low noise air purifier

When you buy an air purifier, you often take the "purification performance" or CADR value as the first indicator, but in fact, low noise is also very important!

Why is noise also important?

There are two main reasons:

1.We know that the larger the CADR value, the better, because the purification speed will be faster and the applicable area will be larger. But if you take the area conversion, the calculation formula between the CADR value and the applicable area:CADR value multiplied by (0.07-0.12). At first glance, the larger the CADR value of an air purifier,and the larger it can cover the area of ​​the home,it is enough to buy one if you want to purify the whole house.But in fact, due to the separation of walls and furniture in the home,it is difficult to effectively purify the entire house by simply relying on a large CADR air purifier.In addition,the large CADR value mentioned by the manufacturer actually refers to the data under the maximum air volume.At this time,the noise value is generally relatively large,and we rarely use the maximum CADR gear in daily life.

low noise air purifier
2.Noise is an important indicator that affects user experience.We usually go out to work, which means that the time to turn on the air purifier is more concentrated at night.At night,especially when falling asleep,we require air purifiers to not only purify efficiently and quickly, but also to be quiet.This is like turning on the air conditioner in the bedroom at night.Even if the air is even, the air volume is large,and the power is saved,the noise is not good!

As mentioned earlier,the operating noise of the maximum gear of the air purifier is very loud.Of course,there are also good products that will be ultra-quiet,such as this small-size air purifier newly launched by Prestige-Little White Elf.The CADR value of particulate matter and the CADR value of formaldehyde of Xinyi Little White Spirit went to 257m3/h and 120m3/h respectively.It can purify 12m3 in 3 minutes. What's important is that its noise is only 56.8dB(A) at maximum air volume.The noise control ability is amazing,which is rare in the market.
Not only that, but from the point of view of the detection conditions,in a semi-anechoic room where the background noise is only 15.3dB(A),the sleep mode noise is as low as 29.5dB(A).What does that mean? It is so quiet that it is difficult to detect in a professional noise laboratory!
low noise air purifier
To make a digression,the new national standard for air purifiers requires the use of sound power level as a measurement and representation method for noise, but some manufacturers deliberately use sound pressure level to indicate that the noise value is lower.The same noise index, the sound pressure level representation method is much lower than the sound power level representation method! It can be seen from the test report of the Prestige Little White Spirit that the sound pressure level noise of this air purifier is only ≤18dB(A).
Tips for purchasing an air purifier:While a large CADR value is important, noise is also extremely important.The way of expressing noise should be seen clearly and asked clearly whether it is sound power level or sound pressure level! It is best to look at the third-party test report provided when determining the noise index and choose the purifier you like.

Simpure low noise air purifier

How many layers are there in the filter of this low noise purifier? What are they?

Simpure has a total of four layers of filters. The first layer is nano-silver technology, which can remove large particles of dust and mold;the second layer is an allergen filter, which can absorb pollen and mites and dust;the third layer is an activated carbon filter to remove odors. And harmful gases;the fourth layer is the most common HEPA filter in the purifier, which efficiently filters 0.1 micron particles.

How effective is simpure's low noise air purifier?

Through the filtration of the four-layer filter,Simpure low noise air purifier can efficiently purify the air and reduce the indoor PM2.5 to an excellent state,but the time used for purification is at a medium level in the purifier, due to its energy saving and noise control. Good,it is very suitable for those who are used to the home and have been using the purifier for a long time.If you are a frequent smoker and want to use the maximum wind speed of the purifier to quickly remove the smoke from the house, then this purifier is not the most ideal! For more info, you can keep an eye on the updates of Simpure blog.