should air purifier be on floor or table

Wondering whether the air purifier should be placed on the floor or table and if it is beneficial for its performance and purification effectiveness? This blog explores the topic, addressing the concerns many air purifier buyers have. You can discover whether and why air purifiers should be on the floor, along with key factors to consider for optimal placement. Our aim is to assist you in optimizing your air purifier usage for superior results.

Air Purifiers Should Be Placed on the Floor in Most Cases

should air purifier be on floor

Most airborne pollutants, including dust, pet dander, and pollen, tend to settle due to their weight, leading to increased pollution in lower indoor areas. So placing the air purifier lower helps capture these pollutants effectively. Moreover, floor-fitting air purifiers are typically larger and heavier, like Membrane Solutions MSA3 air purifier. And placing them on the floor guarantees enhanced stability and decreases the chances of accidental falls or tipping. Additionally, placing the device on the floor can help minimize noise disturbances from the air purifier's operation as the sound travels a longer distance before reaching your ears, making it less noticeable.

Considerations for Placing Air Purifiers on the Floor

1. Select a Spacious Area That Is Relatively Open

When selecting a location on the floor for your air purifier, ensure there is ample space around it, free from any obstructions such as furniture or other objects. You need to opt for an open area that allows the purifier to be easily placed without hindrance. In this way, the purifier can efficiently draw in air from all directions, facilitating better air circulation and enhancing its filtration effectiveness.

2. Ensure a Certain Distance from the Wall

To maximize the air purifier's performance, it is advisable to maintain a specific distance between the device and the wall. It is recommended to keep at least 6 inches (15 cm) of space, which allows for ample airflow and unimpeded circulation of air through the inlet and outlet. We suggest consulting the manufacturer's guide or instructions to determine the recommended distance for your specific air purifier model.

3. It Is Advisable to Place It near the Activity Area

When determining the placement of air purifiers, it is beneficial to consider locating them on the floor near areas where people spend the majority of their time. For instance, if you frequently occupy your living room or bedroom, it is advisable to position the purifier in close proximity to these active areas. By doing so, you ensure that you can enjoy cleaner air in the spaces where you spend most of your day, thereby enhancing your overall indoor air quality experience.

4. It Is Recommended to Position It Close to a Smoking User

If there are individuals who smoke in the house, it is advisable to position the air purifier on the floor in their vicinity. This strategic placement facilitates the efficient capture and elimination of smoke particles and the associated odors from the surrounding air. By situating the air purifier near the smoker, you can enhance the air quality in the immediate vicinity and minimize the dispersal of smoke throughout the room.

5. It Can Be Placed in Areas with Poor Air Circulation

If you have a room or area with limited air circulation, like a basement (For further information on enhancing basement air quality, we invite you to visit our blog post titled "How to Improve Basement Air Quality), enclosed space, or a room with few windows, it can be advantageous to position an air purifier on the floor. This lower placement enables the air purifier to more efficiently draw in stagnant air, aiding in the enhancement of overall air quality in poorly ventilated areas.

Certain Small Air Purifiers Aren't Ideal for the Floor- Go on Table

can you put an air purifier on the floor

While it is generally recommended to position the air purifier on the floor, there are situations where placing it on a desk or table can prove more advantageous. Some air purifiers are specifically designed for desktop use, offering a compact size that helps save space. These tabletop purifiers are well-suited for rooms, dormitories, or offices with limited floor space, such as the MS120 air purifier for office desk. Utilizing a desk air purifier offers convenience, especially in busy or crowded environments, allowing for easy operation and adjustment without the need to bend over or reach the floor. Furthermore, these desktop air purifiers provide unique benefits for smokers. By placing them closer to the source of smoke, they can filter it more rapidly and help prevent the dispersion of cigarette smoke.

In conclusion, the placement of air purifiers on the floor is generally recommended due to several advantages. However, there are instances where placing the air purifier on a desk or table can be more beneficial, especially with small, specially designed desktop models. Ultimately, the optimal placement of an air purifier depends on the air purifier design, specific circumstances, and needs of the user. Considering factors such as airflow, activity areas, and manufacturer recommendations will help optimize the performance and effectiveness of the air purifier, leading to enhanced indoor air quality.

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