what makes a good water filter

what makes a good water filter

Our human body needs a lot of water every day, so the quality of drinking water in life is closely related to our physical health. According to the World Health Organization the standards of healthy water are non-toxic, harmless, and odorless; balanced minerals and trace elements; PH value is weakly alkaline (7.2-7.8); water molecule clusters are small (low NMR half width At 100HZ); moderate water hardness, moderate dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide; water has strong solvency, penetration, diffusion, metabolism, emulsification, detergency, etc.

The function of the water filter is to filter out floating objects in the water, such as heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. So what makes a good water filter? This article will tell you that a good water filter must have the following functions.

what is a good water filter

1.filter out contaminants

In the industrial cities,The organic pollution in our drinking water very serious, which are quite harmful to the human body. But most water company can not remove these organic pollution for the lack of large water filtering machine. But the household water purifier like activated carbon adsorption filter can remove the organic pollution. Common pollutants mainly include bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organic matter, inorganic matter, bloodworms, colloids, etc. So the main function of the water purifier is to filter out these harmful substances to ensure the safety of the water.

2.filter out silt and rust in water

Most of the tap water comes from rivers, and there will naturally be some river sand in the water. However, the large-scale filtration of the water company is impossible to completely remove the sediment. Rust comes from the oxidation of water pipes, and the filter element of the water purifier can filter out 0.01UM impurities. These sand and rust can be completely filtered out after passing through the water purifier.

3.filter out heavy metal ions

It is easy to find a large amount of heavy metal ions in tap water, and if we drink too much water which have excessive heavy metals in will harm the health of the human body.And a good water filters like RO reverse osmosis household water purifier can completely remove heavy metal ions in the water and reduce the hardness of the water.

what makes a good water filter

4.filter out bacteria in tap water

It is difficult to guarantee the filtering effect due to the extensiveness of the filtering effect of the water company. Therefore, before using tap water, the tap water should be filtered twice to remove all bacteria. In addition, there must be no secondary pollution. Whether the water filtered by the water purifier can be drunk directly depends on whether the water purifier itself will cause pollution, so the choice of the housing material and filter material of the water purifier is particularly important. The content of the water purifier that must have these functions to be considered good is here. The Omate water purifier can deeply filter the impurities in the water while retaining the beneficial substances in the water. It is recommended to start.