What to know before buying an air purifier

What to know before buying an air purifier.As a matter of fact, the working principle of the air purifier is quiet simple.You should know that More cost designers spend on workmanship and polishing.Of course,the detailed ones are more expensive than the less detailed ones.What I mean is that the upper limit of the product cost is not that expensive.For example,ordinary cotton T-shirts are also cheap and expensive,but the price of more than 100 dollar is purely a brand premium,and it has nothing to do with the quality of the product.Therefore,you need to know that "you get what you pay for",and that more expensive products can get better purification effects,and the view is wrong that imported products like air purifier filters have better purification effects than domestic brands.Besides,you need to know the following common senses before buying an air purifier.

How to look at the CADR value of the data about air purifiers?

CADR:refers to the amount of clean air that an air purifier can output per hour, in m3/h,which represents the instantaneous purification capacity of the purifier. Common trap:Use the maximum air volume to confuse the audiovisual

Some manufacturers deliberately confuse their audiences during their publicity,and they are vague when introducing CADR values,and try to use the maximum air volume to confuse them.Consumers can easily get caught if they are not careful. Only after I bought it home,I realized that it was not the case at all,but there was no way to complain,and I could only admit that I was wrong.Solution:Distinguish the maximum air volume and CADR.The CADR value of ordinary purifiers is mostly around a few hundred;if you buy in the offline market,you must check it carefully to avoid being deceived.

CADR value of the data about air purifiers

Regarding the CADR value (clean air output rate) of the air purifier,in fact,we don't have to blindly pursue a higher value,as long as it can meet the purification needs of the home.It depends on the specific usage.For example,Oneplus' mobile phone parameters are almost better than Apple's,but in actual use, Oneplus'balance and fluency in all aspects are still slightly worse than Apple's. About CADR value, we can apply a simple formula to approximate calculation: Applicable area=CADRx0.12

To give a simple example,if your living room area is 40 square meters, you need an air purifier with a maximum CADR value of about 350m3/h,which will neither cause waste of performance nor excessive noise.The situation of normal life.By analogy,you can easily choose an air purification product suitable for your home.

Can the purifier remove formaldehyde?

The answer is yes,but we shouldn't depend on air purifier to remove all the formaldehyde for us. First of all, formaldehyde is a persistent harmful gas,which means that as long as your house is not a poor family member,will it be emitted.Generally,air purifiers have an adsorption effect on formaldehyde,but it does not absorb so thoroughly.If there is too much formaldehyde,the ventilation will come quickly.For example,a piece of dry crops,do you say it was watered and moisturized by hand,or is it moisturized by heavy rain? Of course it was raining.Therefore,the best way to remove formaldehyde is to ventilate frequently,but you can't always ventilate.At this time, you can use an air purifier together.

When buying an air purifier,it is more to consider your own needs,such as room size, usage time,appearance and so on.Generally speaking,air purifiers with 3,000 to 6,000 gears are sufficient to meet the needs of our daily family life.