travel water filter
Nowadays many people like to travel outdoors when they have time. Traveling is not just a simple walk. It is necessary to make full preparations in advance to avoid encountering various accidents during travel. First of all, there must be sufficient equipment, and various things for travel are becoming more and more abundant, such as waterproof hiking shoes, tents, trekking poles, outdoor backpacks, quick-drying clothes, medicine boxes, compasses, food, water bottle, etc., one of which There are travel water filter. Because when hiking outdoors, sometimes there is a shortage of water due to insufficient water. However, even if you find a water source in the wild, you will not dare to drink it directly. , those water sources that are not filtered, let alone drink it. So the travel water filter or purifier has become an indispensable thing for outdoor travel.

1. What is travel water filter?

travel water purifier

A general travel water filter is a small water purifier that is relatively small in size, light in weight and can be carried around. A travel water filter generally has 1-3 filter elements, which can filter the outdoor water source clean. It is mainly convenient for everyone to use when outdoors for a long time. Sometimes we run out of water from our trips to the forest or the grasslands, what should we do? At this time, the travel water filter comes in handy. As long as there is a water source, water can be taken for us to drink, which can easily solve the problem of drinking water when we travel outdoors.

2. Features of travel water purifier

(1). First of all, the travel water purifier must be light, portable, and small in size. This is the most basic feature. If you travel abroad, carry a large and heavy water filter on your back. It will not only help us solve problems, but it will become a burden on ourselves.
(2). It is easy to use and can be directly consumed. Travel water filters are easy to use as long as there is a source of water available.
(3). It can store water. We can't find the water source anytime and anywhere when traveling, so the travel water purifier is equipped with storage water, which is convenient for us to drink at any time.

3.Best travel water filters

There are many types of travel water filters, including piston type, squeeze type, and straw type. Among them, piston water filters are more suitable for small teams, while squeeze and straw types are more suitable for individuals. So what are the best travel water filter? If you like outdoor travel or adventure, let's take a look.

(1).Straw type

best travel water filter

This water filter straw not only improves the odor of water through activated carbon, but also uses two filtration technologies of ultrafiltration membrane and ion exchange resin to filter out bacteria and heavy metals,that's why it's called best travel water filter.

(2). kettle type

best travel water filter

As the name suggests, the shape of this travel water filter device is the same as that of a kettle. When you need to filter the water source, just pour the water to be filtered into this water purification device, and then use the air pressure created by the hand pressure airbag or the kettle body. Let the water flow filter in the water purification equipment to achieve the effect of removing harmful substances in the water.

(3).Pump type

When you want to use this travel water filter, just put its water inlet in the water, and then use the piston on the equipment to pump the water into the water filter, and finally pass through the filter element to filter the harmful substances in the water.

(4). Gravity type

travel water filter

This best travel water filter is also called gravity water filter.Compared with the above models, this travel water filter is more suitable for multi-person travel. It requires pressure, and then uses the ceramic filter element in the device to purify the water source.

In addition, there is also a pen-type travel water purifier, which is small and portable, but requires batteries to maintain operation. It uses ultraviolet rays to kill harmful microorganisms and bacteria and viruses, thereby achieving the effect of water purification.