to have a small space.

 In addition, the air purifier must not be placed close to the wall. The surrounding area of ​​the purifier must be ventilated. It must be kept a little distance from the wall, so as to keep the purifier working smoothly. It is also best not to place fragile and fragile surroundings Explosive items.

Tip 2: close doors and windows

 Air purifiers are designed for use in relatively closed environments. Closing doors and windows can effectively prevent outdoor pollutants from entering the room, thereby maintaining excellent indoor air quality.

Tip 3: use the maximum air volume gear skillfully

The purification performance of the air purifier under the maximum windshield is the best, but it is also the most energy-consuming. When you first enter the room, you can turn on the maximum windshield of the air purifier and keep it for 30-60 minutes, so that the pollutants in the indoor air will drop rapidly and reach a good level. Then turn on the small and medium level of the air purifier to maintain the indoor air quality.

Tip 4: Replace the filter regularly

The filter is the core of the air purifier. As the filter element absorbs a large amount of pollutants in the air, the efficiency of the filter gradually decreases. Timely and regular replacement of the filter can maintain the purification efficiency of the air purifier, thereby achieving energy saving Purpose.