is reverse osmosis water safe to drink
Is RO water water safe to drink? Is drinking pure water for a long time harmful to body health? With the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of health has gradually increased. Due to the serious water pollution, more and more people began to pay attention to water filtration. At present, the best-selling product in the market is RO reverse osmosis water purifier. At this point, some people will assess whether the reverse osmosis water is safe to drink.

1. Is it safe to drink reverse osmosis water?

It is certain that the water of the reverse osmosis water filter is okay  and can be drunk for a long time. Reverse osmosis water is also called "pure water" because it is so clean and pure. And Some people say it is unnatural and unhealthy because it is man-made. They claim that reverse osmosis water can only be used in industry and is not suitable for human consumption. According to scientific research done on reverse osmosis water in the past few years, there is no record of any impact of reverse osmosis technology on human health. In fact, reverse osmosis technology has been widely used in the food industry for many years. This technology is used in the dairy industry to produce whey protein powder and to concentrate milk powder to reduce shipping costs. Reverse osmosis technology is also widely used in the global winemaking industry, practical application in the concentration of wine and fruit juice, removal of impurities such as acetic acid, somke taint, Brettanomyces and alcohol removal.
A reverse osmosis filtration system can provide the purest drinking water. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are the only systems that can remove drugs and toxic substances from our drinking water.According to the news from USA TODAY and Fox "the reverse osmosis system can remove almost all pharmaceutical impurities from the reverse osmosis water is pretty safe to drink.

is reverse osmosis water safe

2. Is ro water safe-reverse osmosis water remove all minerals?

One of the reasons reverse osmosis ro water is considered unsafe to drink is that it removes contaminants from the water while also removing minerals that are beneficial to health. Drinking water contains some minerals that are good for our body, and because the pores of the RO membrane are very small, it can remove some of the minerals from drinking water. In theory, this pure reverse osmosis water is not really safe to drink. But in reality, the minerals that our body needs are not supplemented with water. Take calcium as an example. Generally, every 100ml of mineral water contains 400ug of calcium. Even if you drink 2L of such water, the calcium you drink is only 8mg, which is not as much as a mouthful of milk. And too much minerals may be harmful to the body in some way, the minerals in food we eat can completely meet our normal needs. Inorganic minerals in tap water are difficult to be absorbed normally by the human body, and are not beneficial to human health. The organic minerals that the human body needs come from food.Therefore, those doubts about if ro water is safe or not  are pointless.

3. Is reverse osmosis water safe- reverse osmosis produce acid water with low pH?

The truth is that reverse osmosis water is slightly acidic or neutral. Reverse osmosis water slightly lowers pH by removing harmful inorganic minerals from tap water. However, the decrease of pH value is uncertain which is very small and harmless to humans. Indeed, the pH of water changes automatically when it is ingested and in contact with food in the stomach. Even on an empty stomach. Even on an empty stomach. Stomach acid with a pH of 2 is already several times higher than that of reverse osmosis water. As long as you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, you can drink almost anything you want without worrying about your pH balance.

4. Is ro water ok to drink-reverse osmosis water extract minerals from the human body?

We all know, water is called universal solvent. The purer the water, the stronger the dissolving ability, but it will not harm the human body. Because our body can maintain the stability of fluid in the body. Reverse osmosis technology was invented in 1970 and since then the technology has been systematically tested in every possible situation, so far there has not been any credible evidence that reverse osmosis water extracts minerals from the human body . The human body itself will carry out metabolism, absorbing nutrients and expelling wastes is the basic function of the internal organs, and only wastes that are ineffective to the body are excreted. Therefore, the purer the water, the less harmful substances enter the human body, and reverse osmosis water is beneficial to the human body.It is ok and safe to drink RO water.

is ro water safe to drink

In general, reverse osmosis ro water itself is very safe, and you don't need to worry that reverse osmosis water will pose a threat to our health. And in fact, due to its ultra-high filtration precision, the filtered water is very pure and can be directly consumed. You also don't need to worry about reverse osmosis water filtering out a lot of minerals, because the minerals we need are mainly obtained through food. If you have relatively high requirements on the quality of drinking water, you can choose to buy a reverse osmosis water filter. Drinking reverse osmosis water is very safe.