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For purchasing an air purifier, most people mainly consider factors such as price, performance, after-sales service, etc., but there is another thing that troubles many people, that is, they have no idea about where to put air purifier and where is the best place to put the air purifier for the best effect. Some consumers have reported that they have used the air purifier, but the effect is not obvious, thinking that they have bought a fake air purifier. In fact, in addition to the quality of the air filter itself, the place to put the air purifier at home also affects the purification effect of the air purifier. If you put the air purifier in the wrong position, the purification effect will be greatly reduced. So where is the best place to put an air purifier? Now SimPure will give you a detailed introduction.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

where is the best place to put an air purifier

①Where to Place-Can Not Be Placed Too High

Suspended particles in the air will sink over time, so there will be more pollutants such as dust in low-altitude indoor areas. Generally, manufacturers will design the air inlet at the bottom, and design at the top after exhaust. This is the truth. We can put it on the floor during our daily use. If it is placed too high, the air absorption efficiency at the bottom will be low, and the purification effect and air circulation effect will not be too good.

②Where to Put-Don't Put It Next to the Humidifier

This is because the humidifier cuts water into water vapor aerosol particles, and PM2.5 is essentially a kind of aerosol particles. The detection technology used by portable devices cannot effectively distinguish water vapor aerosol particles from harmful gases. Sol particles (PM2.5). After the humidifier is turned on, the indoor PM2.5 index rises significantly. If both are operated at the same time, the status indicator of the air purifier will definitely stay in a severe and severely polluted state for a long time,which will cause the air purifier to operate at a high gear for a long time, which is serious. It interferes with its normal operation,so it is recommended to keep a sufficient distance when turning on the humidifier and air purifier at the same time, so as not to interfere with each other.

③Cannot Be Placed Near the Window

Air purification is best carried out in closed air. Flowing air will greatly reduce the purification efficiency.The air flows faster near the windows, and there will be a lot of particles in the air without stopping back and forth,which will greatly reduce the effect of air purification, so the air purifier cannot be placed next to the window.

④Can Not Be Placed in a Place With High Humidity

The higher the humidity, the heavier the air. For an air purifier, on the one hand, it needs more energy to complete the ventilation. On the other hand, humid air will reduce the performance of the filter, especially the HEPA filter.

⑤Don’t Put It in the Corner or Too Close to the Wall

A corner or too close to a wall generally has poor air circulation. Keep the air purifier at a certain distance from the wall, so that the air inlet and outlet can maintain good air circulation. It is best to place it in the center of the house or at least 1.5~2 meters away from the wall. Placing it against the wall may also attract dirt hidden in the corners and affect the service life of the purifier.

⑥The Air Purifier Should Be Placed in a Room Where Family Activities Are Concentrated

There are living rooms, study rooms and other rooms where family activities are frequent during the day. Therefore,it is recommended to place air purifiers in rooms where these people gather during the day to effectively protect the family. At night, we recommend that the air purifier be placed in the bedroom to ensure that the family can breathe fresh air while sleeping at night and avoid harmful gases.

⑦The Place Should Be Changed Frequently

Many families only buy one air purifier, after all, the price of air purifiers is relatively high.This leads to the fact that one machine cannot take care of all rooms at the same time, so it is recommended to change the position of the air purifier frequently.

⑧If There Are Smokers at Home, Put the Air Purifier on the Countertop or Desktop

People who smoke at home can place the machine on a desktop or table. The beautiful shape of the air purifier is one that can be used for decoration,and the other is more effective in adsorbing smoke particles in the air. Placed on the countertop or tabletop can effectively remove harmful substances such as second-hand smoke and formaldehyde suspended in the air.

⑨Remember to Change the Air Purifier Filter Regularly

Just as the mask has to be replaced if it is dirty,the air purifier filter should also be replaced in time. In addition, in the process of using the air purifier, consumers should clean it according to the instructions of the merchant and replace the filter in time to maintain the best purification state of the air purifier. Even when the air quality is good,the filter should not be used for more than half a year, otherwise harmful substances will be released after the filter material is saturated with adsorption,but it will become a "pollution source" and cause harm to the human body.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier in My Bedroom?

Generally, the bedroom space is not large, and the air will not circulate after closing the doors and windows.This will cause the bedroom air to be dirty and easy to breed mites, molds and other harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is very necessary to place an air purifier for bedroom, especially in the bedroom near the bed.

①Lower place

Generally speaking, bacteria, viruses and dust are easy to deposit in the lower part of the bedroom. The filtering effect of the air purifier is better if it is placed low. At the same time, it is best to leave a space of about 1 meter around.

②Location near the air conditioner

If the air conditioner is turned on in your bedroom, it is recommended to place the air purifier near the air conditioner, and at the same time place the air inlet close to the air conditioner and the exhaust outlet away from the air conditioner. Because the air of the air conditioner enters from the outside, the air conditioner does not have any special air handling device. We can put the air inlet close to the air conditioner, and the air from the air conditioner can be blown into the room for purification. It will be better if it is discharged into the room.

③Position of poor air circulation

In fact, many bedrooms have a good effect of opening windows for ventilation. Air purifiers and open windows for ventilation will have a better effect, which is more helpful for the circulation of air in the bedroom. For locations where the air circulation is relatively smooth, opening windows for ventilation can effectively reduce indoor air pollution. In places with poor air circulation, air purifiers can be used to circulate, so that harmful gases can be removed from all locations in the bedroom.

best place to put air air purifier

In conclusion, there are many types and models of air purifiers, and they are placed in different positions according to the different air outlets and air inlets. To the question-how to position air purifier, It depends on; For ordinary households, there are more viruses or particles deposited in lower places, and the filter effect can be best if the machine is placed low, and a certain amount of space should be left around. Those with smokers can put the machine on the table or countertop. The air purifier should be kept at a certain distance from the wall so that it can maintain better air circulation. In addition, do not place fragile objects such as liquid utensils or vases next to the air purifier. A family with conditions can place it in the living room, bedroom, and study room separately. If there is only one air purifier in the home, it is best to place it in the bedroom. What's more, when using the purifier, it is best to use humidification equipment or place some water.