Digital Electronic Water PH Level balance Meter Tester Pen Reader Measurement For Water

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  • Temperature Compensation, High Definition Display
  • Sensitive digital water PH measurement, Electrode accurate water PH reader


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Specswater ph meter
ModelPH Meter 
Accuracy± 2%
Conductivity0 - 9999µs/cm
Fahrenheit32.0 - 176.0°F
Battery1*3.0V (CR2032) (built-in)
Degrees Celsius0.1 - 80.0°C
FeaturesDigital, Humidity, Non-Invasive, Temperature
ph meter for water
ph water tester

Why do we need a digital PH meter test pen?

Tap water and drinking water are indispensable sources of water in our lives. The pH of water has a great impact on human health. So we need to understand the pH balance of the drinking water with the ph water tester.

Temperature Compensation, High Definition Display

The ph meter for water has automatic temperature compensation in test mode, which reduces measurement error, high-definition display, simple and convenient, and fast data reading.

Water PH Tester Provides you a healthy life

The PH range of normal human drinking water is: PH =6.5-8.5, no matter the baby or the elderly,the water with PH <8.5 is safe under normalcircumstances. This water ph tester is affordable and useful for those who need a PH tester for household and laboratory use. The digital ph tester is not only ideal for household or laboratory use. Also suitable for testing pH balance of drinking water, pool, aquarium, food Project, RO system, Spa, or hydroponics. The mini size water ph meter design allows you to put it in your pocket, so you can take measurements anytime, anywhere. The digital ph meter can help you test it whether you take it to the pool, on a trip, to the beach or camping.

digital ph meter
water ph tester

Sensitive Digital PH meter measurement, Electrode accurate water PH reader

The ph meter for water with Glass ball electrode sensor, sensitive, accurate reading, a glass electrode is relatively fragile, do not touch directly by hand or other objects. Automatic Calibration Unique DesignTwo-point automatic calibration (PH4.00, PH6.86), fast calibration, more accurate data, simple and convenient operation, non-slip design, compact, and easy to carry. A hook on the back of the water ph meter is designed to save you effort. Dual-Channel Computer ChipAdopting dual-channel computer chip, low-power micro-intelligent controller integrated board for fine soldering, stable quality, long-lasting durability.

What else about the ph meter?

digital ph tester
water ph meter

Frequently Asked About the Water ph Tester

Digital ph water tester include:
1 * pH Meter
1 * Carry case
1 * Calibration screwdriver
2 * pH buffer powder (for calibration)
1 * User manual

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