uv air purifier
if you know nothing about uv air purifier and what does uv light do in air purifier,you gonna read the most useful information in the next few minutes.UV is short for ultraviolet! Ultraviolet is a light wave that can't be seen by naked eyes. UV air purifier is a device that uses UV beam to irradiate malodorous gas and crack the malodorous gas.UV rays in nature are mainly emitted by the sun, and are divided into three wavebands: UVA, UVB, and UVC according to different wavelengths;The UVA and UVB that are not absorbed by the ozone layer will irradiate the surface of the earth and cause damage to our skin.UVC is the ultraviolet C-band wavelength range between 200-280nm. Almost all of the ultraviolet C-band emitted by the sun in nature is filtered out by the ozone layer of the upper atmosphere.UVC can penetrate microorganisms and human cells and cause damage to the DNA in the fetus. It is this function of VUC that can remove microorganisms in water and air. UVC is the most effective sterilization band and is widely used in air purifiers.So,what does uv do in an air purifier?
uv air purifier

what does uv do in an air purifier-working principle

The UV light  Air Purifier uses a special ultraviolet light beam to clean up odorous gases like amine, carbon disulfide, styrene, sulfide, etc.to crack the molecular bonds of the odorous gas, so that the free pollutant molecules and ozone are oxidized and combined into small molecules. Hazardous or low-hazard CO2, H2O and other compounds. UV photo-oxygen catalysis uses -C band light source to split, scission, oxidize and decompose the toxic and harmful chemical molecular chains in the exhaust gas, and decompose large molecular chains into non-toxic and harmless small molecules. There is no gap between light and gas. The speed of light is higher than that of gas in several times. The -C section light source in the photo-oxygen catalytic purifier can completely decompose toxic and harmful organic waste gas without second pollution; the effect of removing peculiar smell is as high as 99%.

The uv logo on the air purifier indicates that the air purifier is a air purifier with UV light that equipped with a UV-LED (ultraviolet light emitting diode) sterilization module. The activation of this function will trigger the high-energy and high-ozone UV ultraviolet beam to irradiate malodorous gas to achieve deodorization. The ozone gas with strong oxidizing properties is obtained by photolysis of oxygen. The ozone gas oxidizes and attacks bacterial nucleic acids in the air through the exhaust system on the air purifier to achieve the result of purifying the air.
what does uv do in air purifier

what does uv air purifier feature

Ordinary air purifiers do not have ultraviolet UV lamps and cannot achieve true sterilization. They can only intercept bacteria. After intercepted bacteria stay on the filter, they will regenerate and reproduce and pollute the air purifier filter twice. UV sterilization purifier: After the bacteria are adsorbed, the ultraviolet UV lamp is irradiated by short-wave ultraviolet to kill the bacteria so as to avoid secondary pollution and continuously produce sterile air. The polluted air with bacteria and viruses is sucked into UV The sterilization chamber uses ultraviolet shortwave to destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure in the bacterial virus, causing growth cell death or regenerative cell death, so as to achieve 99% sterilization and disinfection effect

1.Quick and efficient

The UV light air purifier can efficiently remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganics, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptans and other major pollutants, as well as various odors and deodorization Up to 99% efficiency quickly.

2.There is no need to add any substance

only the corresponding exhaust pipe and exhaust power are needed to make the malodorous gas deodorize, decompose and purify through this equipment.

3.Strong adaptability

The UV air purifier is suitable for the deodorization and purification of high concentration,big volume, and different malodorous gas. It is stable and reliable to work consistently for 24 hours a day.

4.The operating cost is low

The UV air purifier has no mechanical action, no noise, no special management and routine maintenance, only regular inspections, and the equipment has low energy consumption.

5.Light volume, small footprint

uv air purifier is suitable for special conditions such as compact layout and small venues. The photooxygen air purifier adopts a built-in centralized PLC control method, with a simple structure and easy operation.

what does uv do in air purifier

How does uv light do in an air purifier

The UV light air purifier includes a processing chamber with an inlet end and an outlet end. A processing lamp tube is arranged in the processing chamber, and at least one partition is arranged in the processing chamber. The cavity is divided into independent sub-processing cavities, and an intake control gate is arranged near the intake end of each sub-processing cavity. A gate opening and closing detector is arranged on the intake control gate, and the gate opening and closing detector is connected with a control mechanism, and the control mechanism is controlly connected with the processing lamp tube. According to the actual situation, you can choose to open all the intake control gates in front of each sub-treatment chamber and turn on all the treatment lamps; or close part of the intake control gates, and at the same time, the treatment in the sub-treatment chamber that closes the intake control gates The lamp tube is also closed, and the effective time for the exhaust gas to pass through the treatment chamber is basically the same as the original design time. The treatment effect is good and energy is saved.

what does uv do in an air purifier

Where is uv light air purifier used

UV photolysis air purifier photolysis technology as a kind of efficient deodorizing environmental treatment equipment is widely used in air purification treatment in various manufacturing factories, and it is widely used in the medical sterilization industry, air, and sewage treatment plants, Oil refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, garbage transfer stations and other malodorous gas purification. Almost all factories are equipped with UV photolysis air purifiers. Because this kind of equipment mainly uses low-voltage and high-intensity wide-wavelength photon tubes to emit high-energy ultraviolet light beams of specific wavelengths to decompose oxygen in the air to form ozone, and perform synergistic decomposition and oxidation reactions on malodorous gases, so that malodorous substances are degraded and converted into low-molecular-weight compounds. , Water and carbon dioxide, and then discharged through the wind pipe. The energy source that UV photolysis air purifier relies on is mainly electric energy.