benefits of alkaline water

Have you ever heard of alkaline water? Many experts have confirmed after years of research that weak alkaline water is the most ideal drinking water. But do you know what alkaline water is? Is alkaline water good for you? Then what are the benefits of alkaline water filtration? Let's take a look at the health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

benefits of alkaline water

What is alkaline water and is alkaline water good for you?

Firstly, we should figure out what the alkaline water filtration stands for. Tap water is generally neutral in pH (PH=7), and alkaline water is water with a pH above 7. Alkaline water filtration is not just water that added alkaline substances into tap water, but the water after filtration, mineralization, and separation of water purifiers. Alkaline water is like an alkaline substance, and it can neutralize the acidic substances in our body so that improving the unhealthy acidic constitution of the human body. So is alkaline water good for you? Of course, we can see that weak alkaline water is good for you. To become the alkaline water that is suitable for us to drink, it has to reach the specific alkaline water filtration drinking standard:

  • The water does not contain bacteria, impurities, organic matter, heavy metals, etc., and is also pollution-free;
  • The water contains an adequate proportion of minerals and remains of trace elements, and exists in an ionic state, suitable for human absorption;
  • The pH value is weakly alkaline, which can neutralize the excess acid in the human body;
  • Small molecular group water, having a strong osmotic force and good solubility;
  • Negative potential, it can eliminate excess free radicals in the human body;
  • Contains an appropriate amount of oxygen (about 5mg/L).

Alkaline water is good better for you---The benefits of alkaline water

Based on the standard of alkaline water filtration, we will talk about the benefits of alkaline water filtration in the following. Most of our blood is weakly acidic because our diet structure is more based on acidic foods, such as all kinds of meats (which are acidic foods). Eating acidic food for a long time causes the body to appear acidic unconsciously. The acidic constitution will worsen cell function, slow metabolism, and weaken organ function, so it is easy to get various diseases.

Professor Reyon, an American medical scientist and Nobel laureate, also believes that an acidic constitution is the source of all diseases. When more and more acidic substances are in the body, quantitative changes cause qualitative changes, which can cause diseases. When the human body is weakly alkaline, the physical and mental aspects will feel better. Here are the top 6 benefits of alkaline water filtration.

1. Weak filtered alkaline water contains natural mineral elements.

Alkaline water is more nutritious. Natural weak alkaline water often contains potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, metasilicic acid, and other nutrients, while acidic water often does not contain these important nutrients. This is also why long-term drinking of weakly alkaline water can promote health, while long-term drinking of acidic water can lead to many health risks.

2. The benefits of alkaline water for regulating acid-base balance of human body and alleviating sub-health.

Drinking alkaline water is a good choice for modern people to stay away from disease and improve sub-health. Studies have shown that if people with an acidic constitution do not improve for a long time, their skin will be prone to aging; Children are prone to stunted development and inattention; The elderly are prone to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and so on. Drinking alkaline water can adjust the acid-base balance of the human body and restore body fluids to normal low alkalinity, the above problems will be much alleviated. This is one of the important benefits of alkaline water filtration in human body.

3. The advantages of Alkaline water for neutralizing intestinal acidity and solving constipation.

Is alkaline water good for acid reflux? Yes! Some researchers found that there was a significant difference between constipation patients before and after drinking alkaline water. The reason is that the large intestine of the constipated person is too acidic, which makes the blood circulation not smooth, and the secretion of lubricant is insufficient, causing constipation. Drinking some alkaline water in moderation can neutralize human intestinal acidity. The acidity and alkalinity of weakly alkaline water are very close to bodily fluids(including blood) so that the alkaline ions in it can be directly absorbed by the body. The filtered alkaline water will neutralize acidic substances produced in the body and at the same time helps nutrients to be transported, digested, and absorbed, and excretes metabolic wastes from the body. So these are also benefits of alkaline water filtration for diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disease, and alkaline water is better for patients. You can check this blog what helps with heartburn to learn more about remedy for heartburn.

benefits of alkaline water filtration

4. Alkaline water for anti aging and promotes metabolism.

Is alkaline water better for you? Of course, it is better for us to stay in a weak alkaline body. But the decomposition of food in the body will produce lactic acid and fatty acid. In addition, due to work fatigue, excessive diet, excessive drinking, etc., the residual substances in the body are not removed, resulting in harmful scum, which causes people's fatigue. Alkaline water has the properties of anti-oxidative, anti-disease, and anti-aging, which can rejuvenate the skin, regulate the immune system, lubricate joints and muscles, and so on. By drinking alkaline water, the body can be protected from harmful free radicals, making you feel youthful and healthy. These are the benefits of alkaline water for skin.

5. Alkaline water tastes more natural | Benefits of drinking alkaline water.

When you replace the tap water with alkaline water for household life, including cooking, cooking, soup, and porridge, you will find that the taste of the dish will be better. Alkaline water has a delicate taste and is refreshing in the mouth. So alkaline water filtration is a good choice for those who pursue tasty water.

6. The benefits of alkaline water filtration for improving cardiovascular disease.

Drinking some weak filtered alkaline water in moderation can also improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It can soften blood vessels, dissolve excess cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels, and play a role in lowering blood pressure and lipids.

After reading about the advantages of alkaline water filtration, you have got an answer of what are the benefits of drinking alkaline water and may want to get an alkaline water purifier for your family. The benefits of alkaline water filtration water purifier are the same as what we talked about above. Here we'd like to recommend the Simpure 6 stage-filtration under sink alkaline water filter for you. It can remove almost all impurities in the water and get you tasty alkaline water without electricity.