leave an air purifier on all day

Nowadays, many families have started to use air purifiers in order to solve the harmful substances in the indoor air. Many people will have such questions when using air purifiers: can you run air purifier 24 hours?Can i leave an air purifier on all day? Today SimPure will tell you if you can leave an air purifier on all day.In the process of purchasing air purifiers, many people will choose according to their own needs, such as the overall purification area of the product, the four parameters of the product, and the use time of the air purifier is actually related to its own purification strength. According to international standards, a qualified air purifier product can purify the indoor environment at least five times per hour. If calculated according to international standards, it can purify the indoor environment 25 times every five hours. Perform 120 purifications. According to the service life of most air purifier products on the market, most products have a service life of 3,000 hours, and the use period is about one year. Therefore, considering the cost, it is not recommended to leave an air purifier on all day or run the air purifier 24 hours a day.

can you run air purifier 24 hours

Is it safe to leave air purifier on all day?The disadvantages of running an air purifier 24 hours a day

1. If it is an air purifier with a filter screen, if it is continuously turned on for 24 hours, the problems that may be faced are: the filter screen will reach saturation in a short period of time, and the filter screen will be saturated and cannot be replaced in time, resulting in secondary air pollution. The derived pollution will diffuse into the air in large quantities, which will cause the indoor carbon dioxide concentration to be too high; the service life of the filter screen in the air purifier will gradually decrease. Once the service life of the filter screen has expired, it needs to be replaced.Besides running an air purifier all day The power consumption of the home will inevitably increase, and the electricity bill will be huge. This will undoubtedly increase the cost of using air purifier.

2. Some air purifiers have the function of releasing ozone and increasing humidity. Special attention should be paid to this. Running air purifier 24 hours a day will cause the indoor ozone concentration to exceed the standard, and the head of the humidifier is easy to breed bacteria. So such a purifier is not recommended to leave an air purifier on all day or run air purifier 24 hours. Whether ozone is produced can be identified by checking whether there is any odor at the air outlet after running it for a period of time.

Exception-when should you run air purifier all day

Severe haze weather, newly renovated house

If it is a heavy haze or newly renovated house, it is recommended to run air purifier all day. At this time, the indoor air quality is relatively poor. On the one hand, PM2.5 will be relatively high, and newly renovated houses will continue to volatilize formaldehyde.Leaving the air purifier on 24 hours can ensure a relatively good indoor environment.

In conclusion, if there is no one at home during the day, then it can be set to the off state,there is no need to leave it on all day. When there is someone at home like during night, the air purifier can be turned on for a longer time. To improve the ventilation, reduce the number of times the air purifier is turned on, and reduce the frequency of using the filter, so that the air purifier can be used more rationally, and it is also better for the health of yourself and your family.

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