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Although many people equip their cars with car air purifiers, some people still don't know how to use car air purifiers. The indoor environmental monitoring department has done relevant research, and nearly 90% of the cars have serious air pollution, and most of the harmful gases in the cars exceed the standard by 5 times, some even up to 10 times. The sources of air pollution in the car include various accessories and materials of the new car itself, such as plastics, leather covers, etc.; interior decorations such as plush toys, carpets, etc.; carbon monoxide, gasoline volatiles.

Among them, formaldehyde pollution in the car is the most important because it is harmful to the elderly, children and pregnant women. These three types of people are the main people in the car, so a car equipped with a car air purifier is very necessary, but because many people know little about car air purifiers, and know less about how to use a car air purifier and how to use it properly. 

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how to use car air purifier

How to Use Car Air Purifier: 4 Steps

The use of car air purifiers is very simple. They are generally divided into two types. One is a rechargeable type, and the other is directly plugged into the cigarette lighter. If the cigarette lighter cannot be plugged in, just You can directly find a car adapter power cord. This is also very convenient. It is very convenient to use. The purifier that is plugged into the cigarette lighter will stop working as long as the car stops. There is also a rechargeable type, which is also very convenient to charge. And You can put it anywhere you want.

①Connecting the power. with a data cable, you can connect the power. Most car air purifiers can be connected via USB. One end can be plugged into the car cigarette lighter or power bank, and the other end can be plugged into the car air purifier socket.

②Start the car air purifier. Press the start button of the car air purifier, if the indicator light is on, it means that the power has been connected. Generally, the additional air purifier is in the middle of the instrument panel, and the power supply is plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter to turn on. The original car air purifier attached to the factory is installed in the central armrest box. Press the switch on the air purifier to turn it on directly. The air purifier is associated with the air conditioner. If the air quality in the car is poor, the air purifier will automatically start after turning on the air conditioner.

③Set the working mode to control the wind speed and the speed of purification. Generally, air purifiers have different modes, such as strong wind mode and weak wind mode. We can press different buttons according to different types of purifiers, and then adjust to the mode we need.

④Close it in time after use. To reduce the consumables of the purifier and save electricity, if you are not in the car for a long time, you can turn off the power of the car's air purifier.

Things You Should Know About the Use of Car Air Purifiers

how to use car air purifier


Common vehicle air purifiers are placed in the middle of the instrument panel, the central armrest box, on the rear window sill under the rear windshield of the vehicle, and above the armrest box in the middle of the rear seat. The most basic requirement for the placement of the car air purifier is that it cannot block the driver’s sight, and the air purifier must be fixed to prevent component damage during emergency braking. Due to the size limitation of the vehicle-mounted purifier and the relatively long suspension time of air pollutants, the vehicle-mounted purifier is more suitable to be placed relatively close to people. This also reminds us that when choosing a car-mounted purifier, we must choose a car-mounted purifier according to the model. For example, if you want to place it in the center console or the water cup slot, you should buy a cylindrical car purifier that is similar to the shape of a water cup. If you want to hang it on the back of the car, consider a square or flat shape, etc. Another thing to remember is to close the car windows before turning on the car purifier.

②Regular cleaning

Because the vehicle-mounted purifier will absorb and settle the particulate matter and toxic gas in the air pollutants during use, regularly clean the vehicle-mounted purifier (including replacing the filter) and the surrounding area where the vehicle-mounted purifier is placed, otherwise, it may cause the vehicle-mounted purifier The purification effect is not good, and it may cause secondary pollution of the air in the car.

③Clean inside the car

Installing a car purifier does not mean that you don’t need to clean the car. It is also necessary to clean and maintain the car’s environmental hygiene. It is necessary to clean up the garbage in the car and the things like food that cannot be stored for a long time. On the one hand, you can increase the car. The internal space, on the other hand, can also fundamentally reduce the sources of air pollution in the car. In addition, it is recommended that the time for turning on the car purifier should not be less than half an hour.

④Air circulation

Because the purifying reason for the vehicle-mounted purifier is indoor air circulation, it is not recommended not to open the window for 24 hours even if the vehicle-mounted purifier is equipped. Close the car windows in areas with poor air environment, and properly open the windows in areas with suitable air environment. Strengthening air circulation is more conducive to people's physical and mental health.

In conclusion, for the car purifier, it is very important whether it is convenient to use. Because of the limited space in the car, the only places where the car purifier can be placed are the cup holder and the seat back in addition to the center console. Therefore, the portability and simplicity of the car purifier are very demanding. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of car purifiers, which can be roughly divided into round, cylindrical, shell, square, etc., and the placement can be divided into flat, fixed cup holders or tied behind the seat, etc. type. Before buying or selecting a car purifier, you must first confirm where to put the car purifier in the car according to your car model and preferences, to see if it is convenient to place, and whether it is easy and safe to use.

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