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If you don't know how to maintain RO water purifier, you gonna read the most useful information in this article. With the fast development economy of the world, people's awareness of healthy consumption has awakened, and continuously more people are starting to pay attention to the safety of household drinking water. Water purifier especially the RO water purifiers are gradually entering thousands of households to protect our daily household water safety .

However, the fact that some users know very little about the water purifier, this "new family member". They basically knows nothing about the life and daily maintenance of the reverse osmosis system except for simple operation and use, but it's very important for the users to know how to maintain ro water purifier. Here are some useful tips about how to maintain RO water purifier and the general water filter maintainance!

How to Maintain Reverse Osmosis System

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It is certainly not a problem to buy a reliable quality RO water filter system for ten or eight years, and it is very possible to use it for fifteen years if it is well maintained. But we must remind everyone that no matter how good the quality of the RO water purifier is, if it lacks the necessary maintenance , the service life of the RO water purifier will still be effected alsodiminish the water purification effect .
For the daily maintenance and maintenance of the RO water purifier, how to start?

1. Keep the RO Water Purifier Clean

First of all, do a good job of regular cleaning of the ro water purifier, including the following aspects:

  • Make sure the outer body of the RO water purifier is stain-free.

Just use a clean damp cloth for simple cleaning. It should be noted that cleaning agents or soap should be avoided as much as possible during the cleaning process.

  • Flush the inside of the RO water purifier on a regular basis.

Generally, it is required to be flushed at least once a week. At the present most of the households are using smart water purifiers, then simply press the backflush button to automatically flush. The advanced ro water filters are capable of automatic timing flushing and backflushing , hence its needless to worry about the trouble of washing!

  • Having the whole water purifier being disinfected.

Generally, it takes half a year to once a year, most of which use ozone whole machine for disinfection. It is best to make an appointment for the whole machine disinfection treatment with a regular water purifier manufacturer. Addition to that, after going through extreme weather, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes, etc., the entire machine needs to be disinfected!

2. Replace the filter element of the RO water purifier regularly 

Usually what we call the service life of the water purifier is actually the life of the filter element of the ro water purifier. To the point which some people even thinks of the filter element to the soul of a water purifier, which demonstrates the importance of the filter element.

If there is a filter element haven’t been changed for a long time , the dirt and bacteria adsorbed on the filter element will accumulate, and the purification effect of the water purifier will be weakened, and the safety and health of the water can not be guaranteed normally.

In addition, the water purifier is purified and filtered by a combination of multiple different types of filter elements, and the service life of different filter elements is different. To ensure the water quality, the filter elements must be replaced regularly.

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3. If not used for more than 3 days, cut off the water source and rest.

If the ro water purifier is not used for more than 3 days, it is recommended to cut off the water source and allow the ro water purifier to rest and recuperate to prevent the "water hammer" impact caused by unstable water pressure, which may cause damage to the relevant parts of the water purifier. Therefore, when the RO water purifier is left unattended for more than 3 days, the water source should be cut off, which can effectively extend the service life of the RO water purifier.

4. Use Manufacturer-Approved Replacement Parts.

Using manufacturer-approved replacement parts ensures compatibility, reliability, and performance consistency in your reverse osmosis (RO) system. Manufacturers design their systems with specific components tailored for optimal functionality and compatibility. These parts undergo rigorous testing to meet quality standards and ensure seamless integration with the existing system. Using non-approved parts may compromise the efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity of your RO system. Additionally, it can void warranties and potentially lead to system malfunction or damage. Therefore, adhering to manufacturer-approved replacement parts guarantees the continued functionality and reliability of your RO system while preserving its warranty coverage and overall performance.

General Water Purifier Maintenance Tips

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1. Don't Move It After the Water Purifier Is Installed

When you buy the water purifier, you must determine your satisfactory installation position at home, so as to avoid inconvenience in the future and want to move here, because if the water purifier is moved frequently, it may cause various internal cleaning. The parts of the water machine are damaged or the PE pipe is loose, so that the machine cannot run or leaks.

2. Replace Water Filter in Time

Different filter elements have different lifespans. We need to know the replacement time according to the product's instruction manual. Of course, some water purifiers are intelligently set to remind the time to replace the filter element. Therefore, do not ignore this problem. , and even pollute the tap water. If the filter element is blocked and the water output of the water purifier becomes small, it should be replaced in time to avoid the growth of bacteria.

3. Avoid the System from Direct Sunlight

The water purifier should avoid direct sunlight during use, because direct sunlight will cause algae to grow inside. This algae will not only pollute the water quality, but also be carcinogenic. When the temperature is too high, it is best to make a device for the water purifier to block sunlight.

4. Keep the Water Filter Away From Heat

Because the water purifier contains plastic parts, if we place the water purifier too close to the heat source, such as coal stoves, electric water heaters, etc., if it is in contact with high temperature for a long time, some plastic parts are easy to burn slowly. It will shorten the service life of the water purifier.

5. Clean Water Purifiers Regularly

The water purifier will have bacteria breeding for a long time, so at this time we need to clean the water purifier regularly. Flushing is divided into the first flushing after installation, regular cleaning for daily use, and flushing after long-term non-use. The first flushing is mainly to flush the filter element, the pipeline and the whole system after installing the water purifier, open the water inlet valve, the water purification switch, and the waste water switch until the water is changed. Do not use any detergent for the first cleaning to avoid causing the first flush Secondary pollution.

Regular cleaning usually takes half a month or a month, depending on the local water conditions, water purifiers generally have a cleaning button, just press the flush button to automatically flush, and now there are higher configurations that can set automatic timing cleaning and backwash function.

6. Periodic Inspection

After the water purifier is turned on, it is generally in a working state for a long time. In order to ensure the better work of the water purifier, regular inspection of the water purifier is essential. As an after-sales work, the relevant personnel will regularly inspect the internal parts of the water purifier one by one to see if the parts are damaged after the machine has been used for one year, whether the water purification effect has changed from the previous one, and whether the water production volume has decreased.

7. Maintain It Under Low Temperature in Winter

If the water purifier is installed outdoors, it is strictly forbidden to use the water purifier below zero in winter; because the volume of water will expand during the freezing and solidification process, it will directly cause all the pipes, filter bottles, membrane shells, etc. of the water purifier to burst, thereby Water leakage occurs; when the machine freezes, the whole water purifier must be placed at a room temperature higher than 10 degrees, and it can be turned on for normal use after 48 hours of natural thawing.

8. Install A Pre-Filter

Many people ignore the pre-filter when installing the water purifier. The pre-filter is equivalent to the front. It can filter out large particles of impurities in the water first, and then filter the filtered water. With a pre-filter It can effectively reduce the replacement frequency of the filter element, and it is more worry-free to use!

9. Regular Water Purifier Disinfection

Water purifiers need to be sterilized once a year. Most of them choose ozone to sterilize the whole machine. Another point is that in extreme weather such as floods, earthquakes, typhoons, etc., the whole machine needs to be sterilized to prevent infectious viruses from falling into the water purifier. Pollute the water, so as to better protect the health of your family!

Therefore, a water purifier is not only a product for drinking and purifying water. To maintain its purification effect for a long time, you need to understand these maintenance tips. Correct use will make the water purifier have a better purification effect and a longer service life !

Through reading the above article, I believe that you should have a general and specific understanding of the daily maintenance of the water purifier AND RO system. Hope you can apply the knowledge into daily use of the ro water purifiers. What's more, we have selected the SimPure Y7P-W countertop reverse osmosis water purifier needed less maintenance for you. You can click the picture below to learn more about SimPure Y7P product!

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