Digital PH Meter
Digital PH Meter
Digital PH Meter
Digital PH Meter
Digital PH Meter

Digital PH Meter

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1 * pH Meter
1 * Carry case
1 * Calibration screwdriver
2 * pH buffer powder (for calibration)
1 * User manual
Why do we need a PH test pen?
Tap water and drinking water are indispensable sources of water in our lives. The pH of water has a great impact on human health. So we need to understand the pH of the drinking water.
Measuring range: pH 0.0-14.0
Resolution: 0.1
ATC Function: 0-50℃ (32~122℉)
Environment: RH95%, 0-50℃(32~122℉)
Battery: 3 x 1.5 V AG13
N.W.: 1.8 oz
Size: 5.9”*1.2”*0.8”

Temperature Compensation, High Definition Display
The meter has automatic temperature compensation in test mode, which greatly reduces measurement error, high-definition display, simple and convenient, and fast data reading.

Sensitive Reaction Electrode

Glass ball electrode sensor, sensitive, accurate reading, a glass electrode is relatively fragile, do not touch directly by hand or other objects.

Automatic Calibration Unique Design
Two-point automatic calibration (PH4.00, PH6.86), fast calibration, more accurate data, simple and convenient operation, non-slip design, compact, and easy to carry. A hook on the back is designed to save you effort.

Dual-Channel Computer Chip

Adopting dual-channel computer chip, low-power micro-intelligent controller integrated board for fine soldering, stable quality, long-lasting durability.