water filter vs bottled water

People drink bottled water may wonder is filtered water the same as bottled water? The answer is no.As the demand for water filter products is increasing rapidly due to the fact that the water environment is continuously deteriorating and water pollution is serious. Although a lot of bottled water is still used in homes and businesses, there are actually many hidden dangers; however, the advantages of water  filter are far greater than that of bottled water. As the awareness of healthy drinking water increases, the use of bottled water will be gradually reduced. market share. The water filter has high-frequency use attributes, high-quality reverse osmosis RO membrane water filters, with a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns and a waste water ratio of 1:1, which effectively protects users' healthy drinking water; many households or companies also use bottled water.So water filter VS bottled water,do you know the four major benefits of replacing bottled water with household water filter? Let me introduce to you one by one:

water filter vs bottled water

Water filter VS bottled water Benefit 1: Solve the secondary pollution of tap water

water filter vs bottled water

Water filters can kill viruses, bacteria, remove heavy metals, volatile substances, etc.! Tap water is susceptible to secondary pollution after long-distance transportation through pipelines, so people basically choose to boil it before drinking, but boiling can only solve it Bacteria problems cannot solve the problems of sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances, and bacterial "corpses", and the residual chlorine in tap water will produce chloroform after high-temperature cooking, which is a standard carcinogen. Therefore, the quality of drinking water will not be fundamentally improved, and it will cause serious health risks.

Water filter VS bottled water: The best choice to replace bottled water 

A bucket of bottled water ranges from 8 to 16 yuan, and the cost is relatively high, and virtually most of this water is tap water being processed with industrial standard large-scale water filters or pure water machines, and there are few natural mineral waters; at the same time, the quality of bottled water is guaranteed. The time is short, and it is in an open state after being connected to the water dispenser, and it is easily polluted by pollutants in the air, so it is not an ideal drinking water solution.

Water filter VS bottled water benefit 3: unlike bottled water, the cost is extremely high

Bottled water is selected as daily water by a few portion of families which are acceptable to the expense, but in the long run its cost is quite high, and bottled water is pure water, lacking trace elements and minerals, long-term drinking is not suitable for human health, and its effect may not be as good as that of water purified healthy water.

Filtered vs bottled water:reverse osmosis water purifier meet the standard of raw drinking, lower cost

The water filter like straw water filter can effectively separate and remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals, volatile substances, rust, silt and other impurities and harmful substances in the water, and the cost is much lower than that of bottled water. Good, the water quality is weakly alkaline, small molecules, and strong. It is the most ideal drinking water solution for families.

The above are the four major benefits of using reverse osmosis water filters instead of bottled water. I hope to understand that sharing this healthy drinking water concept with friends around you will let them bid farewell to the hidden dangers of bottled water!