reverse osmosis constantly draining

Have you encountered reverse osmosis constantly draining under normal working conditions? And if are wondering why does my reverse osmosis keeps draining, you will know the reasons in the next few minutes. In order to drink water safely, many consumers choose under sink reverse osmosis filter which is also called pure water machine, but one thing about reverse osmosis has always been a problem for users, that is, it will generate a certain amount of waste water. The main component of wastewater is actually the harmful substances in the water, and the discharge of the wastewater is actually mainly to flush the surface of the RO membrane, to bring out the particles and colloidal impurities attached to the surface of the membrane, and reduce the possibility of the reverse osmosis membrane being blocked by harmful impurities in the water,and prolong the filter lifespan of the RO membrane. But if one day the ro system keeps draining, what is the problem?

why does my ro system keep draining

Reasons of why does my reverse osmosis keeps draining

1. The high voltage switch is broken, causing reverse osmosis constantly draining

It is possible that there is a problem with the high pressure switch on the reverse osmosis water filter, because the working principle of the reverse osmosis system is to continuously generate waste water and clean water. And if it is in normal work, after the machine is filled with water, the high-voltage switch should automatically turn off and disconnect the power. But now there is a problem with the high-voltage switch, and the ro system will continue to generate waste water when the machine is in working state. After the water in the storage bucket cannot be filled, it will flow back into the waste water port.

2. The water inlet valve is broken, causing the ro system to keep draining

It is also possible that there is a problem with the water inlet valve of the ro system, because as long as the machine is filled with water, the water inlet valve should also be automatically closed, mainly to prevent water waste. At this time, there is a problem with the water inlet valve, and the reverse osmosis machine cannot sense that the water inside is full, it will continue to generate new water, and then continue to generate waste water and Keep draining.

why does my ro system keep draining

3. The failure of the one-way valve leads to reverse osmosis keeps draining

The one-way valve is a ball valve that allows pure water to flow out. The one-way valve itself is tightly closed, and only pure water is allowed to flow into the pressure tank. If there is a fault and it is kept open, the pure water will always flow backward from the one-way valve. The discharge aperture is large, and pure water can easily flow into the waste water channel.

4. Electronic valve failure

When the solenoid valve that controls the ratio of waste water to pure water fails, the reverse osmosis system has no control function to distribute pure water in the process of making water. When the water is pressurized, it will continue to flow out of the waste pipe. After the waste water control valve fails, most of the water flow goes to the waste water pipe, so that the pure water pipe will drain water.
This phenomenon generally needs to be replaced or adjusted for the waste water valve. If it is only temporarily out of order, it can be restarted and used. If the waste water valve is damaged, it must be replaced.

why does my reverse osmosis keeps draining

5. Computer board failure

The failure of the computer board will also cause the reverse osmosis wastewater pipe keep draining all the way, and the pure water pipe will not produce water. Especially after a long time of use, water or dust in the computer version, which leads to loss of control, this often happens. There are also two reasons for the computer version, one is a temporary failure, and the other is a direct failure. Under normal circumstances, if it is a temporary failure, the water filter can only be powered off and turned off for two to five minutes, and then restarted, it can resume normal use. However, if the computer version is directly broken, the computer version must be replaced. membrane is blocked

As many reverse osmosis filters are used for a long time, the reverse osmosis membrane will be blocked by some impurities, so that pure water cannot pass through, resulting in more and more waste water, and waste water will keep draining. The reverse osmosis membrane needs to be replaced in time.

So these are all the reasons about the reverse osmosis keeps draining,I believe if you figure out the specific reason of the problem for your ro system,you will tackle the problem quickly with ease.

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