Membrane Solutions RV Water Filter, Inline Water Filter for RV, Campers, Marine, Boats and Garden

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  • GAC And KDF 4-Stage High-Efficiency Filtration
  • Food-Grade, BPA-Free Premium Materials
  • Long-Lasting Service Life, Up To 3-6 Months
  • Easy DIY Installation, No Tools Required
  • Wide Range of Applications
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    Membrane Solutions RV Water Filter, Inline Water Filter for RV, Campers, Marine, Boats and Garden
    $25.99 USD

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    Efficient Filtration: Membrane Solutions 4 Stage RV Water Filter System

    • Pre-filtration: Removes sediment, rust,and other large particles from water.
    • Kinetic Degradation Fluxion(KDF) filtration layer: Removes chlorine, heavy metals andother contaminants from water.
    • Advanced filtration layer: Removes lead, fluoride and more.
    • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filtration layer: Removes tastes and odors from water

    Membrane Solutions RV Water Filter combines GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filtration technologies, effectively removing residual chlorine, odors, tastes, and sediment from water. Independently tested and validated, it removes up to 99% of residual chlorine, enhancing water odor and taste. A must-have outdoor RV accessory for campers.

    Crack-Resistant & Long-Lasting Design: RV Water Filter with Premium Materials 

    The housing of Membrane Solutions RV water filter is made from food-grade plastic, ensuring high strength and durability, preventing any potential cracking. It's lead-free certified, free from bisphenol A (BPA), ensuring water safety and no adverse health effects.
    This Best RV Inline Water Filter designed for long-lasting durability, this inline RV water filter can be used throughout the entire camping season, lasting up to three months. This means you can enjoy clean, safe, and refreshing drinking water without the need for frequent filter replacements.

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    Easy Install: No-Tool Camper Water Filter Setup

    Installing this RV water hose filter is incredibly simple, requiring no tools. Just connect the inlet hose to the filter based on the water flow direction, then connect the outlet hose to your RV, boat, or water source to enjoy filtered clean water hassle-free.

    Versatile RV Water Filter: Wide Applications, Safe Drinking Water

    This versatile camper in line water filter has a wide range of applications. It can easily connect to any standard garden hose or water pipe, providing safe drinking water. Whether used for RVs, boats, camping, gardening, agriculture, pet care, household chores, pool maintenance, or car washing, this RV water filter meets various needs.

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    Frequently Asked About Membrane Solutions Inline RV Water Filter for Camper 

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